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13th August 2007

I am definitely what you would call an adrenalin junkie. I like extreme sports of all kinds, but the airborne adventures are my favourite. I also like to explore unchartered regions for good spots to bungee jump, paraglide, sky dive and any other excuse I can find to get up above it all. I'm a qualified sky diving instructor but like to spend as much time as possible scouting for new places to try so I often find myself doing all kinds of seasonal work.

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  1. August 2007
  2. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding in La Grande Bornand in Rhone-Alps, France

    This spot is well set up for paragliding, to the extent that there is a chair lift to the main launch spot at about 1100 metres. The launch is a steep plateau so you will probably be launching forward. There is a ridge to fly along which has good updra…"

  3. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding in La Grande Bornand

  4. Kirk Browne reviewed Cross Country Paragliding Iquique in Iquique, Chile

    There is plenty of good paragliding to be had in Chile but the top spots, especially if you like distance, have to be Iquique and Santiago where the wind conditions coming in off the Pacific Ocean are perfect almost every day and a local pilot told me it…"

  5. Kirk Browne rated Cross Country Paragliding Iquique

  6. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding in Tapalpa

  7. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding in Gisterdo

  8. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding in the Sierra Nevada

  9. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding in the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia, Spain

    While there are lots of good paragliding spots in Spain, the Sierra Nevada around Granada make the list for me because some great competitions have been hosted here and the scenery is stunning, rugged mountains meeting the sea, The cloud base is high, 4…"

  10. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding around Oludeniz in Aegean Region, Turkey

    It’s the mountains rising just off the coast that make for great paragliding conditions in Oludeniz. The thermals are fairly consistent and the view over the lagoon and out to sea is ordered but enticing and it’s a smooth, cool flight down t…"

  11. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding around Oludeniz

  12. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding in Gisterdo in Castille-Leon, Spain

    "The area around Gistredo in Spain’s Leon Province is surrounded by mountains covered in take off points. The real beauty of the area is that it doesn’t really matter what the wind conditions look like you can find a launch, so unless the weather is dire…"

  13. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding in Tapalpa in Mexico

    It’s not the prettiest place from the ground, the high desert plateaus are mostly scrub, but the range elevations are up to 45000 metres and the valleys are deep and winding, so what makes the wind good also enhances the view of the range and an active v…"

  14. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding in Central Tanzania in Tanzania

    Africa may not be an obvious choice when it comes to paragliding but the scenery is spectacular and the contrast of your high tech wing and the unspoilt surroundings heightens the feeling of adventure. There are probably thousands of undiscovered greats…"

  15. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding in Central Tanzania

  16. Kirk Browne reviewed Prime Paragliding around Tiznit in Tiznit, Morocco

    There are many great paragliding spots in Morocco, but the area surrounding Tiznit has around 40 spots ranging from Good to Excellent and suitable for pilots with variying flight hours. The rolling Sahara dunes around the ancient fortified town of Tiz…"

  17. Kirk Browne rated Prime Paragliding around Tiznit

  18. Kirk Browne reviewed Paragliding Grand Dunes de Pyla in South West, France

    It's difficult to find a good place to learn to paraglide. While there are quite a few suitable slopes and surroundings in the UK, lots of beginners would prefer to complete a more intensive course out of the country and unpredictable weather can then m…"

  19. Kirk Browne rated Paragliding Grand Dunes de Pyla