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  1. May 2009
  2. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post Era 7, May 22

    With no PA to help me out of bed, I had a little lie in. Gently rolling with the swell of the boat, I allowed my brain to join me. We arose together, grabbed a quick shower and went outside for a look."

  3. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post Era 6, May 21

    I awoke with a mission. Maybe it was the environment, or maybe I was just cold, but I had a mission. All I needed to do today was to be in Devonport to re-greet the orange overalled brigade and be ushered places by around 2pm and it was only 30km away."

  4. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post Era 5, May 20

    I was becoming used to my grudging acceptance of all things morning. Morning, I’m sure, was mildly tolerating my existence also, and we met again. I had a quick wander through town, buying film and other necessities, and continued on my way."

  5. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post Era 4, May 19

    Today, I wasn’t going to travel as far, so I allowed myself the luxury of a short sightseeing jaunt. This was a good call. Battling my morning dilemma, my fast was broken so I got the hell out of Hobart and headed South."

  6. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post Era 3, May 18

    “My bum is sore” I believe was one of my first waking thoughts. And when my brain had duly processed that one, it dispatched some feelers out to check if indeed this thought was true, or perhaps I had dreamt that I had sat on an Ikea chair for several day"

  7. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post Era 2, May 17

    I should talk about water here. Not drinking water, but the white stuff churned up by boats that flows delicately along the side of the hull, and maelstroms at the stern. It fascinates me. I can spend hours staring down at it. I’ve often caught the famous"

  8. Jon Shaw wrote a blog post A Motorcycling Guide to Sightseeing With Peripheral Vision

    It started with a lie. Well, not an intentional one, but it turned out that that’s what it was. And it’s not like it was a lie designed to hurt or mislead; it was a factual recommendation that turned out to be incorrect. Rather like in the words of one Wi"