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  1. August 2009
  2. Joshua Kirton reviewed Baalbek in Lebanon

    The Roman ruins in Baalbeck are worth any travel and accommodation inconveniences, although the impact they had on me has been slightly dampened due to having just recently visited Petra in Jordan at the time of writing this article. We were lucky enough…"

  3. Joshua Kirton wrote a blog post Lebanon Part 2: Beirut to the Bekka Valley

    Although we had a night of sleep jammed with interruptions, thanks in no small part to my Austrian friend, my companion and I set off in a service taxi from the Cola bus station in Lebanon for the Bekka Valley"

  4. July 2009
  5. Joshua Kirton wrote a blog post Lebanon Part 1: Damascus – Beirut

    We left for Lebanon, as a group of seven, after the end of the week’s classes at Damascus University. On arrival at the bus station just on the outskirts of Damascus we were mobbed by a group of competing taxi drivers trying to ply their trade."

  6. Joshua Kirton reviewed Pigeon Rocks in Beirut, Lebanon

    Cheap beach options are scarce in Beirut; prices can range from $5 entrance fee to the simple American University of Beirut beach, and upwards of $20 entrance fee to the more exclusive beach clubs that litter the Beirut seafront. As we were on a budget w…"

  7. June 2009
  8. Joshua Kirton wrote a blog post Golan Heights

    The town of Quinetra lies within a demilitarized zone, close to the Syrian – Israeli border, which is mediated by the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force."