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9th July 2007

Dead and gone? Don't you believe it! I have been interested in knowing the truth of things since my teens. Wondering what it is that's out there in the universe, how it all works, why it all works. I've looked at scientific explanations from E=mc2, quantum mechanics and string theories; the universe as a hologram etc to ethereal concepts such as God, Karma and afterlife accountability. The one thing I have discovered is that it's best not to rely too much on books or other peoples experience but to 'do it' yourself. One of the reasons I like this website is that it encourages people to get out and try different things.
I have written for paranormal magazines and appeared on television with Haunted Weekend, clearing a haunted flat in Cromer. The programme is called My Horror Home and can be seen on one of the Discovery channels from time to time (they repeat it a lot)
The motto of my company, Haunted Weekend is 'Exploring Other Possibilities' and during my investigations into the paranormal I have come into contact with and seen things that defy rational explanation. I hope my reviews will encourage some of you to explore other possibilities too. Who knows what you might find in the dark?


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  1. October 2007
  2. John Blythe reviewed Ghostly goings-on in the Village Hall in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    It didn’t feel strange, at first. We had held a number of charity clairvoyant shows there before we carried out any paranormal investigations and when you are busy, with over two hundred people to cater for ‘strange’ is not something you really notice.…"

  3. John Blythe rated Ghostly goings-on in the Village Hall

  4. John Blythe rated St Benet's Abbey

  5. John Blythe reviewed St Benet's Abbey in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    The Abbey of St Benets lies on a sand and gravel island called Cow Holm surrounded by grazing marshes beside the River Bure. In the Middle Ages it was approached by land along a broad causeway from Horning to the north west and by river along the Bure. I…"

  6. John Blythe reviewed Ghostly Monks of Dragon Hall in Norwich, United Kingdom

    Dragon Hall; the name itself stirs the imagination. This medieval site is Grade 1 listed and one of the most important and stylish buildings in the history of Norwich. Located close to a former Augustine friary the residual energy of Monks can still b…"

  7. John Blythe rated Ghostly Monks of Dragon Hall

  8. John Blythe rated Woodchester Mansion

  9. John Blythe reviewed Woodchester Mansion in West Country, United Kingdom

    Woodchester Mansion is a Victorian mansion that was never completed and fully lived in. It was built by the freemason William Leigh and replaced a Georgian country house called Spring Park. Since his death in 1873 the Mansion has been the focus of invest…"

  10. September 2007
  11. John Blythe rated Death with a View (The Town House Hotel)

  12. John Blythe reviewed Death with a View (The Town House Hotel) in Norwich, United Kingdom

    The Town House Hotel. Norwich. Table 15. River view. You turn to your dinner companion with a smile that suddenly freezes on your face when the glass you were about to drink from is thrown from the table by an invisible hand. You stay the …"

  13. August 2007
  14. John Blythe rated Ghosts of The Great White Horse Hotel.

  15. John Blythe reviewed Ghosts of The Great White Horse Hotel. in Ipswich, United Kingdom

    My first contact with this hotel was when I was asked to conduct a paranormal investigation with a local radio station for their Halloween programme. We were looking for the Lady in Grey and the victim of a murder, maybe the murderer was still about to…"

  16. John Blythe rated Palermo catacombs

  17. John Blythe rated The Gay Ghost of The George Hotel.

  18. John Blythe reviewed The Gay Ghost of The George Hotel. in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    I was asked to investigate The George Hotel, in North Norfolk by ‘Paranormal Norfolk’, a regional magazine dedicated to all things spooky. Paul Hanrahan; the television Ghost Detective, who also writes a column for them was to be involved and we were loo…"

  19. July 2007
  20. John Blythe rated Haunting at the Station Hotel, Dudley

  21. John Blythe reviewed Haunting at the Station Hotel, Dudley in Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Featured on television by ‘Most Haunted’ the Station Hotel holds many dark secrets, particularly in the cellars. The story tells of a hotel manager who enticed a servant girl into the cellar. Spurning his advances and threatening to tell his wife, the gi…"