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1st November 2007

Lian's passion is horse riding and she has been riding most of her life. Nowadays she spends more time at the laptop building her company, BlueGreen Adventures, and less on back of Criollo horses on the Patagonian pampas she has made here home. Luckily her job also involves consulting with local people to research new trails, then the best bit - riding or walking them. She speaks English, Spanish and some French.

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  1. November 2007
  2. Lian Hayes reviewed Riding Patagonia's Never-ending Pampas in Magallanes, Chile

    Southern Patagonia in Chile is perfect riding country. Unhindered by fences, roads or urban development, horseback riders can canter side by side for miles and miles across pampas beneath towering granite peaks surrounded by the immense beauty of the sou…"

  3. Lian Hayes rated Riding Patagonia's Never-ending Pampas