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Born in Montreal, Canada, Jodi Ettenberg is a former new media and technology lawyer who quit her job after 5+ years of working in NYC to chase her dream of travelling around the world. Starting in April 2008, Jodi has traipsed through South America, Russia and Mongolia, China and a good part of South East Asia, blogging the whole way. You can follow her on Twitter at @legalnomads.

Follow Jodi's adventures on her Legal Nomads blog.

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  1. July 2013
  2. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Pleading for Bun Rieu Soup in Cai Rang

    "With an emphatic shake of the head, I was denied my soup."

  3. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Photos from the Mekong Markets at Dawn

    Tourists head to the Mekong specifically for the floating boat markets at dawn..."

  4. June 2013
  5. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Saigon’s Xe Om: Motorcyle Taxi Drivers that Made Me Smile

    Only in Vietnam would negotiating a taxi fare include a road test."

  6. May 2013
  7. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Tet Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    In the weeks leading up to Vietnam’s lunar new year, Tet, Ho Chi Minh City underwent a gradual transformation. At first I only noticed it as a feeling, an additional layer of frenzy that was not manifested in the streets, but in the air around me. …"

  8. March 2013
  9. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Sunsets and Soup in Mui Ne, Vietnam

    I ate one of the best soups of my life in Mui Ne."

  10. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Mui Ne, Vietnam: where to stay, what to eat & what to do

    What to do..."

  11. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Chefchaouen, Morocco in Photos

    Here are some of my favourite photos, 38 of them in all."

  12. February 2013
  13. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Revisiting the solo female travel experience

    The issue merits revisiting now, given the media portrayals and subsequent discussions about a female traveler who was recently murdered in Turkey."

  14. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Vivid Memories in Chefchaouen, Morocco

    I only noticed the small crowd of children when I paused to breathe in deeply."

  15. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Taking the Birdcrap Counter to the Next Level

    We have a problem. Well, “we” don’t have a problem, I do. But since I take you along for the ride during any problems (and injuries!) that have arisen in my years of travel, it is only fair that you come along with me during this latest issue, too."

  16. May 2012
  17. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post It’s Surprisingly Easy to Be Gluten-Free in Italy

    I did not realise how thoroughly Italy accommodated those with celiac disease."

  18. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Where to eat in Marrakesh

    The smells alone will beguile, but which of many delicious scents to follow... Jodi knows and is sharing with us."

  19. March 2012
  20. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Despite the Smog, Some Colourful Scenes in Chiang Mai

    The city is shrouded in smog and walking around, even for just 10 minutes, leaves your eyes stinging and your throat raw."

  21. February 2012
  22. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Crash Course Marrakesh: Stay, Do, Eat

    Spending time in Morocco is a study in contrasts, a confluence of old and new lives jumbled together..."

  23. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post The Best Haircut I’ve Had on my Travels

    Yes, it is slightly ridiculous that I hopped over to a whole new country for a haircut and a few drinks with friends."

  24. January 2012
  25. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Recipe: Jordanian Maklouba, Upside Down and Delicious

    Like many neighbouring countries in the Levant, Jordan is known for its dips and tiny, tasty dishes called mezze."

  26. November 2011
  27. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Decoding the Insanity of Driving in Morocco

    I loved driving in Morocco, a country where customary road rules are vaguely optional and the entire country becomes a themepark for a loose game of chicken."

  28. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post It’s Always Tagine O’Clock in Morocco

    Morocco’s version of the quintessential bowl of soup – varied in flavour, infinite in possibilities – is the tagine"

  29. October 2011
  30. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakech, Morocco

    One of the main attractions in Marrakesh for both locals and tourists alike is the Djemaa el-Fna. A focal point to all things in the old Medina, the square undergoes a series of changes from day to night, a rolling story of chaos that would make for…"

  31. August 2011
  32. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Mandalay to Myitkyina by train in Mandalay, Burma

    During my visit to the country, the north was calm and I ended up taking a 24 hour train up to Myitkyina for the Kachin State’s annual manaw (state fair). Arriving in Myitkyina, dazed after the long and bumpy ride, I had a few days to get to know t…"

  33. July 2011
  34. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Three Years of Sickness and Travel, By the Numbers

    I get cornered later by at least one or two people furtively asking ”so did you ever, you know, get sick?” Oh yes, many times."

  35. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Foods from Jordan: Roasted Eggplant Mouttabal

    There’s a common misconception that mouttabal (also spelled moutabbal or muttabal, depending on the country) is the same thing as baba ghanoush."

