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  1. September 2008
  2. Kevin Allison reviewed Fly Fishing for Northern Pike in Ontario, Canada

    Fish grow big in these remote lakes, and as well as the snook, trout, tarpon and bass you’ll find the local special, the Northern Pike. Here this fighter can comfortably reach a metre in length, so you’ll need a decent 8 to 10 weight fly rod if you want…"

  3. Kevin Allison rated Fly Fishing for Northern Pike

  4. Kevin Allison rated Sailfish off Guanacaste

  5. Kevin Allison rated Peacock Bass in the Amazon

  6. Kevin Allison reviewed Sailfish off Guanacaste in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast grows some huge billfish and marlin and sailfish fishing between Guanacaste and Quepos is some of the best in the world. They’re big and put up a challenge. So much so that they have big tournaments here every June-July. …"

  7. Kevin Allison reviewed Peacock Bass in the Amazon in Manaus, Brazil

    These are some of the most ferocious fish in fresh water and the ultimate river quarry. They’re bullies = flappers and strikers and they put up an amazing struggle when hooked which has been known to do some serious damage to fishing gear. They’re also…"

  8. Kevin Allison reviewed Lake El Salto Largemouth Bass in Mexico

    Lake El Salto has produced trophy bass more than 18 pound in size, and every year thousands of 10 pound plus fish are fought our of the water. They get big feeding on the local crawfish and Tilapias and the introduced Shads, brought in to satisfy the Fl…"