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29th May 2008

I am a freelance writer and photographer, publishing illustrated articles in a range of UK and international magazines. My main interest is in people and the environment, particularly as it relates to travel. I also sell my photographs through the agency Photoshot - World Pictures, and directly as framed prints.

One of the earliest experiences I can remember is looking down a microscope and seeing the life in a drop of water. Ever since I've been compelled to explore the natural environment. I published my first magazine article, on keeping red-eared terrapins, while still at school.

Following a zoology degree I raised a family while working in science and ICT education. I always loved to travel and a simple experience set my life on a new pathway. The beach at Portbou on Spain's Mediterranean coast took on a new dimension when I borrowed a mask and snorkel to look below the water. An octopus slid along the sea bed, a shoal of delicate glinting fish sheltered between two rocks. However many TV documentaries you have watched, there is nothing like real first hand close up experience to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the natural environment. I had to explore this world.

I set out on a mission through freezing quarries and flooded drysuits to qualify as a scuba diver. Since then I have dived around the world. Seeing the wonderful but fragile marine ecosystem, I started writing travel articles to promote tourism with an environmental dimension.

In the harsh world of economic survival maybe we can help threatened species with our travel spending. A shark, a turtle, a dugong is more valuable alive than dead if enough travellers visit to swim with it. A marine reserve benefits the local economy if visiting divers use the local hotels and boats.

As well as diving, I like to explore mountains, deserts and wetlands, all unique environments. I enjoy meeting the people who live where I am travelling, experiencing the local food and culture, and using photography and writing to share my experiences.

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  1. April 2016
  2. Jenny Fowler reviewed Ski Les Arcs, Savoie, France in France

    Les Arcs is a group of ski resorts above the town of Bourg St Maurice in the French Alps. The resorts are named by their approximate altitude in metres so there is 1600, 1800, 1950 and 2000.You can stay in Bourg St Maurice and take a funicular ride (eur…"

  3. Jenny Fowler reviewed CERN - the European Council for Nuclear Research in Switzerland

    Snowy mountain tops encircle the buildings of Cern. Students wait in the sunshine for a tour. All peace and quiet in the sunshine.Deep inside the mountains is a 27 km diameter tunnel where dramatic science is happening.  Inside the tunnel, hydrogen …"

  4. July 2015
  5. Jenny Fowler reviewed Festival of San Isidro, Madrid, Spain in Madrid, Spain

    St Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid. He was canonised in 1623 and there was a religious procession in his honour. An eyewitness Sir Richard Wynn saw pageants, morris dancing, music and "other light things, far unfit to be mixed with anything t…"

  6. June 2015
  7. Jenny Fowler wrote a blog post Is this the best week to visit Madrid?

    Madrid's Festival of San Isidro has morphed from a religious procession to a full scale arts festival"

  8. March 2015
  9. Jenny Fowler rated Krka National Park, Croatia

  10. Jenny Fowler reviewed Krka National Park, Croatia in Croatia

    Krka National Park is about a 2 hour drive from Zadar. The nearest town is Skradin, where boat trips to the park start. Driving fron Zadar, the E71-E65 road bridge over the river Krka has a spectacular view of the river. There is a parking area to the s…"

  11. February 2015
  12. Jenny Fowler reviewed City of Ronda, Andalucia in Andalucia, Spain

    Approaching the historic city of Ronda by road, it appears first as a white line of buildings set along a distant  ridge.  Nearer, the road rises steeply through sharp bends and enters the town.Ronda is in two sections, the old and the new town…"

  13. Jenny Fowler reviewed El Torcal Natural Park, Antequera in Andalucia, Spain

    Firstly, if you like natural environments then allow a whole day to visit El Torcal. This review and photos are based on a visit late in the day when the light was fading and the visitor centre closed. It was still a memorable experience.El Torcal is a …"

