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18th February 2014

I adore travelling and want to see all in the world. Sharing experience is my favorite hobby same as travelling by car.


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  1. April 2014
  2. Lily Berns commented on Frishman beach in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    "Also I want to add that holidays will become more comfortable, and you will see all the attractions you have planned to visit if you rent a car. It’s more convenient to arrange a car rental vehicle directly at the Tel-Aviv Airport."

  3. March 2014
  4. Lily Berns reviewed Frishman beach in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    This famous beach is located in Tel Aviv at the end of the street of the same name. You can enjoy swimming in warm and clear water, soaking up the sun, playing volleyball and doing other outdoor activities. But don’t forget to take a look at the fl…"

  5. Lily Berns reviewed Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    Price: 30 NIS for adults and 20 NIS for children Notice that visits must be pre-arranged. Palmach is the name of the Jewish combat unit, which was the part of the Israel Defense Forces. It is an experimental interactive museum that provides information…"

  6. Lily Berns reviewed Israel Defense Forces History Museum in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    "This museum has a great collection of weapons and military vehicles which were used by the Jewish self-defense units and the Israel Defense Forces. There is a small board with the names of people who received the highest award – the Hero of Israel.…"

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  8. Lily Berns rated Park Hayarkon

  9. Lily Berns reviewed Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    The main park of Tel Aviv, Park Hayarkon, occupies a vast space (380 hectares). Here are beautiful green lawns, bike paths, botanic gardens, playground for sport exercises and even the ancient fortress of Tel Afek. Feed swans or just lie with your favori…"