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Born in England under a curious star, Lara can usually be found in front of her computer or with her nose in a book, getting enthusiastic about something obscure. When it comes to treats, novelties and objects of desire she is decidedly unpatriotic, and instead of trusting Selfridges, prefers to trawl the globe for traditional, bizarre, rare, nostalgic or delicious items, each with its own story, to give her something to talk about at dinner parties. Exploring the new has always been her favourite game, whether during her travels in Romania, Poland, France and Germany or at home in Richmond, Surrey. There is only one thing she will never try, and that is a diet.

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  1. August 2010
  2. larapiegeler reviewed Chelsea Flower Show in London, United Kingdom

    "The Royal Horticultural Society runs this floral festival for five days every May, and has done ever since 1913 when it was first held as a one-off event. Much more than just a vast flower show, it is an event at which English society sees and is seen, a…"

  3. May 2010
  4. larapiegeler reviewed Qutab Minar in Delhi, India

    "Qutb Minar was built near the end of the 12th century in Mehrauli, as part of a religious complex of temples, monuments which was contributed to by several generations of Delhi’s rulers, but it has yet to be ousted from its superlative position as the wo…"

  5. April 2010
  6. larapiegeler reviewed Euphrasian Basilica in Croatia

    "Christianity became an established religion in Croatia as far back as the 4th Century, as this incredibly well preserved Episcopal complex at Porec shows with unparalleled clarity. Completed in the time of Bishop Euphrasius, the basilica and its attendan…"

  7. January 2010
  8. larapiegeler reviewed Zlatni Rat Beach in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Widely regarded as Croatia's best beach, Zlatni Rat (or 'Golden Horn') is in fact a V-shaped spit of saffron-cream shingle, striking against an ultramarine Adriatc Sea. The 'V' is filled in with a swathe of woodland that stretches back inland and along t…"

  9. November 2009
  10. larapiegeler reviewed Il Palio in Siena, Italy

    Emotions run exhilaratingly high with the colours of Siena’s 17 city quarters during Italy’s most famous palio, the Palio di Siena which takes place once on 2nd July and once on 16th August each year. Each locality, or ‘contrade’…"

  11. June 2009
  12. larapiegeler reviewed Cours Saleya in Nice, France

    The Cours Saleya is Nice's favourite street for those who want to meet for a chat or just enjoy a wander to nowhere specific; gift shops, pavement cafes and restaurants sit side by side all along both sides of this pedestrianised thoroughfare, but it's t…"

  13. larapiegeler rated The Grand Museum (Giza)

  14. larapiegeler rated The Sphinx

  15. larapiegeler rated Abu Simbel

  16. May 2009
  17. larapiegeler rated Yogamagic Ecotents

  18. larapiegeler rated Whitepod eco-camp

  19. larapiegeler rated Thaba-Metsi Adventure Farm

  20. larapiegeler rated Patagonia Camp

  21. larapiegeler rated La Brouquere

  22. larapiegeler rated Airstream and Retro Trailer Park

  23. larapiegeler rated Le Brévedent

  24. larapiegeler rated Tipis Indiens, Gedre

  25. larapiegeler rated Les Tilleuls Campsite

  26. larapiegeler rated Camping Les Ormes

  27. larapiegeler rated Camping Domaine le Poteau

  28. March 2009
  29. larapiegeler reviewed The Gettysburg Battlefield in US East Coast, United States

    "The defeat of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia on 3rd July, 1863 followed a campaign of battles fought at Gettysburg, climaxing with the Battle of Gettysburg itself, which resulted in more deaths and casualties than any other…"

  30. December 2008
  31. larapiegeler reviewed Sorrento in Naples, Italy

    To describe a place as one of the highlights of the Amalfi Coast is a grand accolade indeed, but Sorrento carries the epithet with ease. Settled serenely along a broad stretch of pine-clad cliff next to the Amalfi Drive, it leaves the honour of keeping l…"

  32. larapiegeler reviewed Saranda in Albania

    As yet, the ancient port city of Saranda is relatively unspoiled by the tourist industry and gazes proudly out onto the Ionian Sea next to its long-ruined sister, Butrint, inhabited since pre-history. Fringed with cream-coloured sand, clusters of palm…"

  33. larapiegeler reviewed Meze in Cyprus in Limassol, Cyprus

    Meze – gastronomic heaven for the indecisive – is as widespread a concept in Cyprus as it is in the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The traditions associated with the serving of a sequence of little 'finger food' portions of numerous dishes var…"

