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Jordan-Ashley is an American journalism student studying in London. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States - her favorites being New York City, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. Jordan-Ashley loves traveling to new places, and is looking forward to sharing her travel experiences with others.

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  1. August 2008
  2. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, United States

    This quaint Atlantic Coast beach has been a best-kept secret of my family for almost 20 years. And there's a reason why we keep going back - the beach is the definition of family-friendly. Calm and quiet, Virginia beach is perfect for relaxing and buildi…"

  3. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Virginia Beach

  4. July 2008
  5. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed The Baths in British Virgin Islands

    "One of the most popular destinations in the Virgin Islands, the Baths are a collection of grottoes, tidal pools and rock arches that create secluded coves when the tide comes in. The Baths are great for exploring, swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing."

  6. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Memphis and its Necropolis

  7. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Acropolis

  8. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Acropolis in Athens, Greece

    "The Acropolis in Athens is the most famous acropolis in the world. Perched safely above Athens, the Acropolis is home to many different religious temples and sanctuaries honoring Zeus and Athena, the city’s patron goddess. According to mythology, Poseido…"

  9. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Temple of Ramses II

  10. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Temple of Ramses II in Egypt

    The great Temple of Ramses II was originally a brightly colored monument carved into a sandstone mountain to honor Ramses II, an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled for more than 60 years. But with the passage of time and the erosive power of the Nile River, the …"

  11. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis

  12. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Temple of Isis

  13. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Temple of Isis in Aswan, Egypt

    This archaeological site contains the iconic temple to the goddess Isis, once the last existing pagan temple in the Mediterranean. The area was almost lost forever to flood waters until it was removed from its original spot in 1960 to protect it from th…"

  14. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Aldabra Atoll

  15. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Cocos Island National Park

  16. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Mont Perdu

  17. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  18. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Festival sur le Niger

  19. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Festival sur le Niger in Segou, Mali

    This three day festival embraces music, dancing, artwork and exhibitions – all on the banks of the Niger River. The festival is a celebration of the local music and customs from around the Segou region. Participants bang drums, don masks, fire guns and …"

  20. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Essouira Gnawa Festival

  21. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Essouira Gnawa Festival in Essaouira, Morocco

    This Moroccan festival fuses mysticism, music, tradition and a message of tolerance to create a unique cultural celebration that attracts thousands of music lovers each year. The festival was created in 1998 to honor the music of the Gnawa, descendent…"

  22. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Johnson's Point to Crab Hill in Antigua and Barbuda

    This chain of secluded coves in Antigua offers white beaches and great views of other island destinations like St. Kitts and Nevis."

  23. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Pigeon Point in Trinidad and Tobago

    Pigeon Point, once a privately-owned island, was recently purchased by the Tobago government and is now undergoing a makeover. It’s not that the island needed to be any more beautiful – pictures from its sandy shores are often used by travel companies to…"

  24. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Johnson's Point to Crab Hill

  25. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Pigeon Point

  26. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Magens Bay

  27. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Magens Bay in U.S. Virgin Islands

    "What could be more romantic than a stroll on a heart-shaped beach in the Caribbean? Magens Bay on Saint Thomas, a previous contender in the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, has a mile-long stretch of white sandy shores and sapphire blue waters."

  28. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Little Bay in British Virgin Islands

    Little Bay – one of Anguilla’s smallest beaches. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and you can hire a boat to take you there (unless you want to scale down the side of the cliff on a rope, which is possible). The great thing about this beach is tha…"

  29. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Vieques Bioluminescent Bay in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    By day the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay looks deceptively normal, but after the sun goes down, taking a swim in the inky blue waters of the bay becomes a veritable phosphorescent light show. As you paddle in the water, your body is enveloped in glowing gre…"

  30. Jordan-Ashley Baker rated Little Bay

  31. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Casa de Campo Golf in La Romana, Dominican Republic

