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27th August 2009

Like everyone, I like to travel. Apart from that, I also like to play a bit of squash/tennis every now and then, take some photos, and drink a few beers when the occassion demands.

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  1. September 2009
  2. Kieran Maartens rated Caye Caulker

  3. Kieran Maartens commented on Caye Caulker in Belize

    "Caye Caulker is a great great place to visit. 45 mins on a boat from Belize City, it's a little tropical island paradise, with no cars allowed, you have to get around the island on golf cart or bicycle (or walk of course). The vibe of relaxation quic…"

  4. Kieran Maartens rated Belize

  5. Kieran Maartens rated El Salvador

  6. Kieran Maartens rated Cape Town

  7. Kieran Maartens rated South Africa

  8. Kieran Maartens commented on Pacaya in Guatemala City, Guatemala

    "Man it was, thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone."

  9. Kieran Maartens commented on Tulum Beach in Mexico

    "Tulum beach is the best beach I have ever visited. I don't mean the beach right next to the Mayan ruins, I mean the beach a little south of that, it's long & wide, white-sanded, and the sea is stunning and warm. Admittedly I went at the height of swi…"

  10. Kieran Maartens rated Pacaya

  11. Kieran Maartens reviewed Pacaya in Guatemala City, Guatemala

    "We had to rise very early that day, and shake off the beers from the night before. My travelling companion, who shall remain anonymous, was having some travelling stomach issues. Neither of us was at the top of our game. I flagged the bus over and we cli…"

  12. Kieran Maartens rated Tikal

  13. August 2009
  14. Kieran Maartens reviewed Tikal in Tikal region, Guatemala

    Situated in the northern part of Guatemala, the ruins of Tikal are considered by many to be the best remaining examples of Mayan architecture around. They are certainly the hottest. As we climbed onboard the battered minibus in Flores at 5am the air was…"