  14. Jenny Fowler reviewed The Alcabaza, Antequera in Spain

    The lure of sunswept beaches draws plenty of visitors, and in consequence plenty of of budget priced flights, to Malaga Airport on Spain's Costa del Sol. Arriving at Malaga, traditional Spanish towns are only a short drive away but a world away in ambie…"

  15. Jenny Fowler reviewed Flamingos at Fuente de Piedra in Málaga, Spain

    Europe's second largest flamingo colony breeds in a shallow, salty lagoon in the Malaga region, near the town of Antequera.The lagoon lies near the village of Fuente de Piedra.There is a visitor centre with parking, and a path down to the lagoon nearby.…"

  16. Jenny Fowler reviewed Carriacou in Grenada

    If you're enjoying the relaxing feel of a holiday in Grenada, you'll enjoy the even more laid back island of Carriacou. It's a short flight from Grenada for those in a hurry, but the two-hour Osprey ferry trip from Grenada's harbour at St George is che…"

  17. July 2013
  18. Jenny Fowler reviewed Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman

    Polished marble pavements and flower beds surround Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in central Muscat. Opened in 2003, it is easy to find as it is just off Route 1, the main road through Muscat. It is a very impressive building, built to hold a total of 20,000…"

  19. June 2011
  20. Jenny Fowler rated Puerto del Carmen

  21. Jenny Fowler reviewed Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote, Spain

    Puerto del Carmen developed from a small fishing port into the main beach resort in Lanzarote. The port still sits picturesque at the western end. Holiday accommodation, bars and restaurants spread eastwards along the white sand beach Playa Grande. De…"

  22. Jenny Fowler rated Arrecife

  23. Jenny Fowler reviewed The North-West Coast of Lanzarote in Lanzarote, Spain

    The north-west coast of Lanzarote is a total contrast to the easy-going beaches and bays of the south. Exposed to the Trade Winds which blow steadily from the north-north-east and formed by volcanic eruption, the coast is dramatic. It's well worth a vi…"

  24. Jenny Fowler rated The North-West Coast of Lanzarote

  25. Jenny Fowler rated El Golfo

  26. Jenny Fowler reviewed El Golfo in Spain

    "Driving to El Golfo from the south, the road runs by the sea. The coast is made of black lava and the sea crashes against the rocks. You can pull off the road at several places to enjoy the spectacular views. El Golfo itself is a submerged volcani…"

  27. Jenny Fowler reviewed Timanfaya National Park Camel Tour and Museum in Lanzarote, Spain

    Traditionally, the farmers of Lanzarote used camels to help cultivate the dry, difficult land. They were brought from the nearby African mainland. Today the camels have been replaced in farming, but a tradition of caring for them survives. The remaini…"

  28. Jenny Fowler rated Timanfaya National Park Camel Tour and Museum

  29. Jenny Fowler rated Timanfaya National Park

  30. Jenny Fowler reviewed Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote, Spain

    "A landscape of black rough-hewn crags of lava, stretching from horizon to horizon, brings home the power of nature. A geology lesson made real, Timanfaya National Park has an impact in stark contrast to the easy-going beach life of Lanzarote. Tiny li…"

  31. Jenny Fowler wrote a holiday idea Scuba Diving in Lanzarote

    Clear water, sheltered bays and plenty of marine life make Lanzarote a great choice for training. Experienced divers can find greater depths relatively close to shore and there are wrecks ranging from shallow to technical diving depths. It's warm too!"

