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  1. June 2009
  2. Lina Frost reviewed Quinta das Cruzes Museum in Funchal, Portugal

    This house was built in the 18th Century and has full length windows stretching between wooden floors and high ceilings, and became the home of Cesar Gomes who built up his collection of lovely things here. The contents include silver filigree, period f…"

  3. Lina Frost reviewed Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal, Portugal

    As with all local produce markets that are still in service, the Worker's Market rings with noise, colour and a million smells. Fruit, veg, fish, bread and sweet treats, the smell of leather goods, and flowers all mingle, even reaching as far as the sal…"

  4. Lina Frost reviewed Frederico de Freitas Museum in Funchal, Portugal

    The sheer size of this collection can make it a bit overwhelming considering it doesn't have a reputation for having the clearest directions around it – there are wardens but no guides – but that's the way the collection is supposed to be displayed; it's…"

  5. May 2009
  6. Lina Frost reviewed Sail on the Santa Maria in Funchal, Portugal

    It's not particularly authentic, but it does sound like fun: a nice jaunt out on a replica of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria. The crew dress in period costume while taking you out for a sail, with real sails, on Funchal's harbour to join the dolphins…"

  7. Lina Frost reviewed Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro in Funchal, Portugal

    This is one of the world's best surviving Victorian gardens, a haven for lovers of symmetrical beds with neat hedges marking out the borders between them, purposely arranged rose gardens and lush, bright camellias. The stone pathways have had their ston…"

  8. Lina Frost reviewed Monte Palace Garden in Funchal, Portugal

    This place is considered both a botanical and artistic masterpiece – a garden in which are exhibited tiles collected from Portuguese palaces, private homes, churches and chapels, and those of the former Portuguese empire. One of the largest pieces depic…"

  9. Lina Frost reviewed Blandy's Wine Lodge in Funchal, Portugal

    One of the main exports of Madeira is madeira – cake and wine – and this lodge is a convenient place to sample some. Tasting something like a port or a sherry, madeira isn't a wine everyone will have tried at home, but if there's anywhere to have your f…"

  10. Lina Frost reviewed Skadar Lake in Montenegro

    Skadar, or Scutari as it's also called, is a lake along the border of Montenegro and Albania – two thirds of the lake is in Montenegro - and it's the largest lake on the Balkan peninsular. The two thirds in Montenegro had the area surrounding declared a…"

  11. Lina Frost reviewed St. Tryphon Cathedral in Montenegro

    This cathedral is in one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the Mediterranean, and though it was damaged in an earthquake in the mid 17th century and was never fully repaired to its medieval state – most noticeably it has two very different towers –…"

  12. Lina Frost reviewed Savina Monastery in Montenegro

    The Savina Monastery was built by the Duke of Saint Sava near the city of Herceg Novi, which is in one of the most scenic spots on Montenegro's coastline, a spot lush with vegetation and views. There are three religious buildings making up the monastery…"

  13. Lina Frost reviewed Slovenska Beach in Montenegro

    Slovenska Beach stretches for more than one and a half pebbly kilometres between the Budvar marina and the Park Hotel, and has the kind of facilities you'd expect from a location so close to the hub of the marina and that the main shopping street runs be…"

  14. Lina Frost reviewed Mogren Beaches in Montenegro

    "The beaches around the cape of Mogren are some of the most attractive in Montenegro. They have sand, both on the beach and leading right down under the water, and catch pleasant, gentle winds and the right time of day, as well as having many more sunny …"

  15. Lina Frost reviewed Jaz Beach in Montenegro

    Jaz Beach is one of the most popular spots along the Budvar Riviera, just over two and a half kilometres from Budva on the way to Trivat. One end of this long, calm, pebbly beach used to be naturist, but a campsite has been built along the 800metres of …"

  16. Lina Frost reviewed Dobrec Beach in Montenegro

    This beach makes a nice view for people arriving by boat, an undeveloped cove on the tip of a peninsular near Tivat. Most people do arrive by boat, there's road access but it's 'rustic' and unreliable. But that's for the best, much of the attraction of…"

  17. Lina Frost reviewed Velika Plaža in Montenegro

    This long ribbon of beach runs the coast between Port Milena and the mouth of the Bojana River. About eight miles worth of sand spreads out along it, behind which there's, as yet, not a lot, but there's much talk of building sustainable waterfront commu…"

  18. Lina Frost reviewed Cirali in Aegean Region, Turkey

    Cirali has two main attractions, and a lovely seaside setting to present them in. The first attraction are the ruins of the city of Olympos, and the second are the rare loggerheads sea turtles that come here to nest on the beach, a mix of sand and pebbl…"

  19. Lina Frost reviewed Île de Ré in Cognac, France

    In the off season the population of the Ile de RÈ is about 16,000 – in summer it's more like 160,000. Cut off from the mainland except by a three kilometre long road bridge, this long, flat island is a backdrop of gently rolling sand dunes, poppy fields…"

  20. Lina Frost reviewed Tropea in Calabria, Italy

    White sand and white cliffs down near Italy's toe, a reef lies just out from Tropea's shores which jut into a promontory with sea on three sides. The old town is one of the prettiest in Calibra, built around an old palazzi in pale golden stone. Tropea …"

  21. January 2009
  22. Lina Frost reviewed Mozart’s House in Salzburg, Austria

    Mozart was born in the third floor apartment of this house at number 9 of Salzburg’s Getreidegasse on the 27th of January 1756. Despite the important new inhabitant at the time the house was the same as the others in the street, but it’s now painted yel…"

  23. December 2008
  24. Lina Frost reviewed Lady Macquarie's Chair in Sydney, Australia

    This 'chair' was carved into the rocks of Sydney's Domain for Elizabeth Macquaire, wife of one of the first Governors of New South Wales. She liked to come here for the view – and you can still see why today. This spot on the point proffers a view in b…"

  25. May 2007
  26. Lina Frost reviewed Partnachklamm in Tyrol, Austria

    Partnachklamm Gorge is dramatic throughout the year - during winter the river at its base often freezes, creating stalactite icicles, and in the summer the rapids, waterfalls and whirlpools are a feisty, whirling sight. The gorge is carved along an 80…"