  34. larapiegeler reviewed Troodos Mountain Villages in Cyprus

    Mount Olympus, at the centre of Cyprus, is the tallest mountain in the Troodos range, and an ancient, 'men-only' temple to Aphrodite crowns its peak. The other mountains, though, are rather less forbidding. Quiet villages, little, terraced fields, orchar…"

  35. larapiegeler reviewed Pitsilia Wine Route in Limassol, Cyprus

    Throughout the mountains of Madari and Papoutsa, and in parts of Machairas, the rambling patches of pine, olive and bay trees are interspersed with pretty villages of white-and-terracotta houses, and these are home to the Cypriot vintners of Pitsilia, wh…"

  36. larapiegeler reviewed Grotta la Porta Cave in Naples, Italy

    The charming, elegant town of Positano has lots of stories to tell of writers and movie stars, but its ancient Grotta la Porta cave, located just inside the harbour, tells one that could only have been revealed by archaeologists. Many centuries ago – dur…"

  37. larapiegeler reviewed Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Naples, Italy

    Located at the hub of the fantasy Campanian seaside town of Positano, on the tiny Flavio Gioia square, Santa Maria Assunta is a bright, detailed gem of a church. Decorated throughout with ornate gold stucco on white, and topped with a majolica ceramic ti…"

  38. larapiegeler reviewed Vienna Rathausplatz Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

    The enormous Christmas market that takes place in Vienna’s Rathausplatz is the city’s largest and oldest, dating back to 1296, when small, local traders would supply groceries, textiles and practical items along with a few festive pastries to shoppers in…"

  39. larapiegeler reviewed Maria-Theresien-Platz Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

    The imposing, symmetrical Maria-Theresien-Platz hosts a pretty Christmas village during November and December each year, just a short walk away from Vienna’s largest Weihnachtsmarkt (outside the City Hall). The 64 decorated chalet stalls encircle the …"

  40. larapiegeler reviewed Belvedere Palace Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

    Commissioned by Prince Francois-Eugene of Savoy and built during the first half of the 18th century to a lavish baroque design, the two-part Belvedere Palace is one of Vienna’s outstanding beauty spots. Set in an immaculately kept French formal garden…"

  41. larapiegeler reviewed Vienna's Spittelberg Christmas Market in Burgenland, Austria

    A little way out from Vienna's centre, Spittelberg is a relaxed, somewhat bohemian area that was once regarded as a poorer suburb but has since evolved into a fashionable district of craft shops, galleries, design houses, bookshops and cafes. Its narr…"

  42. larapiegeler reviewed Michelstadt Christmas Market in Germany

    A medieval gem set in a modern city and surrounded by miles of fairytale Odenwald forest, Michelstadt's Old Town is one of Hesse's best-preserved and most historically evocative places, with its timber-framed houses, old city wall and Gothic church. T…"

  43. larapiegeler reviewed Dublin Docklands Christmas Market in Dublin, Ireland

    The theme of the '12 Days of Christmas Market' at George's Dock in Dublin is described as a 'chance to re-live all the best bits', and indeed, you'll discover hot chocolate, mince pies, crepes, apple punch, brass bands, face painting, art workshops, toys…"

  44. larapiegeler reviewed Dinkelsbuhl in Bavaria, Germany

    Quite possibly the prettiest town on the Romantic Road, Dinkelsbuhl is a walled Medieval fairytale setting for the Spitalhof Christmas market – rows of glowing chalets set out beneath spreading trees in the enchanting main square. Enjoy gluhwein and a…"

  45. larapiegeler reviewed Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Market in Bavaria, Germany

    There are very few places that look so much as though they've been lifted wholesale from a fairytale, and when the Reiterlesmarkt is taking place on the Marktplatz of this beautiful Medieval walled city, it's probably the closest you'll ever get to stepp…"

  46. larapiegeler reviewed York St. Nicholas Fayre in York, United Kingdom

    York is charming at Christmas anyway, with its quaint medieval streets and tiny 'snickelways', old city walls, traditional market places and fabulous Gothic cathedral – but the St. Nicholas Fayre just about perfects it. Sitting alongside a variety of oth…"

  47. larapiegeler reviewed Lincoln Christmas Market in Lincoln, United Kingdom

    Lincoln's Christmas market is promoted as the largest of its kind in Europe, with more than three hundred stalls, but it loses none of its traditional festive atmosphere for all that. Set within the confines of the city's ancient, cobbled Minster Yard wi…"

