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I am Travel Addict living in Guatemala and Central America for over 10 years. I'm also an Expat Mom raising 2 trilingual-Global Citizens and traveling non stop in Latin America!

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  1. July 2011
  2. Marina Kuperman Villatoro commented on Antigua, Guatemala with a local

    "Thanks for including me on your great site!"

  3. Marina Kuperman Villatoro rated Lake Atitlan and Santiago

  4. Marina Kuperman Villatoro reviewed Lake Atitlan and Santiago in Guatemala

    Santiago is the largest city on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Chances are you won't be bumping into any hippies or expats here but mainly the Mayan Indians that are residents of this vibrant, some what chaotic, full of not-finished-buildings, the oldest Ca…"

  5. Marina Kuperman Villatoro reviewed San Salvador

    El Salvador has some of the best beaches in all of Central America. The year round breaks makes this a haven for surfers. But the best part about it, it's not well known and gives surfers and beach goers the place all to themselves.I've been to hundreds …"

  6. Marina Kuperman Villatoro reviewed Caño Island off the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica

    Caño Island is at the southern most tip of the Osa Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean side of Costa Rica. It's considered to be one of the best snorkeling and diving areas of Costa Rica. But this isolated, uninhabited island, isn't only for marine …"

  7. Marina Kuperman Villatoro rated Caño Island off the Osa Peninsula

  8. Marina Kuperman Villatoro rated Masaya Volcano National Park

  9. Marina Kuperman Villatoro reviewed Masaya Volcano National Park in Managua, Nicaragua

    Masaya Volcano is one of the most accessible Active volcanoes in the world. You can literally drive up to the crater and look in. The park itself is a gorgeous site with lava rocks thrown everywhere from the last eruption centuries ago. As you drive thr…"

  10. Marina Kuperman Villatoro reviewed Copan Mayan Ruins in Honduras

    Copan Maya Ruins is best known for the stelae and artistic descriptions that are found through out the site. Definitely not one of the largest, but is without a doubt one of the most important for the Maya civilization since the hieroglyphs here are the…"

  11. Marina Kuperman Villatoro rated Copan Mayan Ruins

  12. Marina Kuperman Villatoro reviewed Macaw Mountain Bird Rescue Centre in Honduras

    This is one of the only bird rehabilitation and rescue centers of it's kind where there are numerous birds and macaws that are saved and taken care. The best part, there is an interactive area where you can have different colored macaws sit on your shou…"

  13. Marina Kuperman Villatoro rated Macaw Mountain Bird Rescue Centre

  14. July 2009
  15. Marina Kuperman Villatoro asked a question about Costa Rica

    "Hey there, I am a specialist in Costa Rica traveling and want to make guest posts on Costa Rica. Please let me know if I can and will be happy to help. Thanks"