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I have a passion for traveling, dancing and writing. My career is in journalism focusing on travel and politics.

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  1. June 2008
  2. Melissa Rubin reviewed Route 66: Chicago to California in US West Coast, United States

    "Route 66 is one of the most historic roads in the US. The 2,448 mile highway was made in the 1920s and was in use as a major highway until the 60s. The road is actually not on modern day maps, so a detailed map or guide is a necessity for road trips. Now…"

  3. May 2008
  4. Melissa Rubin reviewed Tetsuya's Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

    Tetsuya is Sydney’s restaurant claim to fame. Ranked number 9 in the worldly recognized S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants list, Tetsuya has “daring culinary delights” ( and “continues to elevate food to the level of art with bre…"

  5. Melissa Rubin reviewed Vue de Monde Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

    Vue de Monde is a unique dining experience with options ranging from reasonably priced lunch menus (only available Tuesday through Friday) to non-existent dinner menus! For dinner, diners “agree on the number of courses (six is good, 13 a bit much) they’…"

  6. Melissa Rubin reviewed Rockpool in Sydney, Australia

    Sydney’s newly re-opened Rockpool (fish) restaurant is a “Sydney dining institution and a renowned restaurant on the global stage (”. Driving up to the restaurant you come upon “two stories of ocean-green carpet, designer chairs, and …"

  7. Melissa Rubin reviewed Basilica du Sacre Coeur in Paris, France

    "Sacre Coeur is the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. The magnificent white columns and domes with the gargoyles jumping at you from the sides and back of the building, not to mention the spectacular view of Paris and a huge mozaic inside give th…"

  8. Melissa Rubin rated Basilica du Sacre Coeur

  9. Melissa Rubin rated Eiffel Tower

  10. Melissa Rubin reviewed Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

    "The Eiffel Tower never looses its charm. It being the second time I've been to it, and I still fell in love with it as much as I had the first time, just shows the magic of the structure and the area. The second floor observation deck is wonderfully high…"

  11. Melissa Rubin rated Chateau de Versailles

  12. Melissa Rubin reviewed Chateau de Versailles in Paris, France

    "I originally thought, as I was waiting in the 3 hour que, what on earth is all the crazyness about this palace for?! It was without a doubt beautiful from the visitor entrance, and I knew the gardens were supposed to be impressive, but after standing in …"

  13. April 2008
  14. Melissa Rubin rated Vale De Lobo Golf Club

  15. Melissa Rubin rated El Saler Golf Club

  16. Melissa Rubin reviewed The Royal Calcutta Golf Club in Kolkata, India

    The Royal Calcutta Golf Club in India is the second largest golf course in the world. The title of ‘Royal’ was added to the name in 1911 by King George V and Queen Mary to commemorate their visit and has become the nickname of the course. The 72 par co…"

  17. Melissa Rubin rated The Mid Ocean Club

  18. Melissa Rubin rated The Royal Calcutta Golf Club

  19. Melissa Rubin reviewed The Mid Ocean Club in Bermuda

    If simply being in beautifully, scenic Bermuda is not inviting enough, the Mid Ocean Club, located in Tuckers Town is also a challenging course. Designed by Charles Blair MacDonald, known as the father of organized golf in the United States, this cours…"

  20. Melissa Rubin reviewed The Real Club de Golf Las Brisas in Marbella, Spain

    The Real Club de Golf Las Bristas was designed in the 1970s by leading architect Robert Trent Jones Senior with high greens well protected by bunkers. From the moment it opened, this course attracted Spanish royalty and countless championship competitio…"

  21. Melissa Rubin reviewed Vale De Lobo Golf Club in Portugal

    Neighbouring the Atlantic Ocean, this club has spectacular views and powerful winds, making a game of golf here a pleasurable challenge. Vale De Lobo was originally designed by Sir Henry Cotton but then re-developed by American golf architect Rocky Roque…"

  22. Melissa Rubin reviewed El Saler Golf Club in Valencia, Spain

    Set between a four star hotel and the Mediterranean within the Albufera National Park, El Saler Golf Course sits proudly on one of Spain's most beautiful spots. There are 12 holes winding in and out of pine groves, which provide the much needed shade for…"