  48. larapiegeler reviewed Leeds Christmas Market in Leeds, United Kingdom

    The historic city of Leeds boasts one of the UK's longest-established German-themed markets, comprised of almost forty wooden chalet stalls set out on the central Millennium Square. Besides the customary toys, gifts, decorations and greetings cards on of…"

  49. larapiegeler reviewed Christmas at Hestercombe Gardens in Taunton, United Kingdom

    A wonderful 18th century landscape garden which has been successfully restored to its former glory, Hestercombe is now home to Somerset's most popular Christmas market. Set amongst forty acres of beautiful terraces, walled gardens, woodland, follies and …"

  50. November 2008
  51. larapiegeler reviewed Caerphilly Medieval Christmas Market in Cardiff, United Kingdom

    By its very nature, a Christmas market generates a sense of nostalgia. Simple pleasures – a hot drink on a cold night, woolly mittens, traditional snacks, a glimpse of the red-and-white-suited man himself... So the aim of Caerphilly's Christmas market or…"

  52. larapiegeler reviewed Belfast's Continental Christmas Market in Belfast, United Kingdom

    Named the 'Continental Christmas Market', Belfast's festive shopping area in the grounds of City Hall takes inspiration from its European counterparts as many in the UK now do, but this one is divided into specific national sections, with corresponding t…"

  53. larapiegeler reviewed Hafnarfjordur Christmas Market in Reykjavík, Iceland

    This isn't just a good one to visit if you want to be sure of snow. Hafnarfjordur constructs a whole Christmas village to celebrate the season, with free festive entertainment and thousands of fairy lights, and it shines like a beacon in the volcanic lan…"

  54. larapiegeler reviewed Basel Christmas Market in Basel, Switzerland

    "Basel has its own special Christmas route – the longest in Europe - which runs from the Messeplatz via the Mittleren bridge, all the way down to the Aeschenplatz. All the businesses that line it engage in a window-dressing competition and over a hundred …"

  55. larapiegeler reviewed Llubljana Christmas Market in Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Lubljana is definitely a good choice if you're looking for a truly traditional Christmas market. Not quite a stag party destination yet, the city retains a great deal of its traditional, local charm and you'll find yourself wandering through romantic lit…"

  56. larapiegeler reviewed Stuttgart Christmas Market in Stuttgart, Germany

    A total of around three hundred stalls ramble across the squares of Stuttgart's old town, their charmingly festive backdrops ranging from the dramatic 18th century New Castle and the 10th century Old Castle through rows of colourful Medieval houses to th…"

  57. larapiegeler reviewed Rome's Piazza Navona Christmas market in Rome, Italy

    The Piazza Navona Christmas Market is like a concentration of the duality that makes Rome itself so exciting: the vivid presence of history and tradition thriving and growing amongst everyday 21st century life. Some of the city's most spectacular ancient…"

  58. larapiegeler reviewed Munich's Marienplatz Christmas Market in Munich, Germany

    The fabulous New Town Hall, conceived and built during the Victorian Gothic Revival, towers over Munich's Marienplatz Christkindlmarkt and casts the wonderfully dignified shadow of history over the huge swathe of stalls, which offer a mixture of crafts, …"

  59. larapiegeler reviewed Dresden Christmas Market in Dresden, Germany

    Dresden has so many stories to tell, with its lovingly restored baroque buildings, its proud artistic and musical history and its network of rich pine forest and parkland patches, which spread between the Medieval streets and down to the romantic Elbe Va…"

  60. larapiegeler reviewed Bellapais Monastery in Cyprus

    Set in the peaceful hillside village of Bellapais, this intriguing building dates back to the year 1200, when it was established by an order of white-robed Augustinian monks as St. Mary of the Mountain. Rumoured to have served as a reliquary for a fragme…"

  61. larapiegeler reviewed Cape Gkreko National Forest Park in Cyprus

    An area of astounding natural beauty, comprised of dense, lush forests, rushing waterfalls, secluded places to paddle, towering cliffs and inspiring history, Cape Gkreko National Forest Park is a fantastic place to go to for outdoor pursuits. Fishing, di…"

  62. larapiegeler reviewed Corfu Archaeological Museum in Ionian Islands, Greece

    "Corfu scores at least as many points for archaeological interest as for beaches, and if you’re of the ilk that likes one just as much as the other, you could do worse than have a poke around in the island’s Archaeological Museum. It was only founded in 1…"

