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  1. June 2009
  2. Juan Zuazo rated Paddling the Zambezi

  3. Juan Zuazo reviewed Paddling the Zambezi in Zambia

    "Hola from Chile With another friend from Chile we run the Zambezi in 1994, but we trained hard for it , first running rivers in Chile , like the famous BioBio between others. Once we arrive there, from South africa , by a wonderful trip by train crossi…"

  4. Juan Zuazo reviewed Paddle the Futaleufu River in Los Lagos, Chile

    "Hola If you are close to Futaleufu area , we highly recommend to visit the are of Palena river , wonderful clear water and calm river for a relax floating in rafts with excellent fishing and horseriding opportunities with the colonos (pioneers)...but ma…"

  5. Juan Zuazo rated Paddle the Futaleufu River

  6. April 2009
  7. Juan Zuazo commented on Paddling the Fiords of the Pumalin Park in Los Lagos, Chile

    "We have been running seakayak expeditions in this area since 1996, mainly with active beginners. Some more information about the area: For tide infiormation : www.shoa.cl (choose puerto montt) For weather forecast: check www.accuweather.com (choose …"