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  3. Peter reviewed Sfax Archaeological Museum in Sfax, Tunisia

    The Museum is located on the ground floor of the colonial-era 'Hotel de Ville' (City Hall). It contains artefacts from sites in Sfax (Roman Taparura and Thaenae) and from Christian sites (Skhira) and other Roman sites such as Chebba and Acholla. The mu…"

  4. Peter reviewed Sfax in Sfax, Tunisia

    Sfax is an interesting city. It's not tourist oriented, so it's more of a real experience than the others. There are plenty of historic locations - the governor's mansion (Dar Jellouli), the Archaeological Museum (located in the City Hall, a building tha…"

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  6. Peter reviewed Sfax Kasbah in Sfax, Tunisia

    The Kasbah is the old barracks even pre-dating the French Protectorate of 1881-1956. It has been restored and provides an interesting view of traditional trades of Sfax, in particular relating to the construction and layout of the Medina and the Bourjs (…"

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