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30th June 2008

It might look like I'm on some sort of prison ship, but it's just me heading back on a ferry from Northern Ireland one grim January day with a newspaper crudely made into a hat. I lost the hat.

Captaincy hasn't come calling since this fateful day.

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  1. September 2009
  2. John Johnston rated The Spy Museum

  3. John Johnston rated Smithsonian Institution Museums

  4. January 2009
  5. John Johnston reviewed Lamborghini Museum in Modena, Italy

    They’ve adorned many a child’s bedroom wall and for many it is the first thing they think of when asked what they would buy if they won the lottery. It’s not until you see a Lamborghini in reality that you can really appreciate their beauty however, the …"

  6. December 2008
  7. John Johnston reviewed King Tut’s in Glasgow, United Kingdom

    King Tut’s is where Alan McGhee saw Oasis for the first time, signing them there and then. This is only part of the rich history of the iconic Glasgow venue though, and if you are to ask around King Tut’s is found to be a favourite of both fans and bands…"

  8. John Johnston reviewed Glasgow Film Theatre in Glasgow, United Kingdom

    The Glasgow Film Theatre may be dwarfed by Europe’s tallest cinema that towers just down the road, but the art deco GFT is by far the more intimate venue, adding so much more to a film than the latest Cineworld can offer. The plush seats and beautiful su…"

  9. John Johnston reviewed The Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, United Kingdom

    The Kelvingrove Museum was established in Glasgow’s west end in 1901 as part of the Glasgow International Exhibition. In the run-up to the centenary of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in 2001, Glasgow City Council began to prepare for a complete resto…"

  10. September 2008
  11. John Johnston rated CN Tower

  12. August 2008
  13. John Johnston reviewed Shelley-Keats House in Rome, Italy

    ‘Rome is yet the capital of the world. It is a city of palaces and temples, more glorious than those which any other city contains, and of ruins more glorious than they’ Percy Bysshe Shelley remarked to Thomas Love Peacock in a letter in 1839. Situated o…"

  14. John Johnston reviewed Emil Racovita Cave in Ukraine

    Usually explosions at quarries are a bad thing, but sometimes they bring up an unexpected result. That’s what happened in 1959, when an explosion occurred in the Gypsum quarry in Moldova. What was found was the Emil Racovita Cave, one of the biggest cave…"

  15. John Johnston reviewed San Siro Stadium Tour in Milan, Italy

    One of the proudest, most passionate football nations in the world, Italy’s Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is cited as the latter day equivalent to the Coliseum of Rome. More commonly known as the San Siro, the stadium is home to two of Europe’s biggest teams, A…"

  16. John Johnston reviewed Planete Futuroscope in Cognac, France

    They don’t call it Planete Futuroscope for nothing. A giant 53 hectare theme park, Futuroscope uses the latest audio and visual technology to entertain! 3D screens, interactive attractions and giant screens are all used to give visitors their thrills and…"

  17. John Johnston reviewed The Blue Grotto in Malta

    Il-Hnejja in Maltese (meaning ‘the arch’), The Blue Grotto got its English name from an British soldier who thought it looked similar to the Grotta Azzuzza (The Blue grotto) in Capri, Italy. The Blue Grotto (the Malta one, keep up) is high on tourist’s i…"

  18. John Johnston reviewed Linnanmaki Amusement Park in Western Finland, Finland

    Amusement parks are an odd thing, they have all these attachments to our happy (and not so happy) childhood memories yet behind them lurk these big bad corporate companies trying to extract every last amount from us. They’re not really such innocent plac…"

  19. John Johnston rated Planete Futuroscope

  20. John Johnston rated Linnanmaki Amusement Park

  21. John Johnston rated Atomium

  22. John Johnston rated Emil Racovita Cave

  23. John Johnston rated The Blue Grotto

  24. John Johnston reviewed Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway

    "After dying in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030, King Olav Haraldsson was buried by Nidelven, the river Nid. Tradition has it that the high Altar of the Cathedral now stands on the exact spot of this burial site. One year and five days after he died the …"