  63. larapiegeler reviewed Mellisani Underground Lake in Central Greece, Greece

    More than just your average ‘blue grotto’, Lake Mellisani has an eerie beauty all its own. Twenty thousand year old stalactites and stalagmites arch above and below, forming the huge cave in which it’s concealed. The lake itself is around four kilometres…"

  64. larapiegeler reviewed Navagio Beach in Ionian Islands, Greece

    Also known as Shipwreck Beach, Navagio is indeed satisfyingly like the beaches you imagined being accidentally washed up on as a child. It’s only accessible via a choppy boat ride round the headland from Anafotiria village seafront, so despite its fame, …"

  65. larapiegeler reviewed Creuze Tapestry Museum in Limousin, France

    The Aubusson area of Creuse has been famous for its fine tapestries and carpets since the 14th century, a reputation which peaked when settlers arrived from Flanders during the Eighty Years’ War in the late 1500s, bringing their weaving skills with them.…"

  66. larapiegeler reviewed Uzerche in Limousin, France

    Tucked into a picturesque elbow-kink in the peaceful Vezere river, Uzerche is an elegant, romantic cluster of granite houses, sculpted around the sides of a hill, which peaks with the imposing Roman Abbey of Saint Pierre. You'll find an 11th century cryp…"

  67. larapiegeler reviewed Chateau Villemonteix in Limousin, France

    Surrounded by patches of ancient woodland and empty meadows, Chateau Villemonteix is an striking set of mismatched fairytale towers and turrets which date back to the 15th century. It’s special for the combination of luck and care that have gone into pre…"

  68. October 2008
  69. larapiegeler reviewed Flamingo Beach in San José, Costa Rica

    "This gorgeous beach more than lives up to its tropical-sounding name. Its sands are clean, golden and powder-textured, the sea matches the cobalt blue sky, and the backdrop one of soaring mountains and lush forests. Renowned for its blue flag status, Pla…"

  70. larapiegeler reviewed Playa Conchal in Costa Rica

    "This seaside fantasy beach is made entirely of crushed seashell shingle – fragments of pink, white and yellow – and curves gently inside an arm of tropical woodland, sloping down into a calm, protected blue bay. It's perfect for snorkeling and swimming, …"

  71. larapiegeler reviewed Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

    "Hermosa's smooth, greyish sand and shallow, safe crystal waters are gentle on the eye and the vibe at the family end of this blue flag beach is equally laid back. Fringed by many species of trees and famous for local wildlife conservation efforts, it's n…"

  72. larapiegeler reviewed Langosta in Costa Rica

    "Close to the bustling little town of Tamarindo, Langosta Beach is good for surfing and very popular, but large enough so that parts of it comprise a peaceful marine wildlife reserve, and non-surfers can easily find an empty patch all of their own. Good s…"

  73. larapiegeler reviewed Playa Negra in San José, Costa Rica

    "Ginger-brown sand that glows in the sunshine and stretches far into the shallow, warm pacific water makes up Playa Negra, one of Costa Rica's most celebrated beaches. Famous as a surfer's paradise, with one of the best breaks in the country, this idyllic…"

  74. larapiegeler reviewed Avellanas in Costa Rica

    Playa Avellanas is excellent for surfing and popular with locals, and connects with other nearby beaches all along the coast so you can walk as far as Tamarindo – some ten kilometres away – on foot in the soft, pale sand. The water is shallow and also go…"

  75. larapiegeler reviewed Mahaulepu in Hawaii, United States

    Several soft vanilla spreads of sand tucked into indentations in jagged, dark rocks, Mahaulepu's beaches are clean, wild and spectacular. There's plenty of clambering about and exploring to be done, a wealth of rock pools and great surfing to be had, but…"

  76. larapiegeler reviewed Berry Pomeroy Castle in West Country, United Kingdom

    A romantic ruin sprung straight from a Gothic fairytale, 13th century Berry Pomeroy Castle is now nothing more than the outer shell of what once formed the beginnings of a luxurious mansion converted from the original defensive structure, but it was aban…"

  77. larapiegeler reviewed Llancaiach Fawr Manor in Rhondda, United Kingdom

    This expertly-restored Welsh manor house, with its warm, golden stone walls, leaded-light windows and carefully re-imagined 16th century ornamental gardens, stands peacefully in the Nant Caeach valley next to a small stream and is as inviting as a pictur…"

