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9th August 2007

Pavel Rejstra is an environmental research scientist who spends part of his year measuring glacial movement across Europe. He is also interested in sailing and has been lucky enough to combine his two fields of interest on several occasions and sailed in the Arctic regions.

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  1. January 2010
  2. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Glacier National Park in Montana, United States

    In 2010 the Glacier National Park is celebrating its 100th birthday. But that's only since it's been formally recognised as a National Park. Before that, in 1850, there were more than 150 glaciers in the region now bounded by the park's borders, but in…"

  3. September 2007
  4. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina

    The Perito Moreno glacier face is formed from three individual glaciers. It’s five kilometres wide and most interestingly it loses about 2 metres off it’s length a day, which cracks off in vast 60 metre high icebergs into the lake at it’s base. The face…"

  5. Pavel Rejstra rated Perito Moreno Glacier

  6. August 2007
  7. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Byrd Glacier in Antarctica

    Named after Rear Admiral Byrd, who was an Arctic explorer, the Byrd Glacier is a huge glacier, about 130kms long by 25kms wide and part of it is floating out into the fjord and joining with the Ross Ice Shelf. Huge icebergs break off the rest of the flo…"

  8. Pavel Rejstra rated Byrd Glacier

  9. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Jostedalsbreen and Nigardsbreen in Vestlandet, Norway

    Jostedalsbreen is set in pristine, bright alpine country. The glacier itself covers a plateau high amongst the mountains and it’s glacial arms drop into hanging glacial valleys alongside the main fissure. Nigardsbreen is one of the smaller glaciers run…"

  10. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, United States

    The Hubbard Glacier is one of Alaskas best known glaciers, probably for the dramatic photos capturing it’s 10km wide and 150 metre high meeting with the ocean and the catastrophic cracks as large portions of it break up in the warmer sea water becoming v…"

  11. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Malaspina Glacier in Alaska, United States

    The Malaspina Glacier is the world’s largest piedmont glacier, occurring when valley glaciers spill out onto the lower plains and split into ridged segments. The churning rocks below the massive ice surface are eroded into elongated deposits which fan o…"

  12. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Lambert Glacier in Antarctica

    At an impressive 500km by 80km by 2.5km of solid ice, the Lambert Glacier is the world’s longest valley glacier. It’s vastness dominates the surrounding Prince Charles Mountains vista but from the ground it is difficult to see the patterning that makes …"

  13. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Exit Glacier in Alaska, United States

    The trailed regions of Exit Glacier and the option of guided walks and lectures allows visitors to Kenai Fjords National Park a way to witness and inspect an active glacier. On the rocky retreating edge you will see flora gradually retaking the newly e…"

  14. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers in Alaska, United States

    Grand Pacific Glacier is the widest glacier in the Glacier Bay National Park. It is full of debris and rock and blackened throughout after carrying it‘s load of rocks for 40kms. Margerie Glacier is much cleaner, it’s white cliffs, about 100m high look …"

  15. Pavel Rejstra reviewed Amundsen Glacier in Antarctica

    "At 128kms long, the Amundsen Glacier originates on the polar plateau and drains into the ocean beside the Nilsen Plateau. It is an icy desert, smooth in some places and cracked with icy spires in others, it is one of the most remote and formidable place…"