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8th October 2007

Jon is a Parapsychology convert which means he believes that some conscious essence of us survives after death. He is one of a handful of people who know the correct name for the cards Dr. Peter Venkman uses to test for telepathy in Ghostbusters. He is sending you the name now - can you pick it up?
Jon enjoys testing his beliefs and listening to well thought out arguments about what happens after we die, though he is in no way a morbid person.
Jon is also a father of three and a gradually retiring doctor, proving that he must be at least partly sane and has also studied medicine, (though it was a while ago now.).

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  1. October 2009
  2. Jon Falkes reviewed Mercer Williams House (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) in Savannah, United States

    Jim Williams loved Savannah. He spent a lot of his own wealth buying and restoring the beautiful old homes of Savannah, including his own at 426 Bull Street on the corner of Monterey Square, which was built by a New York architect for General Hugh W. Me…"

  3. October 2008
  4. Jon Falkes reviewed Spirits of Gettysburg in US East Coast, United States

    The battle of Gettysburg saw a lot of violent action take place over a very small space of ground: one of the elements I believe to be key to a location reverberating with the residual energy which causes a place to effect people in the kind of way we at…"

  5. Jon Falkes reviewed Ground Zero in New York City, United States

    It may be too soon for many Americans to consider the paranormal potential of Ground Zero. It may cut too close to the bone for some people for me to even talk about the former site of the twin towers with this view in mind; many are still grieving and …"

  6. October 2007
  7. Jon Falkes reviewed What lies below the surface of Sing Sing? in US East Coast, United States

    Sing Sing Correctional Facility was designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. A maximum security prison, it was built in 1828 so has had plenty of time to absorb all kinds of nasty energy from the nasty inmates and their nasty treatment by nasty guar…"

  8. Jon Falkes rated What lies below the surface of Sing Sing?

  9. Jon Falkes reviewed Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Louisville, United States

    If parapsychologists beliefs that negative energy leaves an indelible mark on an environment are correct then the thousands of souls who died of illness or madness within the walls of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium have certainly infected these bricks and …"

  10. Jon Falkes rated Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium

  11. Jon Falkes rated Alcatraz

  12. Jon Falkes reviewed Alcatraz in San Francisco, United States

    In the middle of a cold, grey bay, surrounded by dangerous waters keeping the warmth of the city lights out and the damp and fog in sits a lonely rock on which the notorious prison Alcatraz was built to house some of the people America feared most. Alca…"