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I'd rather get there by boat if at all possible.

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  1. September 2009
  2. Kenneth Hope reviewed Farquhar Atoll in Seychelles

    Farquhar Atoll lies low in the water, flying over it you can see the ring of the lagoon, ear shaped, and bright blue in the centre, with the sand dunes the atoll is known for rising out of the eastern side. Some of the sand dunes are supposed to rise ov…"

  3. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sainte Anne Island in Seychelles

    Sainte Anne is the largest island within the Ste Anne Marine National Park. Theses days the only accommodation on it is the Sainte Anne Resort, quite a large resort by Seychelles standards. The nicest beach, Grande Anse, runs right out of the resort's …"

  4. Kenneth Hope reviewed Ste Anne Marine National Park in Seychelles

    The Sainte Anne Marine National Park's edge is only about five kilometres off the coast of Victoria, the capital city of the Seychelles. It does have an above water level presence as well, totally surrounding Cerf, Ste Anne, Moyenne, Beacon, Long Island…"

  5. August 2008
  6. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing Norway's Coastline in Vestlandet, Norway

    If you’re not bothered about warm water and palm trees, the unusual landscape of the fjords can be a really fascinating backdrop for a sea going journey. The bit between Bergen and Tromso is known for whales and fishing, but you can head further along …"

  7. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing Tonga’s Vava’u Islands in Tonga

    Tonga’s northern Vava’u island group is a perfect sailing playground. Deep channels separate the islands which have coastlines of unexpected bays and nestled inlets as well as generous beaches. There are about 50 islands in the group, split…"

  8. Kenneth Hope rated Sailing the Andaman Sea

  9. Kenneth Hope rated Sailing Tonga’s Vava’u Islands

  10. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing the Andaman Sea in Phuket, Thailand

    Thailand’s coast and the Andaman Sea which runs along it is another good family sailing destination, lots of small islands to look at, some flash looking but not too pricey resorts and their facilities, great snorkelling and a few famous films were…"

  11. July 2008
  12. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sail the Whitsundays in Whitsunday Group, Australia

    This has to be the best way to get onto the Great Barrier Reef. Diving off your own boat you have the freedom to snorkel and explore on your own terms without having to move in a crowd and bump into people as well as reef fish, rays and turtles. It&rsq…"

  13. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sail Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia

    One of my all time favourite days sailing I spent on Sydney Harbour. You can go out of the heads and up the coastline and it’s nice, if you want to do a proper trip but the harbour itself was just a great day in itself. There’s lots of traffic, from th…"

  14. Kenneth Hope rated Sail Sydney Harbour

  15. Kenneth Hope rated Sail the Whitsundays

  16. Kenneth Hope rated Seychelles Sailing

  17. Kenneth Hope reviewed Seychelles Sailing in Mahé, Seychelles

    Without sounding trite or like a guide book, why would you not want to sail the Seychelles? It’s like what many people dream of in a sailing holiday: clear, WARM, azure water dotted with white sand islands complete with palm trees and private rock…"

  18. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing the Lycian Coast in Aegean Region, Turkey

    The Turkish Mediterranean is bright blue, its islands and land greener and more wooded than the Greek counterparts, but there is still the historic interludes that take the edge off all that sea, sand and sunbathing. Roman ruins and old churches poke ou…"

  19. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing the Sporades Islands in Thessaly, Greece

    The sporadic Sporades, my children hated it when I said that, but that’s what they are, are very green with part rocky, part sandy coastlines, and the water is every shade under the sun from deep blues to bright greens. These islands boast about t…"

  20. Kenneth Hope rated Sailing the Lycian Coast

  21. Kenneth Hope rated The Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik to Korcula

  22. Kenneth Hope rated Sailing the Sporades Islands

  23. Kenneth Hope rated Transiting the Panama Canal

  24. Kenneth Hope reviewed Transiting the Panama Canal in Colón, Panama

    The Panama Canal is a fantastic trip to say you’ve taken. It’s historic, people know about it and they’re impressed. The main difficulty is getting permission to cross or ‘transit’ it. Not only is it expensive it’s …"

  25. Kenneth Hope reviewed The Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik to Korcula in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    This is Odyssey country: Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast have long been the stuff of sailor’s dreams, but they’re especially suited to a holiday sailor with clear, clean looking waters and lots of islands of varying sizes to mess around and…"

  26. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing the Coast of Galicia in Vigo, Spain

    Rias means estuary, not usually the sailors delight, but the ones around Vigo are drenched in fishing, meaning also boating, history and in this case the estuaries feed into pretty bays and harbours. Sailors used to be traders, explorers, naval men or f…"

  27. October 2007
  28. Kenneth Hope reviewed Sailing French Polynesia in French Polynesia

    If I was going to do my honeymoon over I’d spend it sailing Tahiti. It’s got just the right kind of islands, which look like the setting for a romantic cast away film, with pale beaches and palm trees and volcanoes sprouting from the centres…"

  29. May 2007
  30. Kenneth Hope reviewed Nile River Journeys in Luxor, Egypt

    The River Nile is long, with many ways to traverse her wide flat waters. Boats have been sailing the Nile on the puffs of breezes for centuries, carrying trade and people. The traditional dahabiya, felucca and sandal boats, the ones with the tall grace…"