    A premiere resort in the Caribbean with golf, tennis, fishing and fine dining. The three golf courses at Casa de Campo were designed by world-renowned golf course architect Pete Dye – the “Teeth of the Dog” course was ranked the best in the Caribbean. Ca…"

  32. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Punta Espada Golf Course in Dominican Republic

    Designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, this golf course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is considered one of the best in the world. Punta Espada opened in 2006 and is praised for the seamless way that the course is integrated into its Caribbean backdro…"

  33. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Saint Croix in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Saint Croix is the epitome of what a Caribbean island should be: peaceful, relaxing, private and just down-right beautiful. Sea life and coral reefs hug the island, making it the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. Beaches range from the quiet…"

  34. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Provo Island in Turks and Caicos Islands

    Miles of perfect beaches, turquoise blue water and hot Caribbean sun – perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving."

  35. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Palm Island in Grenada

    Palm Island is a privately owned resort on the southern tip of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The island only houses 42 guests at one time, so privacy and seclusion are in full supply. When you’re not lounging on unspoiled Caribbean beaches, Palm Island…"

  36. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Virgin Gorda in British Virgin Islands

    This island was named the “Fat Virgin” by Christopher Columbus because its coastline looks like a woman with a round belly. Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands and boasts private, pristine beaches and luxurious resorts. The is…"

  37. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Mona Island in Dominican Republic

    Mona Island is home to the Mona Iguana – a 4-foot-long scaly creature found nowhere else in the world. But don’t let the iguana scare you away from Mona, it’s a harmless vegetarian. Mona Island is located in the strait between the Dominican Republic and …"

  38. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Guana Island in British Virgin Islands

    Known as “the virgin island that still is,” Guana is one of the last remaining privately-owned islands left in the Caribbean. And this island certainly is private. There are no more than 32 guests on the island at any give time, giving each guest more th…"

  39. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Caye Caulker in Belize

    Caye Caulker is a tiny coral island off the coast of Belize, accessible only by water taxi or small plane. Thought to be the place where sailors once stopped to caulk their boats, the calm, open waters of this island are now perfect for snorkeling. The …"

  40. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Boca Grande in US South East, United States

    Boca Grande was once only a place for the retired to put up their feet, but the carefully guarded secret of this island town has recently escaped, and now more people are discovering the quiet solitude that is Boca Grande. The beaches are in peak conditi…"

  41. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Ocean City Beach in United States

    Ocean City is the quintessential boardwalk carnival for the East Coast. Perfect for families, Ocean City has roller coasters, arcades, water parks and even sky diving. And the beach itself isn’t bad either. Ocean City has great water for fishing and boat…"

  42. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Mackinac Island in Lakes Midwest, United States

    For a beach holiday of the Victorian kind, Mackinac Island takes the cake. Explore the island’s natural beauty by foot, bike or horse and buggy – no cars allowed here. Even the island’s lodgings capture the essence of the late nineteenth century, with el…"

  43. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Cape May in United States

    An old-fashioned beach with hometown charm, Cape May is the oldest seaside resort in America. But don’t let this beach’s age fool you – Cape May retains its classic charm without sacrificing the modern luxuries. Spend a day at the spa, charter a fishing…"

  44. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, United States

    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a seaside amusement park complete with carnival rides, arcades, mini golf and all the funnel cakes that you can eat. Great for families and the eternally young-at-heart, this California beach boardwalk transports you back to…"

  45. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed The Corn Palace in Plains Midwest, United States

    My family and I stumbled upon this cultural gem while road tripping one summer, and I have to say, it was a fantastic find. The World's Only Corn Palace has its home in Mitchell, South Dakota. The outside of the building is decorated with colorful murals…"

  46. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Hiking Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    By far one of the highlights of my trip to Edinburgh. There are many trails to reach the top of this 251 meter peak, ranging in difficulty from a grassy stroll to a craggy hike. And no matter which route you choose to take to the top, the breathtaking vi…"

  47. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Main Beach, East Hampton in US East Coast, United States