  78. larapiegeler reviewed Culloden Moor in Scotland, United Kingdom

    The 1746 Battle of Culloden was the final, spectacularly violent and muddy, rainy fight between the Hanoverians and Jacobites, which ended in triumph for the government's army, led by the charismatic Duke of Cumberland, who sent troops back to the battle…"

  79. larapiegeler reviewed Pendle Hill in North West England, United Kingdom

    Forget Salem; if dark shapes, poltergeist activity, disembodied screams and oppressive clouds of anger and evil indicate anything, it's Pendle in Lancashire that's rife with the restless spirits of people condemned to death for witchcraft and murder. On …"

  80. larapiegeler reviewed Highgate Cemetery in London, United Kingdom

    This heavily atmospheric network of paths twisting through rows of gravestones, statuary, tombs, mausoleums and family vaults was created in 1839 as one of seven such out-of-town burial sites designed to deal with excessive overspill from London's centra…"

  81. larapiegeler reviewed Dobbins Inn in Belfast, United Kingdom

    "Poor Maud Dobbin paid the ultimate price for her fling with a soldier posted at the nearby castle in the 1600s. When her husband, Hugh, discovered that she was conducting the affair via a secret tunnel which linked the two buildings, he surprised the lov…"

  82. larapiegeler reviewed The Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

    "Aside from hosting gruesome ghostly happenings, the Prince Rupert contains some elegant Tudor and 12th century theme suites, with four-poster beds decadently swathed in designer fabric drapes and even a couple of oak-pannelled bathrooms with Victorian ro…"

  83. larapiegeler reviewed Tulloch Castle Hotel in Scotland, United Kingdom

    This 12th century castle, home to the Davidson Clan only since 1762, has a history packed with violence, drama and romance, and ghosts to match. There’s not merely a grey lady, but a green one. There are also two ghostly prank-playing children who woke o…"

  84. larapiegeler reviewed Maes-y-Neuadd in Wales, United Kingdom

    "The reputation of the restaurant at Maes-y-Neuadd is usually enough to encourage visitors: the vegetables come from the hotel’s own garden and all the food is seasonal and local. Set in the blissfully wild expanse of Snowdonia National Park, this 14th ce…"

  85. larapiegeler reviewed Comlongon Castle in North West England, United Kingdom

    Comlongon Castle is a medieval fantasy realised. The ceiling of its enormous Great Hall is painted with clan symbols and draped with heraldic banners, the fireplace is larger than my kitchen, suits of armour lurk in corridors and the four poster beds are…"

  86. larapiegeler reviewed Piscinas Beach in Sardinia, Italy

    "Halfway down Sardinia's glorious Costa Verde, near Montevecchio, lies Piscinas Beach, a vast tract of undulating sand dunes constantly re-sculpted by the Mistral. It's spectacular and peaceful, but there's a strong undertow and the water deepens quickly…"

  87. larapiegeler reviewed St Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy

    "On a sunny morning, when the pastel-coloured marble columns, bronze doors and gilded mosaics of St. Mark's Basilica are hazy in the morning light, the place might as well have been carved from icing sugar on the whim of a rich princess – and indeed, this…"

  88. larapiegeler reviewed Champagne in Reims, France

    "Anybody who knows a little bit about Champagne will tell you that the places to find good champagne houses are Reims and Epernay – and they are – but unless you've done some serious research or you're prepared to really hunt for what you want, you might …"

  89. larapiegeler reviewed 221B Baker Street in London, United Kingdom

    "Very true, it's cute - a 'theme-museum' - but there are also lots of original manuscripts and some of Conan Doyle's belongings, and there's a fantastic guy who spends all day being Watson in the little first floor drawing room. Ask him anything about the…"

  90. September 2008
  91. larapiegeler wrote a holiday idea Henley-on-Thames and Marlow

    Lara reviews where to stay and what to do around Henley-on-Thames."

  92. larapiegeler wrote a holiday idea Four Days in the Peak District

    Lara Piegeler writes about a great weekend in the UK's Peak District."

  93. larapiegeler wrote a holiday idea Three Days in Warsaw

    Lara Piegeler reviews Warsaw's eclectic culture and Mazovian countryside."

  94. larapiegeler wrote a holiday idea Two Days in Cork and Kinsale

    Lara Piegeler writes about a long weekend in Cork and Kinsale: Fairytales and Foodie Heaven."