  23. Melissa Rubin rated Royal Golf Club of Seville

  24. Melissa Rubin rated The Real Club de Golf Las Brisas

  25. Melissa Rubin rated Valderrama Golf Course

  26. Melissa Rubin rated La Manga Golf Club

  27. Melissa Rubin rated La Cala Golf Resort

  28. Melissa Rubin reviewed La Cala Golf Resort in Marbella, Spain

    The mountains behind the Costa de Sol make a picture perfect golfling backdrop, which La Cala Resort, the biggest golf complex in Spain, takes full advantage of. Three 18-hole courses compliment the resort, the most recent added in 2005. Campo Europa, th…"

  29. Melissa Rubin reviewed La Manga Golf Club in Murcia, Spain

    With three 18-hole championship standard courses, scenic La Manga Golf Club was voted Europe’s top golf resort in 2001, 2003 and 2005. The Spanish Open, Spanish PGA Championships, Spanish Junior Championships, Ladies' Spanish Open and Senior Spanish Open…"

  30. Melissa Rubin reviewed Royal Golf Club of Seville in Seville, Spain

    Also known as the Real Club de Golf Sevilla, this course was recently voted 3rd best in Spain. The southern Spanish countryside provides a flat layout to which the owner has added 10,000 trees, mostly native, and many lakes to add a third dimension to t…"

  31. Melissa Rubin reviewed Valderrama Golf Course in Castille-Leon, Spain

    Located in Andalusia, Spain’s largest and southern most region, Valderrama has a history of golfing greatness. Designed by architect Robert Trent Jones Senior, known as one of the leading architects of his time, Valderrama’s course is distinct. Each ho…"

  32. Melissa Rubin rated Sailing Chesapeake Bay

  33. Melissa Rubin reviewed Sailing Chesapeake Bay in Appalachian States, United States

    "The Chesapeake-or 'the bay' as locals refer to it as- is beautiful. Sail boats and motor boats are on the water all day long, and sometimes into the night doing some night fishing. the coastline stretches on the west side of you showing off gorgeous clif…"

  34. Melissa Rubin rated Acropolis

  35. Melissa Rubin reviewed Acropolis in Athens, Greece

    "The Acropolis is the site of the Parthenon, perhaps one of the most widely recognised monuments of the ancient world. Built on by the Greeks and first used as an area for shelter during sieges of Athens, the rock of the Acropolis has been studied by arch…"

  36. Melissa Rubin rated Santorini

  37. March 2008
  38. Melissa Rubin reviewed Windsor Castle in London, United Kingdom

    "This castle is what every old castle should look like on the outside, and everything a person thinks a queen should have on the inside. The rough exterior contrasts beautifully to the posh interior. Walking through the same entrance room and waiting room…"

  39. Melissa Rubin reviewed Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom

    Visitors can tell the British Natural History Museum is a unique museum from the second they enter. It was one of a trio of great Victorian museums created at the end of the 19th century, and boasts 70 million items within five main collections: Botany, …"

  40. Melissa Rubin reviewed The London Eye in London, United Kingdom

    Although the London Eye simply looks like an oversized ferris wheel, it is much more. Opened in 2000, the London Eye was not supposed to be a permanent structure. However, with the huge popularity it received, its location on the Thames was made its perm…"

  41. Melissa Rubin reviewed Snow Golf Championship in St Moritz, Switzerland

    Snow. Golf. Usually those two items stay as far apart from one another as possible, but not in the case of Snow Golf. Yes, that’s one term to describe a completely new and exciting way to have a sporting experience in the winter elements. The Chivas Snow…"

  42. Melissa Rubin reviewed Larapinta Trek in Northern Territory, Australia

    When heading to the Australian Outback, doing the Larapinta Trek should be considered for all those who want to see the natural beauty of the area. Filled with high grass prairies, rivers, mountains and gorges, the Larapinta Trek has almost all of nature…"

  43. Melissa Rubin reviewed Tomlins Cookery School in La Rochelle, France

    Finding vegetarian food in France is like trying to find a seashell in Austria. Finding good vegetarian food is nearly impossible. Unless of course, you venture into Tomlins Cookery School, where you will not only find amazing vegetarian food, but learn …"

