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  1. August 2008
  2. marc_harris reviewed Ngorongoro Sopa in Tanzania

    Ngorongoro Crater Sopa Lodge is a lavishly decorated, slightly older establishment on the eastern aspect of the Ngorongoro Crater. The unusual style of the hotel apparently dates from the late 1980s, but it is evidently nostalgic for the previous decade.…"

  3. marc_harris reviewed Lake Manyara Tree Lodge in Tanzania

    Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is without doubt the most luxurious accommodation in Lake Manyara National Park. The camps luxurious safari tree house suites, crafted from local timber and makuti (palm fronds) are simply stunning. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is di…"

  4. marc_harris reviewed Serengeti Serena in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

    The Serengeti Serena Lodge is a fantastically designed hotel, all constructed in an East African-inspired design from local rock and wood and thatch. Makonde carvers have shaped and polished and carved seemingly every door handle and rail, and rooms are …"

  5. marc_harris reviewed Ras Nungwi - The Ocean Suite in Tanzania

    Located in Northern Zanzibar Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel's unique Ocean Suite is beautifully decorated and is Zanzibar's finest beach accommodation. The earthy tones and Moorish architecture are reminiscent of Zanzibar's rich Arabian history. The Ocean Suit…"

  6. marc_harris reviewed Rufiji River Camp in Tanzania

    Rufiji River Camp was one of the first tented camps to be set up in the Selous Game Reserve and consequently claims a superb location over a wide curve in the river. The dining area and bar at Rufigi River Camp are well positioned for memorable sunsets…"

  7. marc_harris reviewed Amani Beach Club in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Amani Beach Club only has 12 rooms, giving it a sense of exclusiveness and the perfect hideaway. Each of these is a vast and spacious marble-floored cottage with opulent bathroom, air conditioning, satellite television and built-in options for radio and …"

  8. marc_harris reviewed Selous Impala Camp in Tanzania

    Selous Impala, this year addition to the family of Adventure Camps is being erected in the Selous, Africa's largest game reserve. This untouched, uninhabited area, is home to the biggest herds of elephants and wildlife anywhere in the world. Selous Impal…"

  9. marc_harris reviewed Kirawira in Tanzania

    Kirawira Camp is an extraordinarily fine permanent tented camp, elegantly furnished throughout in the old 1920s safari style. The lavishly tented dining area at Kirawira is laid out across dark polished teak floorboards covered with rich woven rugs and …"

  10. marc_harris reviewed Matemwe Bungalows in Tanzania

    Zanzibars Matemwe Bungalows is an especially remote and scenic choice, tucked beyond a sandy palm fringed local fishing village on a windswept beach on the East Coast. Consisting of Fourteen thatched and whitewashed bungalows Matemwe Bungalows extends …"

  11. marc_harris reviewed Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania

    The Ngorongoro Crater lodge is one of the worlds leading hotels. Crater Lodge is divided into three separate camps, each with between six and twelve individual suites and their own sumptuous dining rooms, sitting rooms and wooden decks. All room have vi…"

  12. marc_harris reviewed Greystoke in Tanzania

    Greystoke Tented Camp in Mahale National Park is one of the most stunning accommodations in Tanzania. As the only elegant choice for accommodation, beautifully designed and positioned on the Kangwena Bay beach, between the forest and the lake Greystoke …"

  13. marc_harris reviewed Kinasi Lodge in Tanzania

    Kinasi Lodge is a small and elegant choice for a luxurious stay on Mafia Island. The high standards of accommodation and service are reliably consistent at Kinasi, as it has been owner built and managed for many years, which validates the cost as being g…"

  14. marc_harris reviewed Lazy Lagoon in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

    The blissful Island of Lazy Lagoon can be found in the Zanzibar Channel just off the coast of Tanzania. The island has nine kilometres of deserted, white, beach and a indigenous forest which provides a home to many small mammals. It is the perfect plac…"

  15. marc_harris reviewed Foxes Katavi Wildlife camp in Tanzania

    The Katavi wilderness camp is very exclusive and located in the best game area so that you can watch the daily movements of game between food and water and witness the dramas unfold before you. The tents, luxurious in size and furnishings, are cunningl…"

