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Jessica Chesko is a post graduate student currently working towards her master's degree in International Journalism at City University London. As an American living in London she is learning loads about the capital and enjoying every minute of it. She hopes to make a career out of travel journalism, writing for a magazine or an online site such as World Reviewer.

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  1. March 2010
  2. Jessica Chesko reviewed Platform 9 ¾ for the Hogwarts Express in London, United Kingdom

    "Any fan of the Harry Potter series will appreciate even the smallest book or movie landmark. So the fact that King’s Cross station opted to place a magical landmark in their usually strictly “muggle” hub is a huge deal for fans. A great picture op, P…"

  3. Jessica Chesko rated Platform 9 ¾ for the Hogwarts Express

  4. September 2009
  5. Jessica Chesko rated London

  6. Jessica Chesko reviewed Florence

    "Out of all of the amazing cities of Italy, Florence is the one I will never tire of visiting. It comprises all of the reasons people visit Italy into one compact city; art, architecture, scenery, shopping and cuisine. I consider Florence to be sort of th…"

  7. Jessica Chesko rated Florence

  8. Jessica Chesko rated The Pantheon

  9. Jessica Chesko rated Italy

  10. September 2008
  11. Jessica Chesko rated Magens Bay

  12. July 2008
  13. Jessica Chesko reviewed Magens Bay in U.S. Virgin Islands

    After spending most of my summers at the beach in Atlantic City New Jersey, Magens Bay was an incredible experience. For those of you who have spent time on New Jersey beaches, you know what I mean when I say that the water is grey and choppy, the sand i…"

  14. June 2008
  15. Jessica Chesko rated The Tangula Experience

  16. Jessica Chesko reviewed The Tangula Experience in Beijing, China

    For something new and exciting - a great way to see China - check out the new Tangula train. It claims to be the newest (September 2008) and the most advanced train in the world, giving travelers to China the opportunity to see places that were previousl…"

  17. Jessica Chesko rated Lake Como

  18. April 2008
  19. Jessica Chesko reviewed Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, United States

    Part of the scenic Kenai Peninsular jutting out from Alaska, the Kenai Fjords National Park includes the Harding Icefields. This area has been shaped by the ocean and by ice, the fjords in its name are the scooped out sections of coastline where ice ha…"

  20. Jessica Chesko reviewed Lake Como in Lombardy - Lakes, Italy

    Only a short train ride out of Milan lies the incredible wonder that is Lake Como (lago di Como). You have no chance to prepare for its beauty as the train zooms through a tunnel and emerges on the other side with the lake right there in all its glory. …"

  21. November 2007
  22. Jessica Chesko reviewed Sandemar in Stockholm, Sweden

    Known for its birds, wildlife and lovely natural attributes, Sandemar is a shallow and pretty Baltic bay located just out of Stockholm.  One of the most beautiful locals is the Rose Finch, who has a lovely song as well being an attractive bird."