  32. Jenny Fowler rated Cesar Manrique's Cactus Garden

  33. Jenny Fowler rated La Geria Volcanic Landscape

  34. Jenny Fowler reviewed La Geria Volcanic Landscape in Lanzarote, Spain

    The LZ30 road from the village of Yaiza, Lanzarote, towards San Bartolome, passes through a landscape sculpted in black and green - the wine growing region of La Geria. Volcanoes erupted on Lanzarote in the last century, leaving black lava fields. It l…"

  35. April 2011
  36. Jenny Fowler reviewed Diving in Nuweiba in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

    Variety is key in Nuweiba. Coral outcrops and walls support reef dwelling creatures. Orange clouds of anthias, butterfly fish, cardinal fish, damsel fish cluster round the reef, while camouflaged hawkfish, lizardfish, frogfish and scorpionfish wait pat…"

  37. Jenny Fowler wrote a holiday idea Try Underwater Photography in Nuweiba

    Look at an underwater photo competition and there's a fair chance some of the best Red Sea images have been taken in Nuweiba, Egypt. Nuweiba is on the Sinai Peninsula, about an hour up the coast from the bustle of Sharm el Sheik. Without the crowds, pho"

  38. August 2009
  39. Jenny Fowler rated Learning to Dive at Naama Bay

  40. Jenny Fowler reviewed Learning to Dive at Naama Bay in Egypt

    Naama Bay is in Sharm el Sheik on Egypt's Red Sea coast. The water is warm and shallow with a gently sloping sandy beach, good for learning scuba diving. It is so sheltered that the initial lessons can be done here rather than in a swimming pool, which…"

  41. March 2009
  42. Jenny Fowler reviewed Faial Island, Azores in The Azores, Portugal

    Breezes blow, clouds shift and change, sunlight sweeps over the sea lighting up the view of islands. From the marina at Horta, capital of Faial Island in the Azores, groups take off to go scuba-diving or whale watching. Faial's mid-Atlantic position m…"

  43. Jenny Fowler rated Faial Island, Azores

  44. February 2009
  45. Jenny Fowler rated Diving Thomas Reef

  46. Jenny Fowler reviewed Diving Thomas Reef in Egypt

    Thomas Reef rises steeply from the seabed, making a good habitat for corals and a hazard for shipping. I dived it in December on a dayboat from Sharm el Sheik. Water temperature was 25 C. I had a 7mm semi-dry suit and was warm enough. Some of our gro…"

  47. Jenny Fowler rated Historic Cochin

  48. Jenny Fowler reviewed Historic Cochin in Kochi, India

    Cochin, or Kochi is a centre for touring Kerala. Today, international flights land here. Historically, the city, based around a huge natural harbour, has looked both inwards and outward. It has linked the foreign influences that arrived over the centur…"

  49. Jenny Fowler rated Galicia

  50. Jenny Fowler reviewed Galicia in Galicia, Spain

    Pontevedra grew up at the bridging point on the River Lerez during Roman times. The centre of the old city has a feel of history and civilisation with elegant old stone buildings, squares, archways, colonnades and small old fashioned shops. It's mostly…"

  51. Jenny Fowler rated Pico Island

  52. January 2009
  53. Jenny Fowler reviewed Furnas, Sao Miguel in Portugal

    A peaceful lake lies among green slopes, but on its shore springs boil and bubble. Yellow crusts of sulphur coat the ground and steam issues from small holes. Nearby, cooking pots are buried in the ground, simmering until lunchtime when cooks from the …"

  54. Jenny Fowler reviewed Whale watching in the Azores in The Azores, Portugal

    Distant blue vistas over the sea, tranquil lakes in high volcanic craters, strange rugged cliff formations of black basalt, green uplands and small stone houses, the tiny island of Pico in the Azores packs a big scenic punch for its size. The island wa…"

  55. Jenny Fowler reviewed Cesar Manrique's Cactus Garden in Lanzarote, Spain

    A world away from those dusty specimens seen on windowsills, the cacti in Cesar Manrique's garden are spectacular sculptural works of art. Their shapes echo the dramatic lava formations thrown up by Lanzarote's volcanic eruptions in the 1700s. The garde…"

  56. September 2008
  57. Jenny Fowler reviewed Mumbai in Mumbai, India

    Mumbai is an assault on the senses, crowded, busy and diverse, with ancient traditions and religions, Victorian buildings from the colonial era, modern high-rise high-cost real estate and great low-cost food. The drive from the airport sees seven lin…"

