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  1. September 2009
  2. JP Condella reviewed Silhouette Island in Seychelles

    Third largest in the Seychelles group, Silhouette still only has a population of 135, most of them living in La Passe, and there to help look after the guests on the island's resort. This island has its share of natural loveliness, as do all the Seychel…"

  3. JP Condella reviewed Bird Island in Seychelles

    Is known for its birds... Its coral shores are also home to hawksbill and green turtles, and off shore you might spot a dugong. One of the most northerly of the Seychelles, Bird Island has been privately owned since the 60s when a an exclusive 24 bunga…"

  4. May 2009
  5. JP Condella reviewed K2. in Pakistan

    Always number two, K2 is the world's second highest mountain with a peak reaching 8,611metres. The name, or lack of name is like a mark of disrespect – it comes from a Trigonometric Survey made in 1856. Then it was common to use the local names f…"

  6. February 2009
  7. JP Condella reviewed Hawaii (Big Island) in Hawaii, United States

    Perfect beaches lined with palm trees and lush forests, beautiful women in grass skirts dancing the hula, waves ripe for conquering…If Hawaii wasn’t named for the legendary realm of the Polynesian gods as it’s reputed to be then it&rsq…"

  8. October 2008
  9. JP Condella reviewed St. Barths in Anguilla, St Martin and St Barths

    You say St. Bart’s, and I say Saint Barths or St. Barth or even when taking punctuation into account St. Barts… The island of St. Barthelemy isn’t just many things to many people it goes by many, very similar, names. The mix up with the name probably c…"

  10. May 2007
  11. JP Condella reviewed Ibiza in Ibiza, Spain

    Famous for its clubbing and party atmosphere during the summer, Ibiza also has large World Heritage protected sites and beaches primed with water sports facilities. The climate is mild all year and rainy during winter. Most of the clubs are closed exce…"

  12. April 2007
  13. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Alacati Bay in Aegean Region, Turkey

    Consistent winds and a long shallow entry with flat water make Alacati a good spot for windsurfing beginners, intermediates and those who enjoy speed and practicing manoeuvres. Alacati is best between April and October because the heat off nearby mounta…"

  14. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Silver Sands Beach in Bridgetown, Barbados

    Silver Sands is a prime wave riding location, the winds are strong and the waves can get quite big, however there are also spots suitable for beginners. There is a reef 250 metres off shore which has a swell of one or two metres. Winds are generally ea…"

  15. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing off Bulabug Beach in Philippines

    "Boracay is an ideal spot for beginners because the first 600 metres out from the beach is only one and a half metres deep and is protected by a coral reef which creates flat water conditions. The windiest months are January and February when the northea…"

  16. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Djerba in Djerba, Tunisia

    Djerba's coast of fine white sand, waist deep water and ample space is ideal for windsurfing. The wind itself is also on the amicable side - not generally very strong - so it's a better spot for beginners than advanced wind lovers. North-easterly winds…"

  17. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Karpathos in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    One of the Mediterranean's windiest islands, Karpathos has the beaches and coves to take full advantage of the north winds blowing across it between April and October. There are three main windsurfing spots on the island, the Lagoon, which has shallow…"

  18. JP Condella reviewed El Tur windsurfing in Egypt

    El Tur is a very windy spot! The water is quite flat near the shore then builds into chunky one or two metre swells further out where the Gulf of Suez passes the bay. For even bigger waves there is a spit of sand near the bay with a reef break that cre…"

  19. JP Condella reviewed Samos Island windsurfing in Eastern Aegean, Greece

    Samos Island has a prevailing north wind which blows almost constantly in the summer months keeping the island cool and providing good windsurfing conditions. Southerly winds, which carry most of the clouds and rain to the area blow mostly in the winter…"

  20. JP Condella reviewed Port Safaga windsurfing in Egypt

    On the Red Sea, Port Safaga is set on a sandy bay about five miles long. It benefits from the same thermal, blowing all year round winds as its near neighbour, Hurghada. This is a good spot for slalom surfers, waves out on the open seas get up to a met…"

  21. JP Condella reviewed Tarifa Windsurfing in Andalucia, Spain

    The town of Tarifa is located on the Spanish side of the Straits of Gibraltar, and windsurfers there take advantage of the wind conditions the Straits provide. There are two prevailing winds, an easterly and a westerly which blow left and right along th…"

  22. JP Condella reviewed Soma Bay windsurfing in Egypt

    Only ten minutes drive north of Port Safaga, Soma Bay has two main bays, both with shallow water, a long sandbank and flat conditions. Plenty of wind throughout the year (but even more in summer.) this is a good location for beginners and intermediate w…"

