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  1. September 2008
  2. Lesley Harris reviewed Cruise the Fjords of Norway in Bergen, Norway

    Pale clefts of stone spring from the sea, marking tall, narrow inlets into Norway's coastline, like a heart monitor on a map.  This is Breathtaking Natural Scenery if the words ever deserved capital letters and truly unlike any other vista.  Th…"

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  4. Lesley Harris reviewed Glacier Bay Cruises in Alaska, United States

    It’s is archaic to wish you rough weather but that only makes cruising in Glacier Bay even more exciting, and when added to the crashing of the icebergs as they free themselves from the retreating glaciers then float - often in your course - then i…"

  5. Lesley Harris rated Glacier Bay Cruises

  6. May 2007
  7. Lesley Harris reviewed Danube River Cruise in Passau, Germany

    These great rivers have so many ports to visit that even a journey of a single day gives a sense of the history of such a great and important trade route. And that is what this river represents, a great slinking, dragging, proud trade route though Europ…"

  8. Lesley Harris reviewed Cruising the Yangtze River in Chongqing, China

    The Yangtze has shaped China in more than just a physical way. Its rich lower banks have been fought over and the beauty of its upper regions, a landscape of pointed karst formations and swirling mists have been both plundered and admired. This river i…"