  25. John Johnston rated Nidaros Cathedral

  26. John Johnston rated Shelley-Keats House

  27. John Johnston rated San Siro Stadium Tour

  28. John Johnston reviewed Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

    The first world fair after WWII had to be special, it was going to be the meeting point of many nations eager to strengthen the bonds of peace and democracy that were slowly being built in the aftermath of one of humanity’s most destructive periods. Bein…"

  29. John Johnston rated The Slovensky Raj

  30. John Johnston reviewed Makasutu Cultural Forest in Brikama, Gambia

    Meaning ‘sacred deep forest’ in the local Madinka dialect, Makasutu Culture Forest is located about 5km north of Brikama and is a lush green wilderness fed by a tributary of the Mandina Bolon. There are a variety of ecosystems within the Makasutu, sava…"

  31. John Johnston rated Makasutu Cultural Forest

  32. John Johnston rated Katchikali Crocodile Park

  33. John Johnston rated Jinack Island

  34. John Johnston reviewed Katchikali Crocodile Park in Brikama, Gambia

    In the tourist town of Bakau, Gambia, the Katchikali Crocodile pool, discovered hundreds of years ago by the natives is home to more than a hundred crocodiles. Considered a magical place, as are other crocodile pools’, bathing in the water is believed to…"

  35. John Johnston reviewed Abuko Nature Reserve in Brikama, Gambia

    Abuko nature reserve is the smallest protected area in Gambia but that doesn’t mean that is small on spectacle. It is packed with easily viewed wildlife, including western red colobus and callithrix monkeys, crocodiles, antelopes and spectacular birds an…"

  36. John Johnston reviewed Jinack Island in Senegal

    Africa is undeniably a harsh and difficult continent to survive in and this is the reason why many find it such a beguiling place to visit. Jinack Island is yet to be ‘discovered’ by tourism, and lacks amenities such as electricity, running water and car…"

  37. John Johnston reviewed Xcaret Eco Park in Cancún, Mexico

    The Xcaret Eco Park doesn’t scream excitement. It might be the ‘eco park’ that led me to believe that, but thankfully it isn’t one of those attractions that chastise you for what you have (or haven’t) done to save the planet. ‘Eco Park’ reads for this at…"

  38. John Johnston reviewed El Tajin in Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Mexico

    Some of South America’s ancient treasures have become overly popular with tourists, who erode the wonder from the ruins in much the same way that the weather does, but El Tajin is still relatively unscathed. Over 150 buildings have been identified on th…"

  39. John Johnston reviewed Bull fights in Monumental Plaza in Mexico City, Mexico

    The sport of bull-fighting has drawn much criticism from animal-friendly groups yet still the sport remains popular in Spain and South America. Although, obvious cruelty is sometimes abhorrently on show, bull-fighting is a majestic and skilful art matche…"

  40. John Johnston reviewed The Bruce Trail in New Brunswick, Canada

    If you love your trails then the Bruce Trail in Canada is probably already familiar to you. The trail follows the edge of the Niagara escarpment, one of UNESCO’s Canadian biosphere reserves. The Bruce Trail and the escarpment run through some of the mos…"

  41. John Johnston reviewed Voyageur Trail in Ontario, Canada

    We’ve kind of covered this world as far as land is concerned haven’t we? The only places left unchartered are the deep recesses of the sea that are pretty dark and chilly from what I can surmise. That doesn’t mean that we can’t feel like pioneers in some…"

  42. John Johnston reviewed Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada

    The dream of a stock-broker who bet well on the advent of electricity and rail travel in the west of Canada, Casa Loma could have been a vulgar monument to one man’s “greatness”. However, Sir Henry Pallatt had a dear love of fine art and architecture and…"

  43. John Johnston reviewed Kleinburg in Toronto, Canada

    Wishing for a return to the old ways of life? Kleinburg in Canada might just be the village to rejuvenate the soul. Nestled atop the Humber River ridge and surrounded by spectacular views, the village is a testament to early Canadian architecture and ooz…"

