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  1. September 2017
  2. Peterson commented on Rügen Island in Pomerania, Germany

    "Thanks James Dunford Wood for describing nicely about the Island of Rugen which is in Germany. This is the place of three hours driving from Berlin. You have mentioned that this Island is perfect for children. The beaches are very gentle no waves or tide…"

  3. Peterson commented on Family friendly Mountain Biking in the South Tyrol in Bolzano, Italy

    "Hi Alessia Horwich Thanks for providing a post about family friendly mountain biking in the South Tyrol, Italy. This is the perfect place to get a real challenge for a family of seasoned cyclists. The family can enjoy lots of fun together. The whole fami…"

  4. Peterson commented on Lake Champlain Bikeways in New England, United States

    "Hi Kim Marsden Thanks for presenting large riding tours which is about two kilometers in it's entirely with multiple options for day rides & it is considered the main route circuits Lake Champlain also follows the Richelieu River into Canada. The route i…"

  5. Peterson commented on Cycling New Zealand's North Island in North Island, New Zealand

    "Hi Richard Oddy great job done to present cycling to the New Zealand's North Island. It has a variety of excellent paved back roads. For this we can say that it is ideal for biking, ranging from so wonderful coastal biking on the Coromandel to the volca…"

  6. Peterson commented on Withlacoochee State Bike Trail in US South East, United States

    "Hi Kim Marsden Thanks for a post on state bike trail. The place is in US South East, United States. This is a paved trail which is well marked & also it is a good route for beginning tour cycling in Florida. There is a Withacoochee river on the way also …"

  7. Peterson commented on The Galloping Goose Bike Trail in Victoria, Canada

    "Hi Kim Marsden Thanks for presenting a new bike riding place which is in Victoria, Canada. There are couple of great riding trails criss-crossing South Vancouver Island. It is specially named Lochside Trail and Cowichan Valley Trail. I think you are the …"

  8. Peterson commented on Riding in 'green' Northern Spain in Asturias, Spain

    "Hi Andrew Straw Thanks for presenting a European cycling place which is called "green Spain". It is sharply rising regions, fantastic mountain scenery & mix of trails. I think Andrew is a good cyclist & he can chose good place also. If you want to know m…"

  9. Peterson commented on Cycling through Uganda in Jinja, Uganda

    "Thanks Mandy Richards for presenting on cycling through Uganda. Winston Churchil has described it as the "Pearl of Africa". There are several routes from the port town of Entebbe and return to the capital, Kampala. I think Mandy likes cycling well. If yo…"

  10. August 2017
  11. Peterson commented on From Tucuman to the Bolivian boarder on a bike in Tucumán, Argentina

    "Hi BikeBrats Thanks for presenting such a mind-blowing array of ecosystems & cultures place which is from Tucuman to the Bolivian border. This is the place which can called easy-to-ride valleys. You haven't mentioned the suitable time to go to there for …"

  12. Peterson commented on Cycling Lombok in Indonesia

    "Hi BikeBrats I am very much pleased that you unveil a green island which is in the east of Bali. You have described it as a cycling paradise. Really it is true because the island is loaded with quiet roads. You have suggested the time to go for cycling t…"

  13. Peterson commented on Otago Back Country Gold Cycling Trail in South Island, New Zealand

    "Hi Mandy Richards Thanks for providing an important post of a fantastic off-road bike tour. You have mentioned the country New Zealand which is a stunning place in the world for off-road biking. The route you have indicated is from Dunedin to Queenstown …"

  14. Peterson commented on Cycling Chile's Altiplano in Tarapacá, Chile

    "Thanks Andrew Straw for presenting a country named Chile which is safe & super friendly country to ride bicycle. You have mentioned that this country has some of the world's driest desert, most verdant National Parks. The Altiplano region is the best for…"

  15. Peterson commented on Adventure ride in Peru's Sacred Valley in Sacred Valley, Peru

    "Thanks Andrew Straw for describing biking adventure post of Peru's Sacred Valley. You have mentioned that here is no sign in the road so there is a chance to get lost. You were get lost & a local people guided you & you have mentioned that the people was…"

  16. Peterson commented on Cycling in Mongolia in Mongolia

    "Many Thanks John Fulton describing a common travel destination which is Mongolia. It offers plenty of adventures. It is a wildlife area. If anybody wants to ride their bicycle he/she see goat, horses and many others to that place. And there is a possibil…"

  17. Peterson commented on Biking Kenya and Tanzania in Nairobi, Kenya

    "Thanks Mandy Richards for a valuable post on tour of cycling in Africa. You have mentioned a distance of place from Nairobi in Kenya to Dar es Salam in Tanzania.The tourist area is far from busy road as well as main tourist traffic routes. So easily I ca…"

  18. Peterson commented on Cycling New Zealand's South Island in Christchurch, New Zealand

    "Thanks Hedley Wilton for presenting a nice post on cycling. Here you have mentioned a nice place of South Island of New Zealand for its beautiful scenery. It has also many other things like less traffic, easier cycling. It is a very enjoyable place for c…"

  19. Peterson commented on Cycle through Tuscany in Siena, Italy

    "Thanks Jake Marsden for describing a nice place of Tuscany. The place is best for biking. You have mentioned the different scenic places which are Maremma Park & Talmone, Capalbio & Orbetello & Pitigiliano. All of these places are really wonderful indeed."

  20. Peterson commented on Cycling Chile's Lake District in Puerto Montt, Chile

    "Hi jake Marsden you have presented here a wonderful place which is a really dream for a cyclist. Many entertaining things are there. If I will go there definitely I will enjoy all the stuff you indicated. I am fond of bike riding. If you want to grab inf…"