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18th April 2007

I am a writer, journalist and broadcaster specialising in Iran. I also write travel books and am a health and beauty journalist. I am currently working on a book about Iran to be published by Bloomsbury in 2009. As an Iranian who has grown up largely in the UK but spends part of every year in Iran, I am uniquely placed to commentate on life in the Islamic Republic and as such I am regularly invited to give public talks about modern Iran in the UK and USA.

I have co-authored the Lonely Planet Guide to Iran, appeared as a commentator on BBC Radio Four and published several substantial features for UK broadsheets, most of which can be viewed by clicking on my website below.

I am currently based between London and Florence and contribute travel articles on Florence and Tuscany to national broadsheets and international travel magazines.


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  1. June 2009
  2. kamin wrote a blog post Voices from Iran

    If my experience is any guide, Iranians outside Iran are living some of the most intense days of their lives."

  3. August 2008
  4. kamin rated Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

  5. kamin reviewed Florence

    "Gelateria Badiani (20 Viale dei Mille, tel: 055 578 682). As hotly debated among Florentines as where to get the best artichokes in season or which is the best pizzeria is the eternal debate about the best gelateria in town. Ice cream – like so many come…"

  6. kamin rated Su Gologone

  7. kamin reviewed Su Gologone in Sardinia, Italy

    "Su Gologone is one of the gems of Sardinia. This lovely restaurant is part of the hotel situated in the mountains of the Gennargentu region, a winding 45-minute drive from Sardinia’s unknown eastern coast. The hotel took a big chance by opening in a remo…"

  8. November 2007
  9. kamin reviewed Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Siena, Italy

    By the Duomo, ignore the looping queue for Brunelleschi’s dome and duck instead into the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo (9 Piazza del Duomo, tel: 055 230 2885; €5) where a treasure-chest of sculptures from the Duomo, Baptistry and Campanile awaits the advent…"

  10. July 2007
  11. kamin rated Ibiza

  12. kamin rated Picasso Museum

  13. kamin rated Musee d'Orsay

  14. kamin rated Louvre Museum

  15. kamin rated Lounge

  16. kamin reviewed Lounge in Tehran, Iran

    The latest addition to Tehran’s sophisticated restaurant scene lies behind a discreet red door in the northern reaches of the city, in posh Niavaran. Lounge is another restaurant that would be equally at home in a European city’s trendiest districts, ope…"

  17. kamin reviewed Ferdowsi Mausoleum in Tus in Mashhad, Iran

    Even in a country spoilt for choice when it comes to great poets (Rumi, Sa’adi, Hafez, Omar Khayyam et al), one man stands above all as the father of Iranian national identity. Ferdowsi, a 10th-century landowner’s son, devoted 35 years of his life to cra…"

  18. kamin rated Ferdowsi Mausoleum in Tus

  19. kamin reviewed Sohanak in Tehran, Iran

    "Sohanak is a hilltop village northeast of Tehran now practically part of the sprawling northern part of town. It has recently become fashionable to go hiking through the village and its mountainous environs and there is a proliferation of outdoor restaur…"

  20. kamin rated Sohanak

  21. kamin rated Anti-American murals and pro-American people

  22. kamin reviewed Anti-American murals and pro-American people in Tehran, Iran

    The sides of buildings along Tehran’s wide highways are used for a peculiarly post-Revolutionary brand of art – the outsize mural. Poster art in style and mostly depicting Ayatollah Khomeini or the martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war, the most famous is the ant…"

  23. kamin reviewed Boulevard, Tehran, Iran in Tehran, Iran

    "The sophisticated exterior, with its carriage lamps and slick navy blue brickwork, might give the game away but the lack of a sign will ensure Boulevard’s exclusivity. Opened last autumn, Boulevard is the latest in the stable of chic restaurants opened i…"

  24. kamin rated Boulevard, Tehran, Iran

  25. kamin reviewed Vakil Bazaar (bazaar-e Vakil) in Shiraz, Iran

    Probably the country’s most architecturally distinguished bazaar, Vakil bazaar dates back to Karim Khan Zand’s 18th-century dynasty which made Shiraz its capital. Determined to make this city of nightingales and poets just as famous as a trading centre, …"

  26. kamin rated Vakil Bazaar (bazaar-e Vakil)

  27. kamin reviewed Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan, Iran

    A jewel-like mosque unusual in not featuring an 'eivan', as it was constructed for the private use of the royal family in Safavid Iran (16th century). The dome is also unusual in having a pale yellow background which changes colour depending on the time …"

  28. kamin rated Sheikh Lotfollah mosque