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24th April 2008

...drifting gradually through South America...more from me periodically as I take notes for my PhD...

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  1. May 2008
  2. LK Barromet reviewed Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace) in Cochabamba, Bolivia

    I added Christ the Redeemer so I feel it is only fair to add Cochabamba’s Christo de la Concordia who is along a similar theme - giant Christ arms outstretched over a city. He’s there to impart on us all a sense of concord and peace among his flock and…"

  3. April 2008
  4. LK Barromet reviewed Nazca Lines in Peru

    These big, crazy drawing are carved into the desert high plains of Peru’s pampas. You’ve got monkeys, fish, llamas and some very stylised spiders and lizards, and there are hundreds of them: huge, flat line drawings dancing across the desert. We know a…"

  5. LK Barromet reviewed Akodessewa Fetish Market in Lomé, Togo

    Black magic and voodoo still wield power over people in this region and certainly have some pull to visitors as well… This is voodoo Tescos, anything magical or associated to the ingredients you would need for a spell can be purchased: this includes the…"

  6. LK Barromet reviewed Christ the Redeemer in Rio South East, Brazil

    Nothing like a giant, 130 foot tall statue of Jesus, arms gracefully outstretched to keep a city as known for its taste for vice as Rio in line. Christ the Redeemer (who watches over us with what I think is a slightly anxious expression in his rather el…"

  7. May 2007
  8. LK Barromet reviewed Underwater visit to the 'Christ of the Deep' in US South East, United States

    Not a challenging or particularly exciting dive this is one of those that almost anyone can do and which will probably inspire you on to do more. The water is pretty clear and bright, the bottom white sand and the coral is quite good considering how clo…"