  36. May 2011
  37. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Amman

    Amman was a feast of delicate silks and veiled faces, of pungent spices and piles of fresh dates and a loudness and brashness that was almost comforting after tiptoeing through Southeast Asia. Which is why it remains a big shame that most people skip A…"

  38. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Serendipity: A Legal Nomads Love Story

    In my Memories of Montevideo post, I wrote about my somewhat melancholy return to a city I used to call home, and in it I featured the Fountain of Love in downtown Montevideo."

  39. April 2011
  40. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Kyauk Kalap Monastery in Burma

    Once at Kyauk Kalap (dubbed “Chocolate” monastery because the Burmese pronunciation of its name is “Chalk-Chalap”), we were enthralled. Standing proudly in a small reservoir, a tall face of sheer rock with a golden pagoda as a hat…"

  41. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Where to Get the Best Smoothie in Chiang Mai

    Hypothetically, let’s just say you’re in Chiang Mai and it’s a hot day."

  42. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post The Best Eighty Cent Dessert On Earth

    I don’t like chocolate. I’ll eat chocolate, but I really never crave any. However, the way most people feel about chocolate is precisely how I feel about coconut."

  43. March 2011
  44. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Mae Aw in Northern Thailand, Thailand

    Tucked into the outer reaches of Northern Thailand is a Chinese tea village, its mud huts lining a reservoir next to the Burmese border. Only 44km from Mae Hong Son but a world away in feel, Mae Aw’s peeling mud walls and tiny tea sh…"

  45. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Celebrating Makha Bucha Day in Chiang Mai

    February 18 was Makha Bucha day, one of the more important holidays in Theravada Buddism."

  46. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post How Travel Helps us Keep Life in Perspective

    No discussion about returning from a prolonged period abroad is complete without thorough time devoted to reverse culture shock."

  47. February 2011
  48. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Disasters in Learning: Thai Language Edition

    I’ve always advocated learning as much of the local language as possible, and at a minimum words beyond the usual “hello” and “thank you” and “where’s the bathroom”."

  49. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Some of my Favourite Foods from Laos

    The more I travel in Asia, the more I realize how much of my days are planned around food."

  50. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Thai, Cambodian Troops Clash near Preah Vihear Temple

    Monday marked the 4th consecutive day of clashes near Preah Vihear temple,"

  51. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Exploring Northern Laos

    I've just returned to Luang Prabang from an altogether too-short foray into Laos' north..."

  52. January 2011
  53. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Rome

    In my return to Rome, I knew I had no time for sightseeing. I ended up meeting Alberto, who saw on my Facebook Fan page that I would be in Rome and offered to show me around. We had terrific pasta at  Taverna Romana for dinner and then wan…"

  54. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Chiang Mai

    I arrived here on Tuesday and spent the week exploring the city with new and old friends. I was still on the fence about living in Chiang Mai versus Bangkok, but sometimes things fall into place so seamlessly that you’d be a fool to ignore the path…"

  55. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Bagan Temples in Burma

    As a tourist, you’ll never run out of temples to see in Southeast Asia. After two years of exploring temples, from Thailand to Cambodia to China and back, nothing stands out in my memories like the crumbling ruins of Bagan. Formerly Pagan, it was f…"

  56. December 2010
  57. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post A Solar Eclipse in Burma

    In light of this week’s total lunar eclipse, I thought I would write about my trip down the Ayeyarwaddy in Burma to view a solar eclipse."

  58. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Convention Market in Paris, France

    I started my last day of meetings in Paris a combination of underslept and undercaffeinated, a byproduct of tossing and turning until the wee hours of the night and then sleeping through my alarm. Racing to my first meeting I passed the unmistakable meta…"

  59. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Hotel Reviews for the Budget Business Traveler: South America

    vWith a dozen or so hotels in under 6 weeks, I thought I’d review them based upon their usefulness to a business traveler on a budget"

  60. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post My Safety Whistle: Worth its Weight in Gold

    In the course of many months of travel, I have switched up my travel gear several times..."

  61. November 2010
  62. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Basilica du Sacre Coeur in Paris, France

    Montmartre, steeped in history, immortalized in art and rising over Paris from the North, is one of the more beautiful districts of city. With the steeps stairs of Rue Foyatier tumbling down to the district below and Sacré Cœur standing guar…"

  63. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Memories of Montevideo

    I’m not sure what I expected to find in Montevideo..."

  64. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Lima

    I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s worth noting: my time in Lima was short. Very very short. However, I still managed to eat well. Very, very well. Peru, known for its crumbling ruins perched at the edge of a mountain, its alpaca clothin…"

  65. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Quite the Landing: Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport

    At 2800m above sea level, Mariscal Sucre is one of the highest airports in the world."

