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Mel and Judy write snorkeling guidebooks. After many years of snorkeling and diving all over the world, in 70-some countries from Anguilla to Zanzibar, they decided in 1994 to create the kind of authoritative guidebooks that they wished they could buy, with all first-hand reviews, detailed maps and dramatic pictures. Their company, Indigo Publications, provides a unique series of detailed guides to snorkeling in Hawai’i.

Both are certified divers, but the lightness and freedom of snorkeling makes it their first love. Together with their three children, they have hosted students and cultural exchange visitors from Bosnia, Brazil, China, Germany, Nepal, New Zealand, Serbia and Turkey in their home, and helped hundreds of other families enrich their lives through cultural exchange.

Working with exchange students and traveling as much as their businesses allowed has encouraged their interest in the study of languages from Mandarin Chinese to Hawai’ian. They are graduates of Stanford University.

Mel and Judy live on the South Kohala coast of the island of Hawai’i.

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