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14th February 2008

Looking for a new challenge away from my native country of Belgium I embarked on a two-year journey around China and Egypt as a tour leader with an adventure tour operator. It didn't take long for me to fall for the stunning beauty and the amazing diversity of China and I enjoyed getting to know the four corners of this vast land in the company of enthusiastic groups. My experience led to a more sedentary but nonetheless challenging position with a luxury tour operator in London. I had the privilege of being able to set up the entire China program and design a plethora of exciting itineraries. Longing to be China I recently decided to return and live in my favourite country whilst taking up the position of country manager from the city I now call home, Shanghai!

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  1. March 2008
  2. Marc Mekki reviewed 798 Art District Beijing in Beijing, China

    With more than a half dozen World Heritage temples and palaces on the standard Beijing itinerary one would be forgiven for thinking that the capital lives only in the past. For the more progressive culture vulture there is a fascinating and relatively li…"

  3. Marc Mekki rated 798 Art District Beijing

  4. February 2008
  5. Marc Mekki rated Hike the Great Wall at Simatai

  6. Marc Mekki reviewed Hike the Great Wall at Simatai in Beijing, China

    Gazing upon an iconic World Wonder is one thing but hiking along one is another thing entirely. To stand on top of a watchtower and see this ancient fortification snake across the rolling hills is one of the more evocative and awe-inspiring experiences i…"