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  1. May 2009
  2. Jimba commented on Antalya

    "If you look on 'Need to know' above you will see the climate map."

  3. October 2008
  4. Jimba reviewed Dead Vlei, Sossusvlei in Namibia

    "For those that enjoyed Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, why not try this one in Namibia. A salt lake from hundreds of years ago with skeletal trees from that time is eerie enough. The surrounding sand dunes provide a perfect auditorium for this scene. A hot ve…"

  5. Jimba rated Ballooning in Sossusvlei

  6. June 2008
  7. Jimba rated Hermitage Museum

  8. Jimba reviewed Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

    "Put our of your mind the fact that many of these treasures were taken from the Germans who took them from other European powers in WWII. Neither is this the time to think about social equality, starving peasants in frozen wastelands and the lucky sperm c…"

  9. May 2008
  10. Jimba rated Lake Garda

  11. December 2007
  12. Jimba reviewed Tulum in Mexico

    "One of the more idyllic places for a ruin, right on the coast with a beautiful white beach beneath it. That enables you to relax and take your time and choose to see this ruin when others are not there. The beach used to be almost deserted too, but that…"

  13. Jimba rated Tulum

  14. November 2007
  15. Jimba reviewed The Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt

    "There are two ways to really appreciate these most ancient ruins. Get let in before any one else & walk around in the dark with a dim torch. Lie in the Kings chamber, turn the torch off, listen and imagine the ancient powers of this wonder of the world. …"

  16. Jimba rated The Great Pyramid

  17. Jimba reviewed Tikal in Tikal region, Guatemala

    "One of the best ruins in the world. Climb the steep temples & sit up there looking out over a sea of forest at the other temples sticking up like islands, watching & listening to the monkeys in the trees & walk back with fireflies darting around. The bes…"

  18. Jimba rated Tikal