  16. marc_harris rated Greystoke

  17. marc_harris rated Foxes Katavi Wildlife camp

  18. marc_harris rated Mnemba

  19. marc_harris rated Selous Impala Camp

  20. marc_harris rated Mdonya Old River Camp

  21. marc_harris rated Tarangire Treetops

  22. marc_harris rated Migration Tented Camp

  23. marc_harris rated Ngorongoro Sopa

  24. marc_harris rated Serengeti Sopa

  25. marc_harris reviewed Ndutu Lodge in Tanzania

    Ndutu Lodge is a low-key lodge, quietly situated on the warmer banks of Lake Ndutu just outside the Southern Serengeti. Excellently placed in the middle of the path of the Great Migration, which covers the nearby plains in November through to March. Th…"

  26. marc_harris rated Zamani Kempinski

  27. marc_harris rated Fundu Lagoon

  28. marc_harris rated Kinasi Lodge

  29. marc_harris rated Beyt al Chai

  30. marc_harris rated Zanzibar Serena Inn

  31. marc_harris rated The Palms

  32. marc_harris rated Ras Nungwi - The Ocean Suite

  33. marc_harris reviewed Migration Tented Camp in Tanzania

    Migration Tented Camp in the Northern Serengeti finds their immaculately clear swimming pool shining before you like a mirage after a long 93km drive from the Seronera. This attractive permanent tented camp is set in absolute isolation among wide flat ro…"

  34. marc_harris reviewed Ras Nungwi in Tanzania

    Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel aspires towards fulfilling a beach haven idyll, being both relaxed and uncomplicated while providing a conscientious service. Rooms are simply but comfortably designed, and recent renovations have added immaculate, newly tiled ba…"

  35. marc_harris reviewed Beyt al Chai in Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Located in Zanzibars Stone Town, Beyt al Chai is a pretty house that was at one time a tea house belonging to a wealthy Zanzibarian merchant. Situated directly opposite the Serena Inn, personal service and an oasis of tranquility in the otherwise busy su…"

  36. marc_harris reviewed Lake Manyara Serena in Tanzania

    Lake Manyara Serena Lodge, is in an elevated position on the escarpment ridge of the Great Rift Valley. Views here are simply stunning. The Manyara Serena is constructed in an intriguing design with barely a straight line to be seen, so that the whole …"

  37. marc_harris reviewed The Palms in Tanzania

    The Palms Hotel is a wonderfully small (6 rooms) private lodge which provides a truly intimate and personal setting with the luxuries of some of the best hotels in the world, let alone Zanzibar. Located on the East Coast Zanzibars The Palms consists of…"

  38. marc_harris reviewed Ruaha River Lodge in Tanzania

    Ruaha River Lodge, is also built and run by the intriguing Fox family, who have nearly 40 years of experience of Ruaha. The River Lodge was the first camp built in the area, and must take credit for choosing one of the most spectacular locations imaginab…"

  39. marc_harris reviewed Jongomero in Tanzania

    Jongomero is the only safari camp in the remote southwestern corner of Ruaha National Park, central Tanzania. Offering unmatched privacy and the most exclusive safari in Ruaha National Park, Jongomero is situated in an area of pristine wilderness surroun…"

  40. marc_harris reviewed Ras Kutani in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Barefoot luxury on an isolated stretch of pristine beach"

  41. marc_harris reviewed Mbuzi Mawe in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

    Lying just North of the central Sereonera region of the Serengeti is the 15 tented rooms of Mbuzi Mawa Very different to all of the other Serena properties, Mbuzi Mawa is a small lodge as opposed to a large hotel designed to fit in more with the authent…"

  42. marc_harris reviewed Breezes Beach Club in Tanzania

    "Breezes Beach Club is an elegant choice for luxurious beach accommodation on Zanzibar. Located on the East Coast with all mod-cons and entertainment to hand, Breezes Beach Club is one of the best of Zanzibars larger hotels The accommodation at Breezes …"

  43. marc_harris reviewed Mnemba in Tanzania

    Mnemba Island Lodge, located just off the North East Coast of Zanzibar, is a tiny dream island with the impressive accolade of being one of the most romantic and exclusive coral atoll islands in the world. Mnemba has the best beach on Zanzibar; sandy sh…"

  44. marc_harris reviewed Sasakwa Lodge in Tanzania

    Sasakwa Lodge is situated on the top of Sasakwa Hill, with awe-inspiring views over the Serengeti plains. The lodge is built in the grand style of an English manor home and comprises seven suites, ranging in size from one to four bedrooms. Each air-co…"