  95. larapiegeler wrote a holiday idea Hastings Bank Holiday

    Lara Piegeler recommends a perfect May bank holiday in Hastings, UK."

  96. larapiegeler reviewed Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Louisville, United States

    "Originally the site of a school, which was named after Walter Scott's Waverley novels, the Waverly Hills Sanitorium land was purchased by the Board of Tuberculosis Hospitals and opened its doors to patients in 1910. Tuberculosis was by far the biggest…"

  97. larapiegeler reviewed Swayambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal

    "A rich melting-pot of Hindu and Buddhist culture, the Kathmandu Valley contains nearly 150 architectural and artistic treasures, mainly within the cities of Patan, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and four smaller towns. Some of the handsome, mysterious buildings ha…"

  98. larapiegeler reviewed Borobudur in Magelang, Indonesia

    "The imposing Temple of Borobudur was the Buddhist spiritual centre of Java at the end of the 1st Century. It is built entirely of volcanic rock layered to form a six-stepped pyramid, peaked by three statue-encircled terraces and a central stupa. Each o…"

  99. June 2008
  100. larapiegeler reviewed Wagner Festival, Bayreuth in Bayreuth, Germany

    "Dedicated entirely to the performance and celebration of the works of Richard Wagner, this festival lasts nearly a month, running annually from late July to late August. Conceived by the composer himself, the festival’s purpose is to showcase his more ep…"

  101. March 2008
  102. larapiegeler reviewed Ananda Spa, Ananda in the Himalayas in North India, India

    "Carefully screened off from reality by the mighty Himalayas, the Ananda Spa has everything you could possibly require during a period of spiritual and physical rejuvenation, from peaceful, mountain gardens and views of the sacred River Ganges to comprehe…"

  103. larapiegeler reviewed Miraval, Life in Balance in Tucson, United States

    "A genuinely innovative spa concept is employed at the Miraval Resort: it’s about changing your whole outlook on life and your own perception of yourself, and uses a combination of psychology sessions, meditation, heavenly spa treatments, personalised die…"

  104. February 2008
  105. larapiegeler reviewed Niah Caves in Malaysia

    "At least fifty spine-tinglingly ancient discoveries have been made in Sarawak’s caves, which are suspected to have been in use by the indigenous human population since the Pleistocene era. The Niah Great Cave is one of the most exciting of all these, sin…"

  106. larapiegeler reviewed Remember the Alamo in San Antonio in San Antonio, United States

    "The Battle of the Alamo took place in the city now known as San Antonio, Texas, and lasted for thirteen desperate days in 1836, remembered as a significant turning point in the Texas Revolution. The Texan Mexicans and Europeans (then known as Tejanos and…"

  107. larapiegeler reviewed Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    "Angkor in Cambodia is home to one of the most unusual and impressive temples in the world; built in the early 1100s under the instruction of the Khmer king Suryavarman, it is surrounded by a huge, square moat and contains a maze of corridors, courtyards …"

  108. January 2008
  109. larapiegeler reviewed Brahmaputra River in Bhairab Bazar, Bangladesh

    "A mystical, mighty river of extremes and singularities, the Brahmaputra in fact changes its name five times along its course, which begins more than four thousand metres up in the Tibetan Himalayas, making the Yarlung Tsangpo, as it is called here, the h…"

  110. larapiegeler reviewed Glamis Castle in Dundee, United Kingdom

    "This beautiful castle is located in Strathmore valley next to the village of Glamis, and is entirely surrounded by wild, rolling hills. Best known as the childhood home of the Queen Mother, it is architecturally very impressive and has an air of roma…"

  111. larapiegeler reviewed The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

    "A breathtaking achievement in terms of Roman engineering and an architectural icon, Rome's Anfiteatro Flavio (better known as the Colosseum) boasts a colourful, theatrical history of events to rival any other. It began in 80AD, when the main structure…"

  112. December 2007
  113. larapiegeler reviewed Shinkansen (Bullet Train) in Tokyo, Japan

    "Known in Japan as Shinkansen, the Silver Bullet trains travel at 300km per hour and their network runs from Hachinohe in the north right down to Kyushu. Almost as much of a national symbol as Mount Fuji, these trains are not meant for scenic trips but to…"

