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9th February 2009

I’m a twenty-something vagabond who has been on the road regularly since 2005. I’m a native of Boston, Mass but lately, everywhere has been my home. After a trip to Thailand in 2005, I decided I to leave the rat race behind and explore the world. I came back to America, finished my Masters, quit my job, and, in July 2006, I set out to travel around the world. I’ve been traveling ever since.

Some things about me:

My favorite country is Thailand.

My favorite city is Amsterdam.

There’s not enough money in the world to get me to go back to Vietnam.

I like everything about Japanese culture and will eat sushi for breakfast.

I speak Spanish and Thai.

I like to pretend I know Dutch.

I fly about 10 times a year.

That picture is of me in Australia. That mound was made by termites.

I enjoy buying movies on the street in Asia.

My travel paradise is sitting on a beach until I turn a golden shade of black.

My laptop is my most expensive possession.

Everything I own fits in one bag.

I’d like to go into space.

I’m afraid of heights.

If I haven’t been anywhere in three months, I get antsy and bored.

People who brag about travel are insecure and aggravate me. But did I tell you I’ve been everywhere in Thailand? No? Take a seat…

I once got lost in a jungle.

I play too much poker.

The Full Moon Rave isthe world’s best party.

I love eating food from street stalls.

I wish I had a better ear for languages.

I don’t have a strong desire to go to China.

I do have a strong desire to spend ages in Bhutan.

I can’t remember how I enjoyed life before I started to travel.

I like eating Kangaroo.

I once ate a maggot. Tasted like a french fry.

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  1. February 2009
  2. Matthew Kepnes wrote a blog post My Top Five Traveling Experiences

    Every traveler has their top traveling experiences. Here are my top five experiences:"

  3. Matthew Kepnes reviewed Tikal in Tikal region, Guatemala

    Located in Guatamala, this ancient Mayan city was breathtaking. During the day, crowds from Belize fill the park but, at night and in the morning, the place is empty. It is only you and the animals. Many of the paths are overgrown and much of the ruins …"

  4. Matthew Kepnes reviewed Ko Lipe in Thailand

    We spent our days on the beach and our nights at the bar. Life was simple. Ko Lipe had captured me and I was its willing prisoner. I explored the island everyday- crisscrossing the interior, exploring the town, eating at all the restaurants, and swimmin…"

  5. November 2007
  6. Matthew Kepnes reviewed Arenal National Park in Costa Rica

    When I was in Costa Rica, some friends and I went to hike Arenal National Park. We got lost on the trails and, as night fell, we couldn’t find our way out. We had no food, water, or even a flashlight. After hours and hours of searching, we found a road. …"

  7. May 2007
  8. Matthew Kepnes reviewed The Grand Canyon in Southwest Desert, United States

    The hardest part for me was the steep ascent back up- the high altitude and steep rock faces made for an adjustment. After 6 hours hiking up the canyon, I made it out. Hiking the Grand Canyon was one of the major life goals and I'd done it. Once over the…"