Kate Griffin

Kate is a research fellow specialising in rainforest habitats. One of her primary interest in rainforests is the discovery and mapping of new species of plant. Her job is made both more important and more challenging by the threat of clearing, logging and the current pressure forced upon the world's precious ecosystems.

Kate Griffin's activity

  1. August 2007
  2. Kate Griffin reviewed Ituri Forest in Congo - Brazzaville

    The Ituri Forest encloses more than 60,000 square kilometres of the Congo River Basin from the high altitude forests through the swamps and tropical lowland forests. The area’s great biodiversity stems from the last glacial age when many species of anim…"

  3. Kate Griffin rated Ituri Forest

  4. Kate Griffin reviewed Cross River National Park in Nigeria

    This park in Nigeria’s south east corner covers an area of diverse environments including tropical rainforest, montane forest and mangrove swamps and is criss-crossed by the streams and rivers it is named for. It is particularly biologically diverse and…"

  5. Kate Griffin rated La Amistad International Park

  6. Kate Griffin rated Monteverde Reserve

  7. Kate Griffin rated Cross River National Park

  8. Kate Griffin reviewed La Amistad International Park in Culiacán, Mexico

    La Amistad which straddles into Panama is hemmed in on most of it’s borders by other parks and reserves giving it a feel of being much larger and more remote than it is. Within the parks borders are a range of habitats from tropical lowland rainforest t…"

  9. Kate Griffin rated Sapo National Park

  10. Kate Griffin reviewed Sapo National Park in Monrovia, Liberia

    The boundaries of Sapo National Park enclose 1,800 square kilometres of the world’s best preserved regions of lowland Guinean rainforest, one of the most biologically diverse kinds of rainforest Sapo is also Liberia’s only National Park. Some of the u…"

  11. Kate Griffin reviewed Monteverde Reserve in Costa Rica

    The Monteverde Forest is one of Costa Rica’s most interesting locations, it is also an important rainforest (actually called a cloud forest due to the cloud like mist that deposits moisture directly onto the leaves of plants). Monteverde supports more…"