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1st October 2007

Job: Teacher for 25 years and Snowboard/snowkiting/Kitesurfing photographer for 12 last years.
Sports: Swiming, Taï Chi Chuan.
Likes: Watercolour painting, Blues Harmonica.
Dislikes: Speed.
Memorable Flight / Moment: Paragliding 7 hours above Chartreuse mountains, France.
Fav foods: Pasta & fish.
Fav toons: I prefer books.
Dreams: Manage to paint landscapes.

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  1. October 2007
  2. Pascal Boulgakow reviewed Snowkiting in New Zealand in South Island, New Zealand

    There was not so much snow this last winter in Europe. So, the Ozone snowkiters went to New-Zealand in August for some unforgettable backcountry powder sessions. We can be sure that New-Zealand is a perfect country for snowkiting. Like every other count…"

  3. Pascal Boulgakow rated Snowkiting in New Zealand