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Mark Dougherty is a professor in computer science. He started caving in 1985 and learnt to SCUBA dive in 1990. He then joined the Cave Diving Group in Britain, where he dived extensively in the caves of the Yorkshire Dales, with occasional trips to other regions in Britain and expeditions abroad.

In 1996 Mark moved to Sweden. The cave diving scene in Sweden is quite small, since many of the caves are in very remote places, often well north of the artic circle. However, this has its attractions since diving a cave in Sweden means spending several peaceful days in beautiful surroundings!

A more recent interest of Mark's is diving in flooded mines. Mid-Sweden and the southern parts of neighbouring countries Norway and Finland are packed full of historic mines, dating back to the 12th century and even earlier. Diving these sites introduces another dimension, that of industrial archaeology.

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  3. Mark Dougherty reviewed Plura River Cave Diving in Nord-Norge, Norway

    The Plura River emerges from a large cave entrance about 30km to the north east of the town of Mo i Rana, Norway. Diving this site is a fantastic experience. The visibility is excellent and the passage is easily big enough to drive an underwater scooter …"

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