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Proud to be a Hawaiian native, I now work at conserving the regions natural marine wonders by promoting safe access and careful use in my work as an author, guide, conservationist, broadcaster and educator.

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  1. March 2008
  2. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkel Kahaluu Cove in Hawaii, United States

    A cove sheltered by a half submerged wall of rock near the town of Kailua Kona, this spot is popular with fish. Turtles and schools of surgeon love the clear, shallow water and the rock wall keeps the fish at the top of the food chain out. This is a re…"

  3. Keraili Grant rated Snorkel Kahaluu Cove

  4. Keraili Grant reviewed Honaunau Bay Snorkeling in Hawaii, United States

    Lava flats that line up with the water line make this spot easy to enter and the interesting shapes on which coral gardens grow and fish take refuge in make it difficult to leave. Parrot fish, jacks, eels, turtles and dolphins make up only a small selec…"

  5. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkeling Kapalua Bay in Hawaii, United States

    Reefs at either end of this sandy beach make for a varied snorkeling trip and you can walk in off the beach which makes it easy for beginners and families. Also a swimming beach, swimmers cloud up the middle, sandy section, but there isn’t as much to se…"

  6. Keraili Grant reviewed Sharks Cove Snorkeling in Hawaii, United States

    On Oahu’s surf-tastic north shore, this protected cove has long been a famous shore diving spot but is now probably better for snorkelers than divers. A rocky and coral covered bottom rather than a sandy one makes it easy to spot the locals as they pop …"

  7. Keraili Grant reviewed Mauna Kea Snorkeling in Hawaii, United States

    Sandy bottomed with excellent visibility, this calm cove is well protected and shallow and just off one of Hawaii’s most idyllic, white beaches. The best snorkeling is at the far right end of the beach where the coral flats you’ll want to examine are cl…"

  8. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkeling Kahe Point in Hawaii, United States

    Butterfly fish, surgeons, tang, wrasse, squirrel fish, big eyes, snappers, jacks, damsel fish and tang are just some of the fish which crowd around the warmer (clean) water pipes releasing water from the nearby electric plant at Kahe Point. Off shore wh…"

  9. Keraili Grant rated Honaunau Bay Snorkeling

  10. Keraili Grant rated Mauna Kea Snorkeling

  11. Keraili Grant rated Snorkeling Kahe Point

  12. Keraili Grant rated Sharks Cove Snorkeling

  13. Keraili Grant rated Snorkeling Kuilima Cove

  14. Keraili Grant rated Snorkeling Kapalua Bay

  15. Keraili Grant rated Ahihi Kinau Snorkeling

  16. Keraili Grant rated Snorkeling Kaanapali Beach and Black Rock

  17. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkeling Kaanapali Beach and Black Rock in Hawaii, United States

    Maui’s western shore beach, also voted one of the world’s top beaches for about the last ten years, has Black Rock on it’s edge, which MUST be one of the world’s top snorkeling spots. Sharp and black rocks protect the fine, white sandy bottom from the w…"

  18. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkeling Kuilima Cove in Hawaii, United States

    Best beginners snorkeling in Hawaii, sheltered and coral bottomed water running along the edge of Oahu’s north shore in a cove protected by a natural rocky barrier which protects this spot from the north shore’s mighty waves. Clear water and white coral…"

  19. Keraili Grant reviewed Ahihi Kinau Snorkeling in Hawaii, United States

    Marine life here is protected from fishing so flourishes among the hardened lava coastline, much coated in coral below the surface. The almost Gothic looking lava formations give a snorkeling trip here an added dimension of appeal, it’s ridges and pocke…"

  20. Keraili Grant rated Snorkeling Hanauma Bay

  21. Keraili Grant rated Snorkeling Molokini

  22. May 2007
  23. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkeling Hanauma Bay in Honolulu, United States

    One of the best known of Hawaii’s snorkeling spots this is a popular hang out for fish as well. Clear and sandy and sheltered by a part caved in volcano this spot now actually has limited daily visitors (around 3,000) to help protect the ecosystem and t…"

  24. Keraili Grant reviewed Snorkeling Molokini in Hawaii, United States

    Off Maui’s coast, Molokini is a tiny sunken volcano island with what must be some of Hawaii’s best diving and snorkeling. The best spots are in the channel and in the caved in section of the volcano which creates a protected area for marine life. No fi…"