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12th June 2007

Mike the Sailor
Since his early teenage years sailing has been Mike's passion. At the age of 16 he qualified as an RYA Dayskipper. Not having his own yacht he likes the freedom and value of chartering yachts where and when he likes. Mike now has the RYA Yachtmaster qualification.
Mike the Developer
Mike is an award winning web developer who works for 2F3 Internet where he is project manager for Yacht Charter Guide.

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  1. August 2008
  2. Mike Poole reviewed Seychelles Sailing in Mahé, Seychelles

    To the North of the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean the Seychelles does not suffer from a lack of sunlight. The Island of Mahe is home to almost all of the 80,000 inhabitants of the Seychelles. It is also the location of the international airpo…"

  3. Mike Poole reviewed The Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik to Korcula in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Croatia is a country built for sailing. The sheer length of coastline (over three and a half thousand miles of it) for this average sized European country is staggering! Not only does this mean that it is easier to find a secluded anchorage (the island …"

  4. February 2008
  5. Mike Poole rated Sailing the Peloponnese

  6. Mike Poole reviewed Sailing the Peloponnese in Saronic Islands, Greece

    Greece has almost nine and a half thousand miles of coastline. That is a lot of sailing! Our research shows that the Ionian Sea is the most popular area to charter a yacht in Greece. Most companies operate out of the island of Corfu (or Kerkyra to the l…"

  7. June 2007
  8. Mike Poole rated Yacht Charter in the Grenadines

  9. Mike Poole rated Sailing in the Western Isles

  10. Mike Poole rated Balearic Island Charters

  11. Mike Poole rated Sailing Norway's Coastline

  12. Mike Poole rated Sailing from Toulon

  13. Mike Poole rated Sailing the British Virgin Islands

  14. Mike Poole rated Sailing in the Bahamas

  15. Mike Poole reviewed Yacht Charter in the Grenadines in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    This Caribbean area stretches from St Vincent in the North down towards Grenada in the South. Yachts have been chartered in Kingston (the capital of St Vincent) for centuries. This area has a rich maritime history, much of it in and around Admiralty Bay.…"

  16. Mike Poole reviewed Sailing in the Bahamas in Bahamas

    About 100 miles to the South East of Florida the Bahamas have become a busy tourist destination. Yacht chartering is available throughout the Bahamas but we would recommend the Exuma Sound in the quieter South East which has a great many yacht clubs. Whe…"

  17. Mike Poole reviewed Sailing from Toulon in Toulon, France

    When people think of luxury yachting they often think of the South of France, the Cote d`Azur. Not only do some very popular glamorous events take place in Cannes or Monte Carlo just along the coast in Monaco but the 30 harbours have an almost overwhelmi…"

  18. Mike Poole reviewed Sailing Norway's Coastline in Vestlandet, Norway

    It may not be the first thing that you would associate with Norway but the climate can prove to be nice and mild even in the Lofoten Islands to the North of the Arctic Circle. Consider chartering a yacht in Norway for a holiday where you really do get aw…"

  19. Mike Poole reviewed Sailing the British Virgin Islands in British Virgin Islands

    The British Virgin Islands offers the most charter yachts of any Caribbean country. Virtually all charters begin at the capital of Tortola. A very popular stop in any BVI charter holiday is Virgin Gorda which has some spectacular scenery. As you might i…"

  20. Mike Poole reviewed Sailing in the Western Isles in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Yacht chartering in the United Kingdom happens in two main areas. The South Coast is the busier of the two with thousands of yachts being centred around the Solent area. The climate here can be very nice in the summer months. The West coast of Scotland i…"

  21. Mike Poole reviewed Balearic Island Charters in Balearic Islands, Spain

    The America`s Cup in the East coast city of Valencia has seen a large rise for charters in and around the city. The most popular yacht charter destination in Spain remains the Balearic Islands. These are perfect for the clubber, especially if they want t…"