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  1. December 2009
  2. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Krk in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Krk is joint largest of the Dalmatian islands, and joined to the mainland by a concrete road bridge which is one of the world's longest, which means its an easy holiday destination for people coming from Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Austria looking for…"

  3. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Kandarola Beach in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Kandarola beach is thought to have been Croatia's first nudist beach, and it all started when Rab island's local authorities gave permission for King Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson to go skinny dipping in 1936 - which is a raunchy thing for a king to ask f…"

  4. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Pag in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Pag is one of the largest islands along the Dalmatian Coast, often called, and more often thought of, as the Croatian Ibiza, because this is the place to go if you fancy a night out in a club or bar on the beach. The main drag when it comes to clubs is …"

  5. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Brač in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    One of the main reasons to visit Brač is for the beaches, especially Zlatni Rat which isn't just one of the Dalmatian's Coast most photographed beaches, it's also Croatia's top windsurfing beach, and one with the kind of clear water off its peb…"

  6. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Zlatni Rat Beach in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    This beach changes shape with the tides and currents under the water and the winds above the water level, so it's not possible to describe it via calling it a romantic arch, because sometimes it's a bit lopsided or a little narrow in places. That doesn'…"

  7. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Vis in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Until 1989 Vis, the Croatian island farthest from the coast, was a military base. After the last sub pulled out the island was quickly colonised by the boat set looking for fresh territory to explore. As well as the boating set the foodie set have also…"

  8. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Šipan in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Šipan is a touch north of Dubrovnik. The largest of the Elaphiti islands it's got a population of 500, living on a couple of limestone crests on top of which olives, figs, almonds, oranges and carob are grown, in amongst the endemic palm trees. …"

  9. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Korčula in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Venetian architecture in ancient walled towns and sandy secluded bays, two thirds of the island is covered in pine woods and much of the rest is covered in vineyards making Korcula one of the greenest Adriatic islands."

  10. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Mljet in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Long, narrow Mljet is separated from the Pelješac peninsula by the Mljet Channel and covered in ancient forests, which hide many dramatic gorges and chasms now protected by National Park boundaries. Its two lakes, Malo and Veliko are much photogr…"

  11. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Saplunara beach in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Saplunara beach: Saplunara beach on Mljet island is beautiful and comparatively unspoiled. The reasons it qualifies as beautiful can probably be pinned down to the clean white sand in two Aleppo pine and juniper fringed coves. In the largest cove grow …"

  12. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Slanica beach in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Slanica beach, Murter is the kind of beach beach volleyball, and other sandy sports lovers like: there's lots of sand, clear, shallow waters and not too many rocky lurking in either to do your feet any damage if you miscalculate your footwork.  Good…"

  13. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Palagruža in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Palagruža is a wild and rocky island halfway between Italy and Croatia.  Its only building is a lighthouse, but most people come for the beaches, which are covered in fine pebbles the roll out into clear, shallow bays ideal for families.  You c…"

  14. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Murter in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Just off shore from the mainland – just a 20m wide sea canal crossed with a long drawbridge from it, Murter island is also is prime position for the scattering of small and pretty islands that are part of the Kornati National Park. The beaches are …"

  15. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Cres in Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    East from Istria in the Kvarner Gulf lies Cres, an island of contrasts, of steep rocky cliffs to verdant forests, to mountain peaks that sometimes even get a sprinkling of snow. One of the reasons Cres is such a green and pleasant place is its lake, Vra…"

  16. June 2009
  17. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Zakynthos in Ionian Islands, Greece

    As well as olive oil and grapes, this lush island also offers visitors a bounty in currants and citrus fruit; and of course in rocky mountain views, epic looking cliffs and quiet, warm beachy-bays. The rocky landscape is quite famous, the island has all…"

  18. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Porto Katsiki in Ionian Islands, Greece

    "This is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, at the bottom of an arc of pale cliff that seem to have the clean lines of something designed by an architect rather than a natural wonder. It rises out of the water like a wedge, narrow at the centre of…"

  19. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Antisamos Beach in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This pebbly, turquoise watered beach nestles into a horseshoe shaped bay just around the corner from the town of Sami. Behind the beach are cliffs, which is where people park their cars, and then green hills rising out of them – so the eye has to conten…"

  20. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Lefkada (Lefkas} in Ionian Islands, Greece

    Technically Lefkada isn't an island, seeing as it can be reached by road or on foot, along a narrow strip of land joined by a 50 metre long drawbridge, but it is almost an island and ticks many of the boxes the best Greek islands should, including clear,…"