  45. marc_harris reviewed Serengeti Sopa in Tanzania

    The Serengeti Sopa Lodge is some distance from the Serena in a fantastic position high on a westerly escarpment near Moro Kopjes. It is an older hotel, dating from the late 1970s, with its two-storey buildings spreading out to either side of the central …"

  46. marc_harris reviewed Fundu Lagoon in Tanzania

    Pemba Islands Fundu Lagoon lodge is a stylish and smart beach location with fantastic accommodation under canvas, all set against a backdrop of a steep forested hillside. Fundu Lagoon fills a niche for top quality accommodation and food in an upmarket …"

  47. marc_harris reviewed Zanzibar Serena Inn in Zanzibar, Tanzania

    One of the small luxury hotels of the world, The Serena Inn in Zanzibar Stone Town presently provides the most upmarket luxury accommodation and service in Stone Town, operated by the Serena Hotel Group and owned by the Aga Khan. The grand hall has bee…"

  48. marc_harris reviewed Mdonya Old River Camp in Tanzania

    Mdonya Old River, a small but great Adventure Camp, is the newest and perhaps most exciting bush destination in Tanzania. It is located in the Ruaha National Park, the second largest in Tanzania, few kilometers from Mdonya Falls and a two-hour exciting g…"

  49. marc_harris reviewed Grumeti river camp in Tanzania

    Grumeti River Camp is a fabulous Conservation Corporation Camp in the Western Serengeti, located on the Grumeti River, one of the crossing points of the annual Grerat Migration. Safaris in this part of the Serengeti at the right time of year can be simpl…"

  50. marc_harris reviewed Tarangire Treetops in Tanzania

    Tarangire Treetops Camp, is an exciting safari camp in the Tarangire Conservation Area, providing superb and unusual accommodation in fantastic, wooden-thatched treehouses around ancient baobab and Mopani trees. The central dining area provides a comfo…"

  51. marc_harris reviewed Zamani Kempinski in Tanzania

    The Zamani Kempinski is the newest hotel on the island and is the first of a truly world class calibre. All of the interiors has been personally designed by Philip Starke, the stylist for a few of New Yorks top hotels, and they lend the hotel an unsurpas…"

  52. marc_harris reviewed Sand Rivers Selous in Tanzania

    Well regarded as one of the best lodges in the Selous, Sand Rivers is a smart, permanent camp stylishly designed in chunky dark wood and stone flagstones. With views over a wide and dramatic stretch of the Rufiji River that runs through the North of the …"

  53. marc_harris reviewed Ngorongoro Crater Serena in Tanzania

    Ngorongoro Serena Lodge provides an impressive rocky bastion against the cool highland mists, and excellent and cosy rooms with full sliding-glass panels between bed and the open jaw of the Ngorongoro Crater itself. Views down over the Crater and across …"

  54. marc_harris reviewed Selous Safari Camp in Tanzania

    Selous Safari Camp operates an authentic and elegant permanent tented camp tucked among the palm trees on the banks of the Rufiji River. This is without doubt the best tented accommodation in the Selous The camp is spacious and stylishly designed for an…"

  55. marc_harris reviewed Sabora Plains Tented Camp in Tanzania

    Sabora Plains Tented Camp is situated on the Serengeti plains, beautifully decorated in grand campaign 1920s style. The six lavish tents are air-conditioned and feature a bedroom and reading area, bathroom with bath and outdoor shower, viewing deck with…"

  56. marc_harris reviewed Beho Beho in Tanzania

    Unlike the other lodges in the Selous, Beho Beho is located in the highlands of the Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania giving it both unrivalled views over the Selous and a sense of privacy in which to unwind and relax. Safaris are either on foot…"

  57. July 2007
  58. marc_harris reviewed Beyt al Chai in Zanzibar, Tanzania

    In our view a great place to stay for a couple of days. The layout of the inn gives a real feeling of staying at a friends house, and thus it is very relaxing. Run by Agnes, the inn is well located overlooking the beautiful Kelele Square, and is a mere s…"

  59. marc_harris reviewed Ras Nungwi in Tanzania

    A truly fantastic hotel; without doubt one of the very best on the entire African coast. The beach here is the best on Zanzibar and unlike much of the east coast, is free of hawkers and general hastlers. Nungwi village just down the coast is a great plac…"