  58. July 2008
  59. Jenny Fowler reviewed The Wahiba Sands in Oman

    Sun was setting over the Wahiba Sands in Oman. A light wind blew up the face of the great red dune, carving a knife-edge between the golden sunlit side and the ribbed shadows of the leeward side. The wind blew little flurries of sand over the edge and dr…"

  60. Jenny Fowler reviewed Birding Lake Vembanad in Kerala, India

    In the early morning the soft grey of the sky blends imperceptibly with the silvery surface of Lake Vembanad. People start work early, poling their dugout canoes to collect clay or catch fish whilst the local birds, colourful and varied, begin their day…"

  61. June 2008
  62. Jenny Fowler reviewed Wadi al Gamal Nature Reserve in Egypt

    High waterless mountains, a wadi alternately dry and flash-flooded, an area of mangroves, a salt marsh, sand dunes, a beach with crabs scuttling in the waves, a coral reef, a sea-grass bed, an offshore island; Wadi al Gamal National Park contains a diver…"

  63. Jenny Fowler reviewed Zadar in Zadar, Croatia

    Narrow lanes of white limestone smoothed passage of feet over the years, sunset views over islands in the Adriatic, strings of garlic and of figs in the market, ancient churches lit up against the night sky...the city of Zadar packs in plenty of images f…"

  64. Jenny Fowler reviewed Morne Rouge Beach, Grenada in Grenada

    Grenada is famous for white-sand beaches and warm tropical seas. Grand Anse is the best known beach and many of the hotels are set right behind this two-mile crescent of sand. To the south of the beach a rocky ridge called Quarantine Point projects int…"

  65. Jenny Fowler reviewed Diving at Bangaram Island in India

    Approaching Bangaram Island by boat, the first thing you see of is a tuft of coconut palms appearing on the blue horizon of the Arabian sea. As the boat approaches closer, you can make out a thatched restaurant, dive centre and beachside cottages in the…"

  66. Jenny Fowler reviewed Illa do Faro, Cies Islands in Vigo, Spain

    Waves roll in from the Atlantic and break against the rugged cliffs of the Illa do Faro, part of the Cies Islands off the coast of Galicia. Climb the zig-zag path to the lighthouse perched on the top of this rocky island, and you are rewarded with drama…"

  67. Jenny Fowler reviewed Gold Rock Beach, Lucayan National Park in Bahamas

    At low tide, wave-ribbed sand stretches as far as you can see. The world's bluest water turns a deeper shade of indigo where it meets the sky. A few people stroll in the distance, or wade in the pools left by the retreating tide. A visitor from Alaska s…"

  68. Jenny Fowler reviewed Diving the Daymaniat Islands, Oman in Muscat, Oman

    The Daymaniats are a group of nine small islands in the Gulf of Oman. I wanted to dive there because they are a marine nature reserve so I expected to see plenty of wildlife and indeed on my first dive I met up with a turtle which was browsing among th…"

  69. Jenny Fowler reviewed Kerala Backwaters in Kerala, India

    Wide peaceful lakes, slow-moving rivers and canals lined with green coconut palms and rice fields connect to form the Backwaters of Kerala. Take a boat trip and there is something new to see around every corner. Villagers walk along the banks to work …"

  70. December 2007
  71. Jenny Fowler reviewed Pico Island in The Azores, Portugal

    Distant blue vistas over the sea, tranquil lakes in high volcanic craters, strange rugged cliff formations of black basalt, green uplands and small stone houses, the tiny island of Pico in the Azores packs a big scenic punch for its size. The island was…"

  72. May 2007
  73. Jenny Fowler reviewed Periyar Tiger Reserve in Jalpaiguri, India

    Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is high up in the Western Ghats of Kerala. 777 sq km of semi-evergreen rain forest shelters tigers, elephants, sambur, bison, langurs and a host of smaller wildlife. At its heart is a lake, created in 1895 as a reservoir. The…"