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3rd May 2007

Merrick Davis is a two times Australian and World Pro Am Surfing Champion, who was competing on the World Professional Circuit until 1995. Since leaving the surfing circuit, Merrick has been passing his expansive knowledge and love of surfing on to others at his surf school, Learn to Surf in Noosa. He’s now trained up a team of coaches to help get you standing up on a board.

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  1. June 2007
  2. Merrick Davis rated Surf Teahupoo

  3. Merrick Davis rated Surf Steamer Lane

  4. Merrick Davis rated Surf Pipeline

  5. Merrick Davis rated Surf The Pass

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  8. Merrick Davis rated Surfing Cape St. Francis

  9. Merrick Davis rated Surfing J Bay (Jeffreys Bay or Jeffreysbaai)

  10. Merrick Davis rated Surf Cloudbreak

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  17. Merrick Davis rated Ride Rincon's waves

  18. May 2007
  19. Merrick Davis reviewed Ride Rincon's waves in US West Coast, United States

    Mid west coast California. Rincon is possibly the best right point wave in California, it's good for intermediate to advanced surfers and you can use both a long and short board. This is a fun, ripable wave with potential for long rides. You need to …"

  20. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing Deserts Point in Indonesia

    Deserts Point is a left reef break with a strong current side sweep, best surfed with a boat charter or rubber ducky. A longer board is needed - it's a powerful wave. Warm water means you can wear your board shorts all year round. Best at about eigh…"

  21. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, United States

    Steamer Lane is a right hand wave suitable for advanced surfers. Cold water wetsuits are needed all year round. Conveniently it's also the home of O’Neill wetsuits."

  22. Merrick Davis reviewed Nias: Jungle Surfing in Indonesia

    This famous and powerful right point break is in the middle of the jungle. It's a short, hollow wave you need a bigger board to surf, best suited to advanced surfers only. You can wear board shorts all year round. It's best at six to ten feet."

  23. Merrick Davis reviewed Hossegor Surf in South West, France

    This is a powerful beach break best surfed in the summer months between June and September. It can get big, but is still good for short board surfers of all levels. Hossegor has a sandy bottom. You need to wear a wetsuit for most of the year."

  24. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Pipeline in Hawaii, United States

    Pipeline is a famous north shore left reef break. It's a very hollow wave. You can go right (backdoor) when in a smaller swell, but it's very shallow! Advanced surfers only, this is a dangerous reef and can be very crowded. Pipeline can be ridden in …"

  25. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Cloudbreak in Fiji

    Cloudbreak is a hollow, left hand, reef wave. You can only surf it if you stay on the Tavarua island surf camp. The break is way out in the middle of the ocean, so you need boat to get to it. It's best at eight feet. When the surf is too big at Cloud…"

  26. Merrick Davis reviewed Bells Beach Surf in Geelong West, Australia

    Torquay is the closest town to Bells Beach, home of Rip Curl ,the longest running surf contest in the world. It's a right hand point rock with a sandy bottom. Wetsuits are needed all year as the minimum water temperature is 10degrees. Best surfing b…"

  27. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing G-Land in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    This left reef break has a couple of take off points. Surfers need a bigger board as the waves can get big and powerful - this wave is for advanced surfers only. The fast down the line wave is best at six to ten feet. (The best place to stay is Bobbie…"

  28. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing J Bay (Jeffreys Bay or Jeffreysbaai) in Eastern Cape, South Africa

    J Bay is South Africa's most famous wave, it's a fast right point break which can get hollow down the line and it's best if you have plenty of experience before you surf here. J Bay has cold (and sharky) water all year round so wetsuits are needed. Bes…"

  29. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf The Pass in New South Wales, Australia

    40 minutes South of the Queensland, New South Wales border, The Pass has a very strong sweep when over two feet but is good for surfers of all standards. The Pass has a right hand wave, sand bottom and the water temperature is a minimum of 18degrees. …"

  30. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing Ti Tree Bay in Queensland, Australia

    Two hours North of Brisbane. Ti-tree Bay is good for intermediate to advanced surfers, it has a right hand point break. Both long and short board riding is possible and you'll sometimes get rides up to 200 meters. Best at four to six feet and betwe…"

  31. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Teahupoo in French Polynesia

    Other than pipeline, Teahupoo is the most photographed big wave in the world. It's a left hander on a sharp reef,(surfers need a boat to reach the waves) and is possibly the hollowest wave in the world. When the surf is big you need a jet ski or a big …"

  32. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing the Macaronis in Indonesia

    The Macaronis powerful left and right reef breaks are best surfed using a boat charter. You also need to use a bigger board. Waves can be hollow and are best up to eight feet. The Macaronis are for advanced surfers only. Make sure you take your fir…"

  33. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Sunset Beach in Hawaii, United States

    North Shore. This is a right hand wave with a reef break. A longer board is needed and it's a powerful wave (watch out for west peak) when in large surf. Advanced surfers only! It can get up to15 feet and can have a fun shore break. Positioning is t…"

  34. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing Honolua Bay in Hawaii, United States

    This is a large right hand wave which only really breaks in winter. It can be hollow. The minimum water temperature is 20dgrees so you can wear board shorts, but you'll need to bring a longer board. This wave is for advanced surfer only best surfing u…"

  35. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Malibu in Thousand Oaks, United States

    30 minutes from Los Angeles and home to Movie stars, Malibu has a right hand point break which provides fun long and short board waves. Malibu water is cool so wetsuits are needed. Best surfing four to six feet."

  36. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing Burleigh Heads in Queensland, Australia

    On the Gold Coast. Burleigh Heads has a right hand point break with a sand bottom. It's powerful wave best suites to advanced surfers. It can be very hollow at times. Best surfing between November and April from four to six feet."

  37. Merrick Davis reviewed Margaret River's Surf in Western Australia, Australia

    Three and half hour drive south of Perth. Margaret River is a left hander for big wave surfers only with the point/reef break getting to 20 feet high. There is no continental shelf and you can surf a long way out to sea, so surf with a friend. Surfers…"

  38. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing at North Narrabeen in Sydney, Australia

    North Narrabeen is a famous beach for surf contests. It has a powerful beach break and like most beaches north of Sydney it's better surfed left than right. The more advanced surfers you'll find here can get very competitive, so it can be hard to get w…"

  39. Merrick Davis reviewed Surf Snapper Rocks (Superbank) in Queensland, Australia

    Nicknamed Superbank, this is a point/beach break wave with a sandy bottom. It can link through Greenmount beach, possibly Australia’s best beach break wave (VERY CROWDED), which has a right-hand wave and is strictly for advanced surfers only. Good all y…"

  40. Merrick Davis reviewed Surfing Lennox Head in New South Wales, Australia

    "20 minutes south of Byron Bay on the New South Wales north coast. This is one of the hardest places in the world to rock hop in or out of the surf. Lennox Heads is for advanced surfers only, it's a powerful right hand wave with a point break and a sand…"