  114. larapiegeler reviewed The Bodhi Tree in Gaya, India

    "At the place of the Buddha's 'great awakening' stands the Mahabodhi Temple, built to commemorate that momentous event. However, the enlightenment itself is said to have occurred at the foot of a Sacred Fig tree and one still grows there, very likely a di…"

  115. November 2007
  116. larapiegeler reviewed Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, India

    "Within the ancient, red sandstone walls of Fatehpur Sikri, the political capital of the Mughal Empire, lies a magnificent city, built in the 16th Century. The beautiful Jami Mosque, vast sandstone city gate, grandiose halls and luxurious palaces were bui…"

  117. October 2007
  118. larapiegeler reviewed Diving with Great whites in Gansbaai in Western Cape, South Africa

    "At first glance, cage diving with great whites may seem to be simply a chance to face real terror at very close quarters - a feat only suited to real adrenaline junkies. But those in the know will agree that if you can tear your eyes away from the rows o…"

  119. larapiegeler reviewed Ski Whistler in Whistler, Canada

    "Heli-skiing takes the thrill of winter sports to a whole new level, and high above the pristine, sugar-dusted pines and snowy valleys of Whistler, those in search of the purest powder can gaze down on the twisting ski tracks and tiny people miles below a…"

  120. August 2007
  121. larapiegeler reviewed The Longest, Fastest Zipline in NW South Africa, South Africa

    "If you’ve always wanted to fly but never really felt brave enough for skydiving, then seek out this extreme zip line for satisfaction. In principle, it is exactly the same as the old recreation-ground classic; a taut, strong wire stretched at a slight sl…"

  122. larapiegeler reviewed Trekking the Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica

    "If you are on the hunt for a wide, open space that is empty enough even to make you miss your colleagues, then perhaps you should answer the call of the Antarctic. The coldest continent on earth, Antarctica saw the end of explorer Robert Falcon Scott and…"

  123. July 2007
  124. larapiegeler reviewed The Northern Lights in Nord-Norge, Norway

    "It has been explained with science in plenty of detail, but the Aurora Borealis still leaves its first-time watchers with a sense that they have witnessed an ancient magic. Curtains of rainbow shades against the black sky, spirals of twisting, unearthly …"

  125. June 2007
  126. larapiegeler reviewed Ħaġar Qim in Malta

    "Malta's seven megalithic temples of date back to around 4000BC and, though older than the pyramids, a noticeable architectural style and building tradition is clearly visible at the Mnajdra and Hagar Qin temples, and painted ochre patterns can even be se…"

  127. larapiegeler reviewed Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

    "Located in southern Beijing amongst a vast complex of ancient sacrificial buildings, the Temple of Heaven was built for China’s emperors, to allow them to worship heaven. It has three shallow, cone-shaped levels to its roof which point up to the sky and …"

  128. larapiegeler reviewed Notre Dame de Paris in Paris, France

    "One of the first and most impressive examples of Gothic architecture, Notre Dame is more than a place of artistic and religious interest. The romance of Victor Hugo’s literary association and the legend of an eternal desire to return to Paris for all tra…"

  129. larapiegeler reviewed Notting Hill Carnival in London, United Kingdom

    "Since the late 1950s, London's Caribbean population has been bringing the message of racial acceptance and understanding to vivid, pulsing life and colour every August bank holiday Monday and today, this celebration of the city's cultural diversity attra…"

  130. larapiegeler reviewed White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

    "Imagine a festival at which all the best international opera, ballet and symphonic premiers of the season lit up the stage, one after another, and you would find yourself thinking of St. Petersburg's Stars of the White Nights Festival. It revolves around…"

  131. larapiegeler reviewed Queen's Day / Koninginnedag Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "Begun on Queen Wilhelmina’s birthday on 30th April back in the early 1900s, Queen’s Day has evolved from a national holiday into a country-wide street party and ‘free market’, when it is permitted to sell anything at all, without tax restrictions. For th…"

  132. larapiegeler reviewed Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

    "Quite possibly the most testosterone-packed festival in existence, Los Sanfermines is a nine-day, July event which as well as being a heady, spirited street party involves the daily release of several bulls along a blockaded pathway through Pamplona, sur…"

  133. larapiegeler reviewed Salzburg Festival in Salzburg, Austria

    "The Austrian city of Salzburg can not help but be a fairytale setting for this festival in late July, with its baroque architecture, romantic Alpine backdrop and rich artistic history. For five weeks, opera and classical music flood the birthplace of Wol…"