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  1. June 2013
  2. Lindsay Drury reviewed Rarotonga in Cook Islands

    Rarotonga is the youngest and least eroded of the volcanic Cook Islands. Its terrain of peaks and ridges encased by thick palm filed jungle was formed by a volcanic pyramid which also shapes the reef lagoons surrounding Rarotonga’s coastline. At a…"

  3. May 2011
  4. Lindsay Drury reviewed Monte Carlo Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco

    This building is one of the things tiny Monte Carlo is known for. It's got prime position in this land poor nation, with sprawling fountained gardens in front of it and a steep drop into the bay behind. The architecture is in the Belle Epoque style &nd…"

  5. August 2009
  6. Lindsay Drury reviewed IJsselmeer: Lake IJssel in The Netherlands

    This lake averages a depth of five or six metres, which is pretty shallow considering how much land the lake spreads over – IJsselmeer is the largest lake in western Europe, and that's after it's had some of its land reclaimed.   There's plen…"

  7. February 2009
  8. Lindsay Drury reviewed Levens Hall in Morecambe, United Kingdom

    The tower of Levens Hall has been there since medieval times, but was expanded into a ‘gentleman’s residence’ in the late 16th Century, adding fine oak carved panels, Italian plasterwork roofs and stained glass. Some of these details can still be seen t…"

  9. May 2007
  10. Lindsay Drury reviewed Huahine in French Polynesia

    The two islands which make up Huahine, Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti, are at low tide joined by a natural sand bridge several hundred yards long and surrounded by a coral reef - one island at low tide, two at high... Huahine is more geographically and e…"

  11. Lindsay Drury reviewed St. Vincent in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    St. Vincent island is the largest of an arc of lush volcanic islands in the Lesser Antilles. It has become more popular for visitors over the last few years because of its use as a location in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' trilogy (most of the scenes w…"

  12. Lindsay Drury reviewed Tierra del Fuego in Tierra del Fuego, Chile

    Tierra del Fuego or Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, is the largest island in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Half of the island belongs to the Magallanes Region of Chile while the eastern part belongs to the Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina. …"

  13. Lindsay Drury reviewed Mauritius in Mauritius

    Mauritius has long been thought of as a destination worth visiting. In his book “Following the Equator”, Mark Twain praised the natural beauty of the island, writing, "You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven wa…"

  14. Lindsay Drury reviewed Palawan in Philippines

    Palawan Island is in the island province of Palawan between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. Remote Northern Palawan has pristine natural features including lakes encircled by steep limestone cliffs and the almost untouched Coron Reefs, however b…"

  15. Lindsay Drury reviewed Lamu Island in Coast-Tsavo, Kenya

    Lamu is one of Kenya’s first settlements and despite the influences of other cultures brought in through ocean trade and occupation, the area has retained its own character. The island is known for its narrow car-less streets and wooden furniture and do…"

  16. Lindsay Drury reviewed Isla Tortuga in Mexico

    Not the same Tortuga as featured in “Pirates of the Caribbean” (which is much larger and off the coast of Haiti.), the name means turtle and has been given to many islands because of their appearance. This particular tortuga is small and, similarly to m…"

  17. Lindsay Drury reviewed Patmos and the Dodecanese in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    The 163 islands of the Dodecanese group include the well known Rhodes and Kos and are famous for their history of changing ownership, their unusual architecture and natural beauty. There are several sites of archaeological interest and the ruins of many…"

  18. Lindsay Drury reviewed Malapascua Island in Philippines

    On its Pacific side, Malapascua is a white sand, palm tree fringed island paradise, on the Philippines side its coastline is rocky and edged in reefs. It offers good swimming and famous snorkelling and diving conditions and the interior is a mix of trop…"

  19. Lindsay Drury reviewed Yasawa Islands in Fiji

    South Pacific Islands like those you’ve seen in the “Blue Lagoon” (both films were shot in this island group.), this chain of 20 volcanic islands north of Viti Levu is fairly isolated except for its resorts, which are on a scale of budget to luxury (one …"

  20. Lindsay Drury reviewed Otok Kolocep (Kalamota), Croatia in Croatia

    This tiny island located seven kms from Dubovnik is home to less than 200 inhabitants. Its pine and carob trees, citrus gardens, olive groves, both sand and pebble beaches and traditional architecture make it a unique and quiet spot. There are two se…"

  21. Lindsay Drury reviewed Alonissos and the Northern Sporades in Sporades Islands, Greece

    Of the 11, densely wooded, mountainous islands that make up the Sporades group only four are inhabited, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros. The islands, known for the crystal clear water which separates them, are covered in pine forest and have pa…"

  22. Lindsay Drury reviewed Yemen's Socotra Island: Ecologically diverse in Yemen

    Socotra Island is the largest of the Sheba Islands. It's an interesting destination because of its blend of African and Arabian cultures and its isolated location which has provided a safe haven for a diverse range of plants and animals, many which are …"

  23. Lindsay Drury reviewed Si Phan Don's four thousand islands in Laos

    Si Phan Don means four thousand islands and is a region in Laos just above the Cambodian border where the Mekong river is broken up by the Khone Falls and several sets of rapids. The falls and rapids split the river into countless channels which have pr…"

  24. Lindsay Drury reviewed Sagar Island (Gangasagar) in Orissa, India

    A very religious location for Hindu pilgrims, Sagar Island is located in the delta in the mouth of the Hooghly River where the Ganges meets the sea. Pilgrims bathe in the river delta during a January festival to seek enlightenment. The island is frin…"

