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  1. July 2009
  2. Keryn Dohanich rated The Spy Museum

  3. Keryn Dohanich reviewed The Spy Museum in Washington D.C., United States

    There is more to Washington DC than monuments and government buildings: modern museums are popping up everywhere. One of the most unique is the International Spy Museum. The museum employs interactive exhibits to involve tour-goers with the evolution of …"

  4. Keryn Dohanich rated The National Cherry Blossom Festival

  5. Keryn Dohanich reviewed The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., United States

    The National Cherry Blossom festival is a two week event that takes place every year to celebrate the cherry blossoms that line the tidal basin in Washington DC. The blossoms were a gift from Japan to the United States in 1912, as a gesture of goodwill. …"

  6. Keryn Dohanich rated The Long-Necked Women of the Kayan Hilltribe

  7. Keryn Dohanich rated The National Zoo

  8. Keryn Dohanich reviewed The National Zoo in Washington D.C., United States

    Famous for its giant panda bears, the National Zoo houses more than 2,000 animals from 400 different species including cheetahs, gorillas and  Mexican cavefish. The zoo is set in downtown DC but the landscape and trees give the illusion of being mil…"

  9. Keryn Dohanich rated Bangkok Longboat River Cruise

  10. Keryn Dohanich reviewed Bangkok Longboat River Cruise in Bangkok, Thailand

     Running through downtown Bangkok, the Chao Phraya river passes many of the city’s main tourist attractions, and taking a boat on it is a good way to get around, as well as being a cheap way of seeing the place. The boat rides give a different…"

  11. Keryn Dohanich rated The Catacombs of Paris

  12. Keryn Dohanich reviewed The Catacombs of Paris in Paris, France

    "Steep slender stairs lead you beneath the romantic city of Paris into its macabre underground Catacombs. Winding narrow pathways guide the visitor into a labyrinth of bones. An eerie chill will creep up your spine not only because it’s chilly so far bene…"

  13. June 2009
  14. Keryn Dohanich rated Burma

  15. Keryn Dohanich rated Old San Juan

  16. Keryn Dohanich rated Vietnam Veterans Memorial

  17. Keryn Dohanich rated Mount Vernon

  18. Keryn Dohanich rated Washington Monument

  19. Keryn Dohanich rated The White House

  20. Keryn Dohanich rated South Beach (beach), Miami

  21. Keryn Dohanich rated National Gallery, Washington DC

  22. Keryn Dohanich rated Smithsonian Institution Museums