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Michael Gray founded Uncommon Adventures in 1984 a couple of years after getting a degree in Environmental Interpretation at MSU. With nearly 25 years in the business, Michael is one of the most experienced instructors and guides in the Great Lakes region, if not the country as a whole! He's led trips all over the world including Alaska, New Zealand and Central America. Of particular note is Michael's reputation as a phenomenal backcountry cook. Our guests often say they don't eat as well at home or even in restaurants! Michael's cooking presentations/demonstrations are among the most popular sessions at the countries leading kayak symposiums, and his articles appear in major kayak publications, websites, and, by popular demand, his upcoming cookbook! Having taught outdoor skills and environmental workshops all of his adult life, Michael interprets wild places with warmth and respect.

"Who says we have to let the kids have all the fun on this planet? I'd like to thank those who have shared stories, great meals and wild places with me over the last two decades. I've enjoyed exploring the outdoors in many ways and in many place, but I still favor the solitude and clear crisp waters of the Northern Great Lakes for a pure wilderness experience. Whether with a paddle or a fly rod in hand, this life, full of rich experience has been a gift. Come out to play with us this year...we've got a whole new menu of great experiences for you to choose from."

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  1. October 2007
  2. Michael Gray reviewed Kayaking Florida's Keys and Everglades in US South East, United States

    There is more to the everglades than alligators and airboats, the labyrinth of mangroves and thick vegetation is a wilderness for kayakers to get lost in. The channels are flat and critters peer out at you from all directions their eyes following you fr…"

  3. Michael Gray reviewed Paddling Lake Superior and America's Great Lakes in Minnesota, United States

    The vastness of these lakes is difficult to comprehend if you have never seen them for yourself: it's more like being on a freshwater sea than on a lake, if it's rough the waves can get up to six metres high and if it's really rough up to ten metres&hell…"

  4. Michael Gray reviewed Kayak Shuyak Island Sea Kayaking in Alaska, United States

    This is a part of Alaska remote even by Alaskan standards, paradise for people who are looking for pristine and awe inspiring landscapes and solitude. You need to charter a boat to get out to the island which, though only 12 miles by 11 miles in size, is…"

  5. Michael Gray reviewed Sea Kayaking around Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

    On Vancouver Island's inside coast are small fishing communities and gentle waters enjoyed by whales and sea birds alike. On the outside are the really big, cold waves coming in off the open Pacific and winds blowing in from Japan. This is a big centre …"

  6. Michael Gray reviewed Kayaking Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, United States

    Alaska is a perfect choice if you love experiencing really remote and spectacular places. The dramatic and humbling coastline ridged by glaciers (and the ensuing icebergs) and rocky outcrops is home to bears, birds, seals, whales and other marine life. T…"

  7. Michael Gray reviewed Maine Kayaking in Maine, United States

    On the Atlantic coast, Maine is close to population centres so is pretty busy but the crinkly coastline and many islands off it have plenty of nooks and crannies to explore for beginner to advanced level kayakers; and good kayaking infrastructure with pl…"

  8. Michael Gray reviewed Sea Kayaking Patagonia's Coast in Magallanes, Chile

    If your taste for adventure runs to large scale scenes of dramatic tide water glaciers, coastlines littered with icebergs and the occasional whale and big water then Patagonia's coastline is worth a look. Paddling amongst the fjords between systems of ch…"

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  18. Michael Gray reviewed Sea Kayaking the Bay Islands in Honduras

    Good for a wintertime trip between February and April, most people know Honduras for it's snorkelling and diving but it is also a great place for kayakers for much the same reasons. Looking over the side of your kayak and seeing the reef and marine life…"

  19. Michael Gray reviewed Kayaking Stewart Island in South Island, New Zealand

    This is the last stop on New Zealand's southern coast before you hit Antarctica. It's frontier country, the land is still wild and rugged, the coastline a mass of thick forests and scary jutting rocks tormented by the crash of the waves coming in from th…"

  20. Michael Gray rated Kayaking Doubtful and Milford Sounds

  21. Michael Gray reviewed Kayaking Doubtful and Milford Sounds in South Island, New Zealand

    The best and most awe inspiring of the remote wilderness of New Zealand's fjord lands: towering vertical walls plummet into deep waters, waterfalls shooting off them at 90 degree angles on the way down and you're sitting in a flimsy kayak, small, fragil…"