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  1. April 2010
  2. Luciana commented on Le Relais La Borie in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    "i don´t know, the "view map" is not working properly in this case - it doesn´t show the coast, just the red point. Anyway, I think you should at least change the title "Le Relais La Borie Listed under Best Hotels in Bahia North East, Brazil." to Buzios,…"

  3. Luciana commented on Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    "" AT THE SAMBODROMO" - Carnival takes place over four days, culminating in the Samba Parade where three to five thousand people from samba schools all over Rio perform with floats, music themes and costumes and onlookers party. Samba schools spend all ye…"

  4. Luciana commented on Festas Juninas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    "The famous Festas Juninas don´t happn in Rio de Janiero city. If any tourist goes during June to the city, he/she will NOT see anything going on. These festivities are very famous in the north-east cities of the country."

  5. February 2010
  6. Luciana asked a question about Parc Asterix in Paris, France

    "I would to spend 2 days at the Asterix park wiht my husband and my 4 y.o. son and I lookgin for a package that includes; hotel inside the park + tickets to the park. Where can I find an online travel agency?"