  44. John Johnston reviewed Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

    Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of Vancouver, British Columbia's most popular tourist attractions, set within the beautiful Capilano Park. Vancouver's oldest attraction, it was originally built in 1889, spans 450 feet (137m) across and stretches 230 f…"

  45. John Johnston reviewed Kortright Centre in Ottawa, Canada

    The Kortright Centre for Conservation is Ontario’s premiere environmental and renewable energy education centre and, if you are interested in doing your part, is well worth a visit. The Kortright Centre combines a natural oasis with some of the most cutt…"

  46. John Johnston reviewed Montmorency Falls in Montreal, Canada

    While Niagara Falls gets all the attention, Montmorency Falls in Quebec quietly goes about its business. Standing at 84m high, Montmorency Falls is 30m higher than its more popular cousin. The park surrounding the Falls is a natural beauty, as you would…"

  47. John Johnston reviewed McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Ottawa, Canada

    The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is a unique and thoroughly niche experience. From the art that the gallery showcases to the surrounding landscape it finds itself in, the McMichael is the perfect introduction to Canada – its art, people, culture and…"

  48. John Johnston reviewed Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada

    Nestled in the centre of what is arguably one of Canada’s finest cities, Granville Island is an oasis that will seduce your senses. The gathering spot for locals and tourists, Granville Island allows you sample the fresh food on offer in the markets and …"

  49. John Johnston reviewed Haida Totem Poles in Canada

    The Haida people have thrived on the islands known as “Haida Gwaii” or ‘the islands of the people’ for thousands of years. With a firm respect and understanding of the environment, the Haida people were able to build a complex society and a distinct arch…"

  50. John Johnston reviewed CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

    Claiming to be Canada’s wonder of the world, the CN Tower has a decent claim. At a height of 553.33m it was the world’s tallest building (until the Burj Dubai showed up), whilst actually performing a telecommunications function and being the centerpiece …"

  51. John Johnston reviewed St. Joseph's Oratory in Ontario, Canada

    In 1904, Brother Andre Bessette of the Congregation of Holy Cross began the construction of a small chapel on the side of the mountain near Notre Dame College. Soon, that became much too small and a church, known as the crypt, was added in 1917. In 1924 …"

  52. John Johnston reviewed Canada's Wonderland in Toronto, Canada

    Canada’s Wonderland theme park is one of North America’s premiere amusement parks, with more than 200 attractions and around three million visitors a year. Just outside Toronto, the park that was formerly known as Paramount Wonderland, has more hair-rais…"

  53. John Johnston reviewed Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

    Built in 1932 by David Duncan of the Macintosh Toffee family, Giraffe Manor is a Scottish hunting lodge, yet boasting views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and surrounded by 140 acres of indigenous forest just outside Nairobi. The Manor is exclusive, with only six fu…"

  54. John Johnston reviewed The Anatolian Cave Suites in Kayseri, Turkey

    The Anatolian Cave Suites are in the heart of the ancient region of Cappadocia, amongst the awe-inspiring volcanic landscape which gives a strange moonscape vibe to the area. Built deep within the caves, there are 19 Anatolian Cave Suites and they aren’…"

  55. John Johnston reviewed Dog Bark Park in Plains Midwest, United States

    Dog Bark Park is a bed and breakfast honouring the roadside architecture found along the highways of America. In homage to the coffee pot gas stations and milk bottle shaped restaurants, the hotel was designed by artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conkl…"

  56. John Johnston reviewed Schottenstift Monastery in Innsbruck, Austria

    Some hotels have been criticised for their monastery-like atmosphere but this one has to be applauded for it. The Schottenstift Monastery Guesthouse is actually part of an old Benedictine monastery and you can hear the monks chanting sometimes when comin…"

  57. John Johnston reviewed Edisto River Treehouses in US South East, United States

    For some a holiday means getting away from it all. For others it really means getting away from it all. If you think off the beaten track just isn’t far enough away then try the Edisto River Treehouses. The treehouses sleep 2-8 people depending on what …"