  23. JP Condella reviewed Pigeon Point for windsurfing in Trinidad and Tobago

    Pigeon Point, with its shallow water and good wave patterns is one of Tobago's best windsurfing spots. Fantastic wind conditions created by the trade winds flowing over the island means there are plenty of other spots nearby and wind and wave conditions…"

  24. JP Condella reviewed Ialyssos Bay windsurfing in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Northerly winds blow onto the beach at Ialyssos from the left and begin gently in the morning and build throughout the day. There is a sheltered bay perfect for beginners. The beach has a mix of sand and pebbles and a shallow entry that suddenly deepen…"

  25. JP Condella reviewed Hurghada windsurfing in Hurghada, Egypt

    Hurghada has flat water and good wind for most of the year, though summer is the best time to visit because stronger high presser systems produce more windy days. Hurghada spans 40kms of mostly sandy coastline along the Red Sea and has become a popula…"

  26. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Corralejo in Spain

    Fuerteventura means strong wind and is one of the windiest of the Canary islands. It also has long, flat sandy beaches with good swell which provide good conditions for all styles of windsurfing. The wind is most reliable in summer, but swells can be …"

  27. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing in Cabarete in Dominican Republic

    The eastern Trade winds provide consistent winds to Cabarete all year round and combined with the warm water, creates great windsurfing conditions. Wind is best between July and August when the average speed is 13-22 knots. Cabarete also has a few go…"

  28. JP Condella reviewed Jomtien Beach windsurfing in Pattaya, Thailand

    Jomtien Beach is 6kms long, fairly flat and has consistent winds blowing in off the Thai Gulf. Sometimes the waves off shore can reach a metre and a half or more, but closer to the shore the water is much calmer. There isn't a lot of rocks or coral to …"

  29. JP Condella reviewed Windsurf El Yaque in Porlamar, Venezuela

    With a long, sweeping, pale sandy beach, shallow, quiet water, consistent winds and only five mins from the airport it is no wonder El Yaque is the first stop for many windsurfers arriving in Venezuela. El Yaque is a sunny spot with powerful shore-si…"

  30. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Le Morne in Port Louis, Mauritius

    The guides boast that Mauritius has more than 300 windy days a year, it also has a very flat, shallow, sandy lagoon at Le Morne. Trade winds generally blow across the island from east to southeast and are at their best from May to September, but are sti…"

  31. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing on Sal in Cape Verde

    Sal is a flat, sandy island with plenty of sunny days and prevailing northwest trade winds. The Professional Windsurfers Association held a World Cup event there in February 2007 amongst eight to ten foot surf. As well as big waves, Sal has several s…"

  32. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Boa Vista in Cape Verde

    The winds on Boa Vista come off the Sahara, so they're hot, dry and coming from off shore. This equals good swells, with out being to choppy. The beaches are flat with powdery sand."

  33. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Empuriabrava in Catalunya, Spain

    At the foot of the Pyrenees, Empuriabrava is one of the largest marinas in Europe. Having hosted several Windsurfing Championship events its considered a good spot due to its huge, sand bottomed bay and flat water. Two winds dominate this region and …"

  34. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing around Prasonisi in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Prasonisi is the cape of Rhodes, disconnected from the rest of the Island by high water levels in Winter. Strong winds and plenty of sunshine mean is also a good place to windsurf. On one side of Prasonisi is the Mediterranean Sea which has flat water …"

  35. JP Condella reviewed Maspalomas windsurfing in Gran Canaria, Spain

    Gran Canaria is a great spot for wave riding - it has good wind conditions for most of the year, with strong winds during the summer months between September and May. The best windsurfing spots are on the south side of the island near Maspalomas. Maspa…"

  36. JP Condella reviewed Kefalos Bay windsurfing in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Kefalos offers conditions suitable for all levels. For beginners the light winds and flat water in the morning are ideal, however as the wind builds though the day the waves get bigger, providing conditions more suitable for intermediate and advanced w…"

  37. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing El Medano in Arona, Spain

    El Medano is one of the best place to windsurf in Tenerife, there is a cross shore wind and it's not as crowded as some of the more popular resorts. It also has swells averaging one metre, so it's better for experienced windsurfers. At one time wind…"

  38. JP Condella reviewed Windsurfing Jericoacoara in Bahia North East, Brazil

    Jericoacoara's location, spreading east to west on Ceara's coastline is perfect for catching the trade winds off Africa. There are several windsurfing locations on offer including Paradise Lake, a long, shallow lake, perfect for beginners. Waves in the…"