  44. Melissa Rubin reviewed Castroville Artichoke Festival in Salinas, United States

    In the land of the blond lives the land of the green! California, home of beach babes and Hollywood, is also home to Castroville, the artichoke capital of the world. The Castroville Artichoke Festival takes place every May. During the festival there are …"

  45. Melissa Rubin reviewed Fishing in the Seychelles Islands in Seychelles

    The Seychelles Islands are made up of 115 islands and atolls (an island of coral that encircles a lagoon partially or completely). The waters around the Poivre Atoll and St. Joseph Atoll are known for their amazing bonefishing. There are an average of 30…"

  46. Melissa Rubin reviewed Hollyford Track in Milford Sound, New Zealand

    The Hollyford Track in New Zealand changes scenery faster than the time it takes for a trekker to tie their boots. From thick dense forests to glaciers, this trek has all a nature enthusiast could want. Being almost completely downhill, the trek is perfe…"

  47. Melissa Rubin reviewed Riding in Yellowstone in Mountain States, United States

    Yellowstone National Park showcases some of the mid-west’s most beautiful scenery. Lakes, mountains, forests and wildlife come together in Yellowstone. The riding expeditions in the park are one of the best ways to see as much as you can while in the par…"

  48. Melissa Rubin reviewed Riding in Andalusia in Andalucia, Spain

    Horse riding is to an Andalusian man as surfing is to a Californian teenager: without one, the other doesn’t thrive. This kind of identity and passion is etched on the riding expeditions this area offers. The options range from areas for beginners, with …"

  49. Melissa Rubin reviewed Toledo Cacao Festival in Belize

    The sweet seduction of chocolate is not a new sensation, but this festival certainly is! At the Toledo Cacao Festival, chocolate and everything about it is celebrated and created. Taking place on 18-20th of May, the festival has everything from chocolate…"

  50. Melissa Rubin reviewed The Green Terrace B+B in Crete, Greece

    Being a vegetarian is hard work; unless you’re at The Green Terrace B&B on the Greek Island Crete, where all the food is made with the veggie lover in mind. The quiet and secluded atmosphere allows time to sit back, eat your bamies, fava, horta, or yemis…"

  51. Melissa Rubin reviewed Wild Man Wild Food in South East England, United Kingdom

    Living a life in tune with nature is getting harder and harder in our technology driven world. Fergus Drennan leads groups on trips to become one with earth - or at least at one with the natural food that our earth provides. Drennan takes groups of peopl…"

  52. Melissa Rubin reviewed Yediburunlar Lighthouse in Fethiye, Turkey

    At the Yediburunlar Lighthouse, almost everything is done with all the guests at the inn. There is a specific itinerary of when to arrive at the house so that guests can meet and greet at the same time. Guests eat breakfast, dinner and some lunches toget…"

  53. Melissa Rubin reviewed Atata Island in Tonga

    The Kingdom of Tonga is a chain of islands one third the way from New Zealand to Hawaii. It is the only group of Pacific islands never to be colonized. Atata Island is the most remote and largest of the offshore islands- the only evidence of the modern w…"

  54. Melissa Rubin reviewed Whale shark watching in Watamu in Malindi, Kenya

    Whale Sharks are the largest living fish species on the planet. These slow filter feeding sharks are found mostly in warm waters, and found abundantly in Watamu, Kenya, where whale shark watching and diving are two popular tourist activities. Whale Shark…"

  55. Melissa Rubin reviewed Fishing in Barkley Sound in British Columbia, Canada

    Recognized as the salmon capital of the world, Barkley Sound is famous for its fishing. Located off the western shore of Vancouver Island, this area is dotted with islands no bigger than 2 km. Fishing for salmon, halibut, rockfish, sockeye, bluebacks an…"

  56. May 2007
  57. Melissa Rubin reviewed Santorini in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    The high cliffs loom up, the white houses start reflecting the sun, and the black volcanic rocks gleam off the water. You have hit Santorini. Known for its amazing sunsets, Santorini is a picturesque circle on the sea. The crescent shape of the island is…"