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2nd May 2009

I'm a New York City-based writer and editor who loves to travel, whether abroad or just around the corner from my apartment. I lived in France for most of 2008 and my favorite destinations usually involve sand, overpriced beach chairs, and dead volcanoes. I've been published in a number of places, including Continental (like the airline) magazine, Electica magazine, and on various women's health and lifestyle web sites.


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  1. June 2009
  2. Laura Motta wrote a blog post Dubrovnik from Above

    Among all of Dubrovnik's white marble spires, there is the bell tower. You can only see into it from atop the city walls, floating above the streets, at eye level with the red-tile roofs for which the city is famous."

  3. Laura Motta wrote a blog post The Souvenir Shop Cleans Up: Aqua in Dubrovnik

    On the rainiest of rainy days, the water cascades along Dubrovnik's marble streets in rivers. It rolls down its steps and through its alleys in gushes, as though the hard white city can't bear to absorb a single drop."

  4. Laura Motta wrote a blog post The Sweet Stuff: Granita from Sicily to NYC

    When I visited my family in Sicily last spring, I ate almost continuously for a week. In those six days, I forgot what it felt like to be hungry. This, I suppose, is the point of going to Sicily."

  5. May 2009
  6. Laura Motta wrote a blog post There and Back

    I want to ride on a scooter. With a scarf in my hair. A minty green Vespa or plum. Big sunglasses. Little sandals. This is a new idea, a thing I would like to do."

  7. Laura Motta wrote a blog post What Rises to the Top

    The idea of climbing down a cliff to lie on a beach is not so bad, of downhill rhythm and exertion and then sleep, sand, water. The idea, though, of climbing one up after you’re done, of heavy limbs and mild dehydration and a sopping wet towel..."

  8. Laura Motta wrote a blog post Fast Food in Corsica

    The sun sets over the mountains in a straggling seaside suburb outside of Bastia, and I get off at the wrong stop. Actually, it is the only stop."