  21. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Serifos in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    In mythology, Serifos was the island that Danaë and her son Perseus ended up on after being set adrift by her father, Acrisius, who was warned by an oracle that his grandson would be the one to kill him. These days visitors arrive via the same natural h…"

  22. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Ithaca in Ionian Islands, Greece

    This island has one of the world's largest natural harbours, rocky mountains and beautiful white pebbled and fine sandy beaches. But Ithaca is best known for being the home of Odysseus, who spent most of Homer's Odyssey making his way back to these deep…"

  23. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Kythnos in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Kythnos has more than 70 beaches along its 100kms of coastline, a series of lovely crescent shaped bays of clear water and fine sands, yet it's not very popular with international visitors; the Greeks still like to come here, especially for the long week…"

  24. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Sifnos in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Sifnos is on the western edge of the Cyclades, less popular with the tourists, but no less pretty, with its cosmopolitan and colourful port and green, by Cycladic standards, interior. Sifnos has the same whitewashed towns as the more popular islands, si…"

  25. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Milos in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    This is where she came from. The beautiful, but armless, statue of Aphrodite called the Venus de Milo now housed in the Louvre and admired by many. It was this island's location, between Crete and mainland Greece, and its mineral wealth in obsidian, fr…"

  26. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Ios in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Ios rises out of the ocean on a lot of cliffs, then rises even further with its hills, the most picturesque of which are covered in whitewashed buildings cascading down them like waves, the blue domed roofs like beach balls. Cars don't do well in these …"

  27. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Abu Simbel in Egypt

    These two vast temples were carved into these orange rocks in the 13th Century BC, as a lasting monument to Pharaoh Ramesses II and his Queen Nefertari, but the entire structure was moved in the 1960s into its current position on a man made hill just up …"

  28. June 2007
  29. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Heron Island in Queensland, Australia

    Amid the beautiful natural setting of the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island attracts wildlife of all kinds and in every season; it's on the Humpback Whale migration path as well as the route of many migrating bird species. Birds and turtles build their n…"

  30. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Breach: Refuge of the Sumatran Tiger in Malaysia

    Between 18 and 24 rare Sumatran Tigers live in the Berbak National Park, one of the largest populations left in the wild. The region, on Sumatra’s east coast, has a forest of low growing trees and the ground is flooded and marshy for nine months of the …"

  31. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia

    Approximately 700 different animal species live in the jungles of Gunung Leuser National Park, one of Indonesia’s largest reserves and one of these species is the endangered Sumatran Tiger. Graceful and lithe, the Sumatran Tiger is slightly smalle…"

  32. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Minke Whales at the Baie Ste-Catherine in Quebec, Canada

    The waters around Baie Ste-Catherine are home to hundreds of beluga and minke whales, who host their larger migratory cousins, humpbacks and blue whales during the migrating season between June and October. The minkes especially are known for putting …"

  33. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Birds of the Danube Delta in Dobrogea, Romania

    3000 pelican couples, families of swans, cormorants, spoonbills and egrets galore live amongst the maze of reeds and channels of the vast Danube Delta. The water is nutrient rich by the end of its long journey and provides a safe and abundant environmen…"

  34. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Pelican City: Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada

    Pelicans are one of the world's largest bird species and one of the most interesting to watch. The sight of them working in groups to herd fish into the shallows and then scooping them up in their expandable bills is one of the main attractions of the P…"

  35. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Wildlife of Wild Newfoundland in Newfoundland, Canada

    Wild and untamed, the Avalon Peninsula is a dramatic landscape of rocky cliffs and coves formed in the battles between glaciers and hardened sea ice. Caribou, whales and puffins and other seabirds thrive in this harsh environment, and though people have…"

  36. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Orcas off Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

    Orcas (Killer Whales like the famous ocean mammal celebrity, Shamu) are the most popular residents around Vancouver Island, joined in the migrating season by humpbacks and grey whales. Agile orcas have a range of interesting behaviours, which range from…"

  37. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Skomer Island: Britain's Bird Watching Paradise in Wales, United Kingdom

    Cut off from the mainland by a channel ravaged by strong currents, Skomer Island is protected from most predators and has become a vast nesting ground for a huge range of birds. There are 6,000 Puffin breeding pairs and 165,000 Manx Shearwater pairs, al…"

  38. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife Safari in Tanzania

    The Ngorongoro Crater and the area surrounding it are part of a Conservation Area inside which local tribes continue their traditional lifestyles amongst thousands of wild animals. The vast crater at the conservation area's centre is the world's largest…"