    There’s a reason why world famous celebs like Sean “Diddy” Combs flock to the beaches of the Hamptons every summer. But this beach is more than just a playground for the rich. Main Beach in East Hampton has clear icy blue water, sandy dunes and massive c…"

  48. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Ocracoke Island in Appalachian States, United States

    Once known as the haunt of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, Ocracoke Island is now heralded for its secluded, undeveloped beaches and its unique regional charm. Ocracoke Island is one of the barrier islands of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and is only acce…"

  49. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Moshup Beach in New England, United States

    Moshup Beach captures the best of Martha’s Vineyard beaches but without the throngs of people. Visitors often unwisely overlook Moshup Beach for more popular landmarks along the vineyard, so the long stretches of sandy shore are usually free for you to p…"

  50. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Papakolea Beach in Hawaii, United States

    Green Sands Beach (or Papakolea) is the definition of seclusion. The beach, which is known for the sparkling green sands that grace the shore, is carefully tucked away where only the truly dedicated beachcomber can uncover it. A dusty trek of two miles b…"

  51. June 2008
  52. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed The Imperial War Museum in London, United Kingdom

    The Imperial War Museum of London chronicles British military involvement throughout the twenty-first century. You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the museum’s four floors of collections, which engage the visitor with hands-on exhibits, fi…"

  53. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Onkoshi Camp in Namibia

    Onkoshi Camp is brand-new environmentally friendly lodge in the Etosha National Park. The camp's 15 units are designed to be exclusive and upscale and the camp has a restaurant, bar and pool on site. Guests arrive via Namutoni from where they are drive…"

  54. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Zibadianja Camp in NW Botswana, Botswana

    The Zibadianja Camp captures a traditional safari experience but infuses it with extra hospitality and intimacy. Only six guests at a time stay in safari-style tents overlooking the Zibadianja lagoon. The camp has a viewing area and bar which overlook …"

  55. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Taleni Etosha Village in Namibia

    The brand new Taleni Etosha Village is somewhere between a modern resort and a traditional African village, near one of Namibia's premiere gaming reserves, Etosha National Park. There are 40 self-catering chalets - each with twin beds, en-suite bathroom…"

  56. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Camp Okuti in NW Botswana, Botswana

    Camp Okuti is a newly remodelled lodge in the Okavango Delta of Africa, only a short drive away from the Moremi Game Reserve, one of the best places to see some of Africa's famous wildlife. With only room for 22, guests stay in insect-proof cabins with …"

  57. December 2007
  58. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Cocos Island National Park in

    Cocos Island National Park is straight out of a swashbuckling adventure story, complete with pirates, shipwrecks and even buried treasure. This island in Costa Rica is said to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island, and e…"

  59. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Kilauea, United States

    Yes, most people think about the beaches when visiting Hawaii, but the actively spitting giants in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park play as important a role in defining the state’s famous landscape as beaches do. On this World Heritage site are two o…"

  60. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis in Luxor, Egypt

    This ancient city has a claim to fame for its defeat of the invincible Sparta in 371 BC. But Thebes has much more to brag about than winning the battle that ended Spartan rule. In fact, to list the entirety of this city’s accomplishments – historical, po…"

  61. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Memphis and its Necropolis in Cairo, Egypt

    This city was the ancient capital of the kingdom of Egypt. According to legend, Memphis was established by Menes in 3100 BC and once became one of the most populous cities in the world. There are ruins from Ptah and Apis temples, known as world wonders d…"

  62. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles

    Adabra Atoll has always been tucked away from human intervention – so it’s no wonder that more than 150,000 tortoises find refuge on the sandy shores of one of the largest coral atolls in the world. Besides the island manager and his staff, there are no …"

  63. November 2007
  64. Jordan-Ashley Baker reviewed Mont Perdu in Aragon, Spain

    Its name means ‘Lost Mountain’ but the dramatic, craggy silhouette of Mount Perdu, surrounded by the beautiful Pyrenees, is almost impossible to miss. This mountain range spans the border between France and Spain and includes several waterfal…"