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11th September 2007

Always an avid traveler, Kim had an epiphany about ten years ago, the main point of which was - What are you waiting for? She then decided to take to the back roads of the US and do what she’d been wanting to do since she left college which is ride around at her own pace exploring the world. She has been accumulating experiences on her way and hopes to be able to settle back into an stationary life somewhere and write her memoirs (which should now be far more interesting than if she had stayed off her bike.).
Worldreviewer is a nice way to start sharing her experiences.

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  1. September 2007
  2. Kim Marsden reviewed Nottoway Plantation House in Baton Rouge, United States

    This is probably the best preserved of the colonial plantation houses that epitomised the grace of America’s south before the Civil War. It’s white colonnade decked exterior is all ornate ironwork, multiple staircases and grand white gestures typifying …"

  3. Kim Marsden rated Nottoway Plantation House

  4. Kim Marsden reviewed Withlacoochee State Bike Trail in US South East, United States

    This paved trail is well marked and cared for and is a good route to begin tour cycling on being the longest paved trail in Florida. It runs through small pretty towns and attractive countryside from Citrus Springs, Citrus County to Trilby, Pasco County…"

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  6. Kim Marsden rated The Mesabi Biking Trail

  7. Kim Marsden rated Hiawatha Cycling Trail

  8. Kim Marsden rated Withlacoochee State Bike Trail

  9. Kim Marsden rated Mississippi River Riding Trail

  10. Kim Marsden rated Lake Champlain Bikeways

  11. Kim Marsden reviewed Banff and Lake Minnewanka Cycling Trails in Alberta, Canada

    This is a beautiful cycling region with many paths and itineraries for the adventurous rider and the view is the main reward. One of the main trails is the Lake Minnewanka Trail in Banff National Park which circuit’s the bright blue lake and the nearby …"

  12. Kim Marsden rated The Galloping Goose Bike Trail

  13. Kim Marsden reviewed Lake Champlain Bikeways in New England, United States

    This net of trails covers about two thousand kilometres in it’s entirety with multiple options for day rides or short riding tours. What is considered the main route circuits Lake Champlain and follows the Richelieu River into Canada over almost eight h…"

  14. Kim Marsden reviewed Mississippi River Riding Trail in Plains Midwest, United States

    This journey, if completed in it’s entirety would take you from the Mississippi’s headwaters near it’s source to it’s mouth in the Gulf of Mexico and through ten American States in between. It is intended that there will be pedes…"

  15. Kim Marsden reviewed The Mesabi Biking Trail in Mountain States, United States

    This rail trail winds through some of Minnesota’s prettiest regions covering around three hundred kilometres, between Ely and Grand Rapids, some which is still undergoing construction. It’s another of the ‘discover America’ type trails focused on provid…"

  16. Kim Marsden reviewed The Galloping Goose Bike Trail in Victoria, Canada

    There are a couple of great riding trails criss-crossing South Vancouver Island which have formerly been part of the Canadian National Railway route, the romantically named, Galloping Goose and the more descriptively named Lochside Trail and Cowichan Val…"

  17. Kim Marsden reviewed Hiawatha Cycling Trail in Appalachian States, United States

    Another trail built where once there was a railway. This time it was formerly the Olympic Hiawatha line. The trail passes across seven perching railway trestles and through ten railway tunnels, one of them, the Taft Tunnel which passes, over three kilo…"