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  1. August 2009
  2. Nell Anderson reviewed Pouilly-Fumé in Loire Valley, France

    Pouilly is across the river from Sancerre, and produces the very well recognised Pouilly-Fumé and the almost unrecognised Pouilly-sur-Loire, which is made from Chasselas grapes (?).  Pouilly-Fumé, like Sancerre, is all Sauvignon Blanc,…"

  3. Nell Anderson reviewed Chinon in Loire Valley, France

    Chinon is conveniently located for a visit to the Abbey of Foutevraud where Richard Lionheart is buried.  The castle, just along the river from the abbey, sits at the bottom of hills of vines, mostly Cabernet Francs, and Chinon is a good red antidot…"

  4. Nell Anderson reviewed Saumur in Loire Valley, France

    The town of Saumur is between two rivers, surrounded on all sides by vineyards, which produce the sparkling, mostly Chenin Blanc, wines the area is known for.  Saumur also does a fair turn in Cabernet Franc. Saumur is a good base to use for explori…"

  5. Nell Anderson reviewed Anjou in Loire Valley, France

    Anjou's white grapes are predominantly Chenin Blanc, with a few rows of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blancs, and the reds mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, but a lot of people may recognise it from bottles of Rose d'Anjou and Cabernet d'Anjou. T…"

  6. July 2009
  7. Nell Anderson reviewed The Nantais in Loire Valley, France

    This is the warm end of the Loire river, the bit where it widens, heading to the sea, and the edge of French vineyard country.  This is Muscadet country, or as the locals call the grapes, Melon de Bourgogne, a dry white, with a reputation for being …"

  8. Nell Anderson reviewed Sancerre in Loire Valley, France

    Some people say this is the most perfect expressions of Sauvignon Blanc flavour.  The town sits on a hill, surveying the vineyards that run down from it in rows of red, whites and roses in the fourteen communes that qualify to wear the Sancerre name…"

  9. Nell Anderson reviewed Melissani Lake in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This underground cave and lake has a sheer opening up to the sky, and looking down into it it's easy to imagine why it was called the Cave of Nymphs, this would surely be the kind of place nymphs would live.  Proof of someone from ancient times visi…"

  10. Nell Anderson reviewed Mycenaean tomb of Tzanata in Ionian Islands, Greece

    "This beehive shaped tomb for 70 people was uncovered in 1991, and immediately the speculation started that this was the tomb of Odysseus, of Homer's legend.   It dates back to the right period, the Mycenaen, and shares features with other royal tom…"

  11. Nell Anderson reviewed Petani Beach in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This beach is wide – up to 50 metres of sand and pebbles between the steep cliffs and the bright blue water's edge in places.  The water comes in an impressive range of shades, especially if you're here for the light and colour shows that are …"

  12. Nell Anderson reviewed Lepeda Beach in Ionian Islands, Greece

    There's a nice drive along a scenic coast road to get to this beach.  And when you get there you're greeted by a warm, sunshine yellow sandy beach with rocks at one end and as wide as ten metres across in some places.  This is the place to come…"

  13. Nell Anderson reviewed Myrtos Beach in Ionian Islands, Greece

    Between the mountains of Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros, this beach is spectacular when seen from the air.  The mountains slope steeply and the shades of water in the bay range from bright green to dark blue.  Part of the water's colourful drama co…"

  14. May 2009
  15. Nell Anderson reviewed Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    The Mourne Mountains aren't impressive for their height, the tallest, Slieve Donard, is 849metres high, but lying so close to the coast, they're just impressive looking, and that's why they're famous and so many people think they're worth visiting. Gran…"

  16. Nell Anderson reviewed Antrim Coast Road in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    Signposted as the A2, the scenic bit of this road is the section running along the coast of County Antrim between Larne and Ballycastle. The route was intended to link some of this areas most remote communities, but it also opened up some of the most lo…"

  17. Nell Anderson reviewed Atlas Mountains Road trip in Marrakech, Morocco

    A drive from Marrakech to Essaouira can take as little as two hours, but the option that heads south across the Atlas Mountains, though some of the country's more impressive desert scenery, up to these snow capped sky scrapers, and along the ridges that …"

  18. Nell Anderson reviewed French Riviera Road Trip in Nice, France

    This stretch of coast, officially between Menton and Cassis along the French Mediterranean, was the world's first beach resort playground of the wealthy, and has retained that reputation since the 18th century. Play like the royals did and do in the att…"

  19. Nell Anderson reviewed Death Valley Road Trip in US West Coast, United States

    The name alone is going to make this an attractive trip for bikers and drivers of tough looking cars, preferably circa 1970. Surrounded by formations in rock and sand dunes, the tallest dunes in the US, this route passes close enough to narrow canyons w…"

  20. Nell Anderson reviewed Carretera Austral in Puerto Montt, Chile

    The Carretera Austral, or Southern Highway are the other names for Chile's Route 7 which runs 1,240kilometres between Puerto Montt and Villa O'Higgins through some of rural Patagonia's most stunning scenery. It was built to connect the remote communitie…"

  21. April 2009
  22. Nell Anderson reviewed Glasgow to Glencoe and the Highlands in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Take the high road – in this case the A82 - north out of Glasgow towards Loch Lomond and some of the most stunning scenery in the British Isles, especially if seen in the dappled light of sun streaming between rain clouds. Stop off for a snack at …"

  23. Nell Anderson reviewed Driving Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Loch Lomond is only half an hour from Glasgow and a little more than an hour from Edinburgh, and even closer to Stirling, so this is a road trip that can be done in an afternoon – well this is a fairly small island. It starts to get scenic around Aberfo…"

  24. Nell Anderson reviewed Drive the English Riviera in Torquay, United Kingdom

    OK so it lacks the glamour of its European counterparts, but the English Riviera, on Devon's south coast isn't totally putting on airs with the title – this arch of land around Tor Bay, though only technically 22 miles long, is one of the classic British…"

  25. Nell Anderson reviewed Drive though Exmoor and Dartmoor in West Country, United Kingdom

    Bring a tent and take your time meandering round the epic cliff tops of the Atlantic coast, though the pretty towns and pottering about on the stone age sites and moors, or drive though in an afternoon - there are many variations on this trip but this ve…"

  26. November 2007
  27. Nell Anderson reviewed Paraty in Rio South East, Brazil

    In recent years this preserved Portuguese colonial town in the Brazilian Imperial style has become a popular tourist destination. It’s setting on the verdant emerald line of the Costa Verde with the coastline of bays and islands on one side and the trop…"

  28. Nell Anderson reviewed Cape Breton's Cabot Trail       in Nova Scotia, Canada

    Frequently referred to as America’s most scenic drive, the Cabot Trail winds and loops for 280kms along the coastline and through the uplands of Cape Breton National Park. Starting at Baddeck on Bras d’Or Lake the trail follows Highway 105 past the Marg…"

  29. October 2007
  30. Nell Anderson reviewed Playas del Este in Havana, Cuba

    The name Playas del Este translates to Beaches of the East and refers to the beaches and beach resorts running along the coast eastwards out of Havana. Locals say the area starts officially at Bacuranao, about 20 minutes taxi ride out of Havana, and stre…"