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9th October 2007

Louisa was given the choice at the age of 6 of either piano lessons or riding lessons, and since then horses have remained an over-riding passion throughout her life, whilst her piano skills have remained sadly lacking!As well as having worked with horses in her earlier years, Louisa has been fortunate enough to have explored some of the most beautiful parts of the world from the privileged viewpoint of horseback, and after visiting one such place in Argentina, she stayed and married the owner! Louisa now runs horse-riding holidays with her husband, and indulges in her new-found passion of polo. Louisa also has a general passion for the outdoors and beautiful scenery, and enjoys a number of other adventure sports such as rafting, rock-climbing and kayaking.

Estancia Los Potreros

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  1. October 2007
  2. Louisa Begg reviewed Horse-riding in the Andean Codillera in Ecuador

    Riding amongst the Andean Codillera can combine a host of pleasures. Canter across vast grassy plains, flanked by snow-capped volcanoes; soak up the history by following ancient Inca routes; relax in the evenings in historic Ecuadorian 'haciendas', shari…"

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  4. Louisa Begg reviewed Horse Riding in the Okavango Delta in NW Botswana, Botswana

    In my view, this should be in all riders 'things to to before you die' list. There can't be an experience much better than a long canter through flooded plains, surrounded by loping giraffe, bounding antelope or galloping zebras. And nothing, but nothin…"

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  7. Louisa Begg reviewed Trail riding in the Torres del Paine in Paine Circuit, Chile

    Imagine waking up in the morning, peering out from the snugness of your tent onto a scene of perfect solitude, framed by azure blue lakes and rivers, verdant landscapes and the magnificent backdrop of the Torres del Paine. This is just part of what you …"