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17th October 2008

Paul would like to be a full time paid skiing expert but in reality he is probably quite well suited to the life of a ski instructor. The laughing and the smiles and the new faces are a pretty good add on to the new slopes I get to explore on my own every few months.

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  1. October 2008
  2. Paul Withereld reviewed Ski Castle Mountain in Alberta, Canada

    This small resort is a bit of a secret from the outside world which is surprising consider the fine, powder quality of the snow it gets and the volume. Considering the care taken over grooming the runs and maintaining the natural chutes and other terrai…"

  3. Paul Withereld reviewed Skiing Bariloche in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

    Snow cover is, as usual, most reliable above the timber line where the terrain falls into gullies between open snow fields both cross county and downhill skiers will enjoy. Snowboarders and freestylers have also been catered for with a purpose built are…"

  4. Paul Withereld rated Ski Castle Mountain

  5. Paul Withereld rated Skiing Macugnaga

  6. Paul Withereld rated Skiing Bariloche

  7. Paul Withereld rated Pyhä Ski Resort

  8. Paul Withereld reviewed Pyhä Ski Resort in Western Finland, Finland

    Pyhä is close to the arctic circle, surrounded by the stunning alpine scenery of Lapland, so beautiful it’s covered by a National Park. Beginners are well catered for at this resort, of approximately 30 runs, more than a third of them are beginner leve…"

  9. Paul Withereld reviewed Skiing Macugnaga in Piedmont-Northeast, Italy

    These runs and resort benefit greatly from their position under the face of the spectacular Monte Rosa and surrounded by more mountain peaks. The area is small and fairly quiet, though there are two separate ski fields, one for each centre so there is s…"

  10. Paul Withereld reviewed Ski Headwaters Traverse, Moonlight Basin in Mountain States, United States

    " The great thing about skiing in many North American resorts is that there is so much more space per skiier than in Europe and Big Sky feels like one of the most generous with the space. Statistically the resort has access to about 130kms worth of downh…"

  11. Paul Withereld reviewed Borovets in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

    This up and coming resort, as far as popularity in Western Europe goes at least, is better later on in the season and perfect for intermediate skiers and families looking for a less expensive European ski trip. It’s the biggest resort in Bulgaria and ha…"

  12. Paul Withereld rated Borovets

  13. Paul Withereld reviewed Sölden in Innsbruck, Austria

    Cleanly linked slopes which are best suited to intermediate level skiers and consistent snow fall have made this resort popular nationally and it draws quite a crowd, especially at the weekend when there’s definitely a party atmosphere in the air. The s…"

  14. Paul Withereld rated Sölden

  15. Paul Withereld rated Skiing Engelberg

  16. Paul Withereld rated La Plagne

  17. Paul Withereld reviewed Skiing Engelberg in Switzerland

    Long runs are the special appeal of this resort, which covers beautiful alpine country between 1,000 and 3,000 metres above sea level, from the glacier of Titlis down. The cross country or Nordic skiing opportunities are also many with numerous routes t…"

  18. Paul Withereld rated Ski Obertauern

  19. Paul Withereld reviewed Ski Obertauern in Salzburg Province, Austria

    Obertauern receives greater than average snowfall due to its high elevation which equals a much longer ski season than other Austrian resorts, averaging from the end of November to the beginning of May. Best suited to beginner and intermediate skiers th…"

  20. Paul Withereld reviewed La Plagne in La Plagne, France

    Part of ski grounds that stretch to Les Arcs, the 11 villages that make up the La Plagne resort are some of the most suitable for families of the region. Because of the family atmosphere this is a resort best suited to beginner and intermediate skiers. …"

  21. Paul Withereld reviewed Cortina d'Ampezzo in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

    Skiing at its prettiest rather than its best, for as well as the beautiful views of the Dolomites there is also a view of the beautiful people, many come in fresh from Roma or Milan. Beginners will have the best time on the long, gentle, well groomed s…"