  66. October 2010
  67. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Colombia in the blink of an eye

    There's a strange dichotomy inherent in travelling at breakneck speed..."

  68. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Mandalay’s U Bein Bridge: Aging Teak & a Glorious Sunset

    Note: Despite getting robbed and losing most of my tangible travel memories, the one memory card I found lying on the floor was a 32GB card full of my Burma and Cambodia pictures."

  69. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Help one of our travel bloggers get their memories back

    "Jodi Ettenberg has been sharing her travels with us - and now she needs our help"

  70. September 2010
  71. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Climbing Mandalay Hill in Burma

    The beauty of writing about a place after you’ve been is that looking through your pictures and your notes enables to you relive the aggregate of your experiences one more time."

  72. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Why I Love my Burmese Longyi

    The longyi is everywhere in Burma."

  73. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post A Remarkable Morning in Yangon: Thiri Mingalar Market

    A full four hours at Thiri Mingalar Zay (Market) just outside of Yangon’s downtown grid, and I had yet to cross paths with another tourist."

  74. August 2010
  75. Jodi Ettenberg commented on Jodi Ettenberg's Montreal

    "Hi Simon, I've actually never stayed at a hotel in Montreal, but area-wise a fun place would be near the Old Port, or off of the Latin Quarter. Jazz has a hostel on St. Denis that got a thumbs up from friends and there's also a HI-Montreal on MacKay if b…"

  76. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Photo Essay: Colourful Yangon, Burma

    Giant cow? Check. Satellite dish? Check. Lifejacket store? Check..."

  77. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed South Sister in Oregon, United States

    Unfortunately, our navigational skills were not perfect and initially we took the wrong trail up the mountain. It wasn’t until we came across an intersection a mile up that we realized we were headed in a very roundabout direction, and the 3 horses…"

  78. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Birthday Mountain 2010: South Sister, Oregon

    My birthday tradition is to climb a mountain every year on my birthday, preferably somewhere new."

  79. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Dominican Republic: Cabarete Beach & Puerto Plata

    The second part of my Dominican Republic trip had us looping north, toward Puerto Plata, Cabarete beach and its grittier sister, Sosua."

  80. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Dominican Republic: The Samaná Peninsula

    During this press trip, I joked that the official DR slogan should be the Staples’ catchphrase “Yeah, we’ve got that.”"

  81. July 2010
  82. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Scenes from the Dominican Republic’s Northern Coast

    A sampling of the pictures from our trip:"

  83. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post The Crap Counter: Not Just for Birds Anymore

    Long time readers will know that I’ve got a small dilemma when it comes to birds:"

  84. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Exploring the Dominican Republic’s North Coast

    Tomorrow afternoon, I will be heading to Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic..."

  85. June 2010
  86. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Some Post-Asia Reverse Culture Shock

    Disconnected on re-entry to New York"

  87. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Perspectives on Long Term Solo Female Travel

    As Legal Nomads has evolved, I've gotten more and more emails from women wanting to take the plunge and travel alone..."

  88. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post Visiting Refugees in Bangkok’s Immigration Detention Center

    I also want to share stories about my visits to the Immigration Detention Centre..."

  89. Jodi Ettenberg wrote a blog post My 5 Worst Bus Rides in Burma

    It is also important to mention a more uncomfortable side to trolling around this complex country: the actual ‘getting around’ part."

  90. April 2010
  91. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Celebrate Songkran (Thai New Year) in Bangkok, Thailand

    From Sanskrit for "astrological passage" and signifying a move or change in the sun's sign, the festival initially began as a display of respect for one's elders and a time to start anew. It has, however, evolved into one hell of a waterfight. …"

  92. November 2009
  93. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed The Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

    The Perhentians have long been a popular beach destination in Malaysia, but were originally a break in the long journey between Bangkok and Malaysia ("perhentian" in Bahasa Malaysia means "stopping point"). Though the islands were sup…"

  94. June 2009
  95. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Ko Lanta in Andaman Sea, Thailand

    After the debauchery of Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta was a welcome respite  and a beautiful place to plant ourselves for a few days.  While a lot of tourists do make it to Ko Lanta, the size of the island and the absence of set "tourist area"…"

  96. September 2007
  97. Jodi Ettenberg reviewed Kachin State Fair in Burma

    A few days into my stay, the real reason for my visit began: the annual Kachin State Fair, or Manau. Coinciding with the Kachin State Day on January 10, the festival has been celebrated with increased tension in recent years (and given recent events…"