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21st January 2009

Hello, I’m Lea (pronounced as in Lee-ah…not as in Lee).
I’m one of those people who never quite knows what to call themselves - I wear multiple hats and I’m interested in multiple things. Some people call us ‘multi-taskers’, others call us ‘flip floppers’ and some people can never quite keep up with us for long enough to figure out just what it is we do!

The hats I wear include:

* Business Owner
* Location Independent Professional
* Business Strategist
* Serial Blogger
* Online Marketer
* Personal trainer & holistic health coach (qualified but not practising)
* Wife, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece and Aunt!

I am *especially* good at two things…

1. Instantly seeing a better way and process to do something and achieve a result
2. Explaining complex, sometimes technical concepts in a way that anyone can understand

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  1. January 2009
  2. Lea Woodward wrote a blog post 7 Things You Should Know Before Visiting The UK As Your Next Location Independent Destination

    With some of the most favourable currency exchange rates for foreigners in years, now is a great time for anyone wanting to visit the UK in search of good value living."

  3. Lea Woodward wrote a blog post 10 Essential Tools & Tips For Smarter Air Travel

    "#1 Join the airline loyalty program(s) If you know you’re going to be shuttling around one particular region for a while and/or using a particular airline for more than one flight, it is often well worth joining that airline’s rewards/miles programs."