  25. Lindsay Drury reviewed Islands of Phang Nga Bay in Andaman Sea, Thailand

    As well as the famous James Bond island, jutting like a dagger out of the bay, and Koh Pannyi Island, with its village built entirely on stilts, Phang Nga Bay has many uninhabited islands to explore. Most of these have spectacular caverns with pale stal…"

  26. Lindsay Drury reviewed Roatán in Roatán, Honduras

    Roatan is best known as the location of some of the world's best diving and snorkelling sites and is fringed by the second largest coral reef on the planet, home to a great diversity of marine life. It is also a popular fishing and sailing destination. …"

  27. Lindsay Drury reviewed Praslin in the tropical Seychelles in Seychelles

    The Seychelles offer the traditional tropical island type of holiday experience, white sandy beaches, the soft lapping of waves on clear water and tropical forests and palm trees. Praslin is typical of this experience and made famous as the home of the …"

  28. Lindsay Drury reviewed Ile de Porquerolles in Provence-Cote d'Azur, France

    One of the last uncrowded spots in the south of France, Porquerolles has regular sunshine, a pleasant climate, warm water, wine produced in world renowned local wineries and good food. Most of the island was purchased by the government to protect the …"

  29. Lindsay Drury reviewed Cousine in Seychelles

    The small island of Cousine is a private luxury resort and nature reserve. A one kilometre long white, sandy beach, a favourite place for local turtles to lay their eggs, separates Cousine’s tropical forest from the Indian Ocean. Only eight guests ma…"

  30. Lindsay Drury reviewed Islands of the Santa Barbara Channel in US West Coast, United States

    This chain of four islands separated from the mainland by the Santa Barbara Channel are rocky and mountainous. Home to sea lions, seals, California Grey whales and a huge variety of birds, the islands have 145 unique animal species. The islands are a…"

  31. Lindsay Drury reviewed The Islands of Vanuatu in Vanuatu

    The Republic of Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 sub-tropical islands offering a range of cultural and natural wonders to the traveller. Most of the islands are volcanic and mountainous, however there are also forested areas, jungles, and flatter, sandy,…"

  32. Lindsay Drury reviewed Ko Phi Phi in Andaman Sea, Thailand

    These are actually a group of islands, the main two being the larger and inhabited Ko Phi Phi Don and the smaller Ko Phi Phi Le, partly edged by sheer cliffs. The rest of the islands in the group are tall limestone rocks spiking out of the ocean. The…"

  33. Lindsay Drury reviewed Taveuni, Fiji's garden island in Fiji

    Known best for its soft coral diving sites and sometimes referred to as the garden island of Fiji, Tavenuni is long, thin, tropical and moist. It has a huge variety of plant life including many brightly coloured exotic flowers, which the native birds lo…"

  34. Lindsay Drury reviewed Islands of Lake Tana in Ethiopia

    Some of the small, flat islands of Lake Tana are home to ancient, isolated churches and monasteries, where the remains of Ethiopian emperors and religious leaders and other ecclesiastical treasures and classical and medieval murals are housed. The fir…"

  35. Lindsay Drury reviewed The Islands of Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden

    The Swedish capital was founded on one of an archipelago of islands off Sweden’s coast in the Baltic and has since spread over 13 more. The original island is now called Gamla Stan which translates to the Old City. Gamla Stan has winding built up…"

  36. Lindsay Drury reviewed Tongatapu Island in Tonga

    Tongatapu is the biggest island in the Tongan Kingdom. It’s a large, flat coral island raised on its southern side to 20 metre cliffs. Most of the interior is covered in a patchwork of plantations. The eastern side of the island is the most interestin…"

  37. Lindsay Drury reviewed Amorgos (Nissos Amorgos) in the Cyclades in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Like most of the Cyclades, Amorgos has clear water, whitewashed houses and windmills, archaeological sites and bright sunshine. It is also known for its sandy, cliff edged beaches and labyrinthine villages. One of the main historical sites on the islan…"

  38. Lindsay Drury reviewed Key Largo and The Florida Keys in US South East, United States

    Between the Everglades National Park to its west and a barrier reef to its east, Key Largo is a well known diving and fishing destination, though its location also offers good conditions for kayaking and bird watching. Key Largo is flat and sunny, more …"

  39. Lindsay Drury reviewed Newfoundland in Newfoundland, Canada

    Probably not what most people would think of when they imagine their perfect island holiday, Newfoundland is a place of rocky coastlines, wild water, untouched wilderness and unique traditional culture. This is a great place for adventurers, there is hi…"

  40. April 2007
  41. Lindsay Drury reviewed Babylon in Al Hillah, Iraq

    Thought of as the 'holy city' from around 2300BC, and home to the famous hanging gardens, Babylon was a Mesopotamian metropolis, the ruins of which are located about 80kms south of Baghdad. Unlike many ancient sites the city's position has been well kno…"

  42. Lindsay Drury reviewed Lascaux Caves in South West, France

    Lascaux is a Palaeolithic cave complex famous for its cave paintings. The painting are spread throughout a series of galleries and depict realistic images of large animals sprinkled with human hand prints. Research has placed the iconography of Lasca…"

  43. Lindsay Drury reviewed Sutton Hoo in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    Discovered in 1938, the Sutton Hoo excavations unearthed two Anglo Saxon burial grounds, one containing an undisturbed ship burial, complete with artefacts worthy of its charge, one of the Anglo Saxon kings of East Anglia. The ship burial was one of a s…"

  44. Lindsay Drury reviewed Skara Brae in Scotland, United Kingdom

    The ruins of Europe's most complete Neolithic village, Skara Brae, were uncovered from beneath by a mound during a ferocious Orkney storm in 1850. Four ancient houses were excavated in 1868, but the other four houses in the settlement remained covered u…"