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26th October 2007

Kim Kendle has nothing to say but surf.
I do other more responsible things but only 'cause I can't get away with just surfing. I've been doing it everywhere and anytime I can. I also like to write about it, but a lot of the time I have to write about topics which aren't surfing. Still, there is always retirement.

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  1. October 2007
  2. Kim Kendle reviewed Surfing on Victoria Bay in George, South Africa

    Not as busy as a lot of the well known spots along this part of South Africa’s coast, Victoria Bay you’re still best off waiting for a weekday if you can, locals are all out on the weekend and it can get hectic, but if you catch them first thing on a qui…"

  3. Kim Kendle reviewed Nahoon Reef Surfing in Eastern Cape, South Africa

    This is another big famous South African wave, because it’s big and famous it is also busy and you need to be an experienced surfer to get a look in. If you’re travelling through at either end of the season and you’ve got a bit of time it’s probably you…"

  4. Kim Kendle rated Nahoon Reef Surfing

  5. Kim Kendle rated Surfing on Victoria Bay

  6. Kim Kendle rated Surfing J Bay (Jeffreys Bay or Jeffreysbaai)

  7. Kim Kendle reviewed Surfing J Bay (Jeffreys Bay or Jeffreysbaai) in Eastern Cape, South Africa

    Home to the Billabong Pro in July, Supertubes goes off when it is working and has to be one of the world’s best surf spots. On a big southerly swell and a westerly wind you can expect to get a very long (300m ish), very fast, hollow (as in tubes) right…"

  8. Kim Kendle rated Surfing Saint Leu, Reunion

  9. Kim Kendle reviewed Surfing Saint Leu, Reunion in Saint-Paul, Reunion

    The best waves off the coast of St. Leu are big hollow left point reef breaks on coral. Trade winds mean good swell, especially in winter. It can be a long ride but it barrels easily so probably best for experienced surfers only, the wave wraps around …"

  10. Kim Kendle reviewed Cape Cross surfing in Namibia

    Different to most great surf spots these days in that it’s pretty deserted, but the reason is that you really have to work for it. On a good day in the winter you can ride for maybe a kilometre on the three big left point off shore breaks but you have t…"

  11. Kim Kendle rated Cape Cross surfing

  12. Kim Kendle rated Surf New Pier, Durban

  13. Kim Kendle reviewed Surf New Pier, Durban in Durban, South Africa

    Lots of you will already know Durban is a great place for surfers. My personal favourite place to surf there is at New Pier. A fast hollow right, best at low tide when it’s really hollow, and a slightly smaller left, New Pier has a sandy bottom and sup…"