  39. Jodie Kimbah reviewed The Seahorse Nursery in Recife, Brazil

    The mangrove forests near Porto de Galinhas are home to a huge seahorse colony and nursery. Seahorses live amongst the mangrove roots where the water is still and they hang on to the roots with their tails during tidal movements, so they’re easy to spot…"

  40. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Wildlife of Canada's Arctic region in Manitoba, Canada

    Polar bears, arctic foxes, caribou, snowshoe hare, beluga whales, wolves, moose and seals are just some of the animals that thrive in the freezing tundra and pack ice of northern Canada and the Arctic Circle. They have adapted to the seasonal environmen…"

  41. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Humpback Whales in Madagascar in Madagascar

    Between June and September Humpback whales grace the waters around Isle Sainte Marie to give birth to and raise their calves in the warm waters, and their booming, melodic calls permeate the oceans quiet. Whales surround the island and even travel throu…"

  42. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Mountain Gorillas in the mists of Rwanda in Ruhengeri, Rwanda

    Dian Fossey was one of the many admirers of this volcanic rainforest region and its primate inhabitants, most famously the rare Mountain Gorilla. Visitors and guides track the gorillas, who roam freely though the dense jungles, to see close up how they …"

  43. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Wildlife at the Santa Rose National Park in Nicaragua

    Santa Rose National Park has a range of habitats, including estuaries, savanna, grassland and deciduous forests, providing homes for a huge diversity of animals. At last count the park had 155 different species of mammal (though around half are differen…"

  44. Jodie Kimbah reviewed The Macaws of Corcvado in Costa Rica

    The squawking voices of huge scarlet macaws ring out amid the clucking mating calls of the red-eyed tree frogs and the distant sounds of the big cats in the Parque Nacional Corcovado. Eight different kinds of ecosystem make up the park, including mangro…"

  45. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Lemur Town (Berenty Lemur Reserve) in Madagascar

    80% of Madagascar’s plants and animals are unique to the island making it a tropical paradise of unusual creatures and experiences. Among the most unique looking of Madagascar’s inhabitants are the lemurs, with their huge eyes and expressive faces, and …"

  46. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Bald Eagles in Alaska in Alaska, United States

    Bald Eagles are large and intimidating animals, with wingspans of up to seven feet, distinctive white head and tail feathers and an arrogant disposition. They’re fascinating animals to watch hunt; their keen eyesight allows them to spot prey over distan…"

  47. May 2007
  48. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Tiger Safari in India in Lahore, Pakistan

    Travel to a remote wilderness reserve in Kahna for a chance to meet with one of the world’s more famous predators. For the last few years successful tiger sightings have been on the up, however a longer tour of two weeks or so will maximize your c…"

  49. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Turtles in Bahia in Mexico

    Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles return to the coast in this region to lay their eggs on the same beaches where they hatched as tiny, 50 gram babies. Both of these types of turtle are endangered and a program has been created to help maintain the area f…"

  50. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Caiman Spotting in the Amazon in Amazon River, Brazil

    Caimans are South American alligators and no less intimidating than any other kind of alligator. Caiman spotting has become one of the not-to-miss Amazon activities (along with piranha fishing). You wait till dusk when the caimans are most active then …"

  51. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Kampung Kuantan Fireflies in Malaysia

    Take an evening canoe trip down the Selangor river and the canopy of stars over head will seem larger and will blink more than you’re used to… That’s because they won’t be stars over head but one of the worlds largest colonies of fireflies. The synchr…"

  52. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Golden Eagles in Scotland in Scotland, United Kingdom

    One of Britain's most exciting animals, Golden Eagles have excellent vision, sharp tearing claws and beaks, and intimidating wingspans. They’re also a birdwatchers dream, just not that easy to find. The Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre uses a combin…"

  53. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Swimming with Humpbacks in Tonga in Tonga

    Jump into the sapphire waters of the South Pacific Ocean and swim with one of the most majestic and impressive creatures of the sea. Patience is the key to interacting with the humpback; mothers protecting calves might avoid your path while curious juve…"

  54. Jodie Kimbah reviewed South Luangwa's Hippos and More in Northern Zambia, Zambia

    Concentrated around the Luangwa river, this is one of the best places to see a range of different game animals. The park is remote and animals gather naturally around the waterway's valleys creating a density of African wildlife seen in few other reserv…"

  55. Jodie Kimbah reviewed Seal Swimming in Kaikoura in South Island, New Zealand

    This coastal New Zealand city offers a variety of wildlife encounters but swimming with seals is probably the most unique. Established in 1987, Seal Swim Kaikoura brings visitors to the clear, shallow waters of Kaikoura Peninsula to swim with wild New Z…"