  58. John Johnston reviewed Propeller Island in Berlin, Germany

    If you want your room to be more than just a place to lay your head then the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin delivers. Every room has a theme and how you lay your head depends entirely on the theme you get. For those wanting to reclaim their youth…"

  59. John Johnston reviewed House in the Clouds in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    You’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing but have you heard of a water tower in cottage clothing? Chances are you haven’t because that is a rubbish phrase, but one of these exists and you can stay in it. When Braithwaite’s of London built a hideous wa…"

  60. John Johnston reviewed Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton, United Kingdom

    See the problem with hotels is that they’re all very similar; the soft lighting, the neutral tones and the monastery-like atmosphere. Well, the Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton isn’t. The 19 bedrooms are all individually decorated by ‘visionary artists’ with…"

  61. John Johnston reviewed The King Pacific Lodge in Vancouver, Canada

    The King Pacific Lodge in British Columbia is luxury in the heart of the wilderness. Designed for absolute comfort, and positioned to capture spectacular views of the landscape. A remarkably civilized place in the midst of absolute wilderness, I don’t ne…"

  62. John Johnston reviewed The Harlingen Harbour Crane in The Netherlands

    The Harlingen Harbour Crane is an unusual hotel. Firstly, the very friendly owners don’t do e-mail, preferring to have human contact with guests before bookings. Secondly, it was an actual crane until 1996, but a substantial and thoroughly modern renovat…"

  63. John Johnston reviewed Horse Guards Parade in London, United Kingdom

    Home to some of England’s most treasured and celebrated traditions, the Horse Guards Parade is the spot for getting a picture of grand-old traditional England. The Horse Guards Parade is something that, as a Londoner, you’re well aware of but never reall…"

  64. John Johnston reviewed Tower Bridge in London, United Kingdom

    Completed in 1894 and still one of London’s most iconic landmarks, Tower Bridge is also a monument to its time. With the east of London becoming densely populated in the 19th century due to the major port and no bridges east of London Bridge, journeys we…"

  65. John Johnston reviewed Castle Coch in Wales, United Kingdom

    Perched high over vertical cliffs and surrounded by dark, wooded glades, Castle Coch (Red Castle) was rebuilt in 1890 to serve as a country retreat for the third Marquis of Bute. The castle was built upon the foundations of an earlier castle and W. Burge…"

  66. John Johnston reviewed Longleat in West Country, United Kingdom

    Completed in 1580 and now home to the 7th Marquee of Bath, Longleat House is set within 900 acres of landscaped parkland, with a further 8000 acres of woodland, lakes and farmland surrounding it. A tour of the house is available, taking in the sites of t…"

  67. John Johnston reviewed HMS Victory in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

    For some Englishmen, there's nothing better than seeing a monument to the glory days, something that makes pride swell their chests before they burst into “God Save the Queen”. HMS Victory is one of those monuments. HMS Victory is the only surviving war…"

  68. John Johnston reviewed Legoland in Reading, United Kingdom

    Lego – the greatest game that never worked for me. No matter how hard I tried nothing ever came to fruition, while my cousin (ok he was ten years older) was creating articulated lorries that actually turned and moved. With a strong presence in every you…"

  69. John Johnston reviewed London Dungeon in London, United Kingdom

    Is there a better way of bringing history to people than using the gruesome highlights of the past to scare the hell out of them? The London Dungeon is a great way of giving the kid's an unforgettable day (probably a few nightmares too!) and making sure …"

  70. John Johnston reviewed Andrea Palladio's villas of the Veneto in Venice, Italy

    In the twilight of the Renaissance, some 500 years ago, a group of country houses unlike homes ever seen before began to appear. With many noble families being drawn to the area, the need was for something more suited to the countryside than a Venetian p…"

  71. John Johnston reviewed Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia

    Regardless of whether you thought Steve Irwin was an amazing man or a stupid one, it is impossible to dismiss his influence on bringing a fascination with the animal world back into popular culture. The zoo set up by his parents